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Design*Sponge Column Guidelines

Hello All! 

Earlier today I was ecstatic to announce my collaboration with Design*Sponge, and I wanted to make sure I had guidelines up by the end of the day. I made it right under the wire! First, a few housekeeping items, then the good stuff:

  • I’ll be accepting creative nonfiction, fiction, and poetry for the column.
  • Here are the themes for the next six months of posts. Remember the themes are to be interpreted by the writer however they wish. Some will be on the nose and others will a little less obvious. These are equally lovely. I just want good writing. - 
    • October / Neighbors – Submissions close 9/25
    • November / Photos – Submissions close 10/25
    • December / Around The Table – Submissions close 11/25
    • January / Moving Out – Submissions close 12/25
    • February/ Guests – Submissions close 1/25
    • March / The Bed – Submissions close 2/25
  • All published work will be paid.
  • **UPDATE** You can submit with up to two ideas, but please make it clear which is your first choice.
  • **UPDATE** International submissions are welcome, but work must be written in English.
  • Questions and submissions (Guidelines Below!) should be directed to AshleyDS@AshleyCFord.Com

1. Because this is a curated bi-weekly column, I only get to highlight 24 voices per year. Therefore, I will not be taking submission in the traditional sense where you send me an entire completed work and I decide whether or not it’s right for that month. Instead, please email me the month and theme you’re interested in *in the subject of the email*, a link to or PDF of something you’ve written, a website or blog if you have one, and a brief (BRIEF) synopsis of what you’d like to write. From there I will either decline, or follow up with you about sending a draft.


2. The work we agree for you to file should be approximately 1000 words, unless it’s poetry which we’ll discuss on a case-by-case basis. 

3. “Emerging writer” is not about age. I don’t care how old you are. I define an emerging writer as someone without a published book, or MAYBE with only one published book. 

4. I am not interested in re-publishing anything that has been published anywhere before, not even your blog. 

5. Please be patient. My GOAL is to respond to each submission within five days of the submissions closing date.

I’m sure there will be more questions, so please direct them to the email address above, or message me questions here. Do not pitch me here, though. *Pitches only go to email*. 

Got it? Good! Let’s go!