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etsy find of the day | CURATION REQUEST 1 | 1.29.14

requested by: calirogue
looking for: gilded items under $50

calirogue fell in love with ‘gilded’ items after this bowl post on EFOTD. i must say, girly … you know how to pick 'em! i also love gilded things, so this curation request was super fun for me to do!

first, check out what’s already been listed on etsyfindoftheday:

  • 'gilded’ posts here
  • 'gold’ posts here

next, check out these items found especially for this curation – all under $50 USD:

  • 'wanderlust’ foil map print by misspoppydesign (featured)
  • gold-speckled clay ring bowl by annkaydesign
  • even more from theobjectenthusiast
  • there are many gilded porcelain options at madebymanos
  • a gilded tassel garland from studiomucci
  • a sparkly sequined pillow cover by pillow1
  • alchemy lollipops from thegroovybaker have real edible gold flakes!
  • a gold sequined initial for your desk or dresser
  • a pair of gold 'n sparkly earrings or other jewelry piece from one of my fave shops, tinygalaxies
  • a zag dish or gold point vessel from upintheairsomewhere
  • gold chevron + kraft giftwrap by papernestbylesa
  • some sweet gold + tile coasters from thecoastal – MANY options
  • 'cheers’ gold glitter banner at confettidesignshop
  • pinktwig’s shiny gold-dipped arrow pendant
  • a floating gemstone ring by kristinelily
  • or this SUPER RAD golden palm leather clutch from kertis, on sale for $50!

so, i’m gonna be completely honest here … i have 46 pages of 'gold’ etsy likes in my etsy profile. FORTY SIX PAGES. that’s … a little nuts. can you tell i heart gold? :)

i hope this was a good start (and not too overwhelming for you!) – let me know if you end up getting anything special!


etsy find of the day | CURATION REQUEST 3 | 1.29.14

requested by: anonymous
looking for: shops selling boho crystal/geode/agate rings

anon, you have come to the ultimate lover of all things boho and geode. srsly :) i have several shops that come to might right away!! let me know if you end up purchasing anything <3

  • luxdivine (featured) has several ring options (and GREAT boho jewelry in general)
  • gossamerandviolet sells many options of geode slice rings in tons of fun colors
  • one of my former shop features, mineralogydesign, has some beautiful rings to choose from
  • i love ohkuol’s druzy jewelry so much, i own two pairs of their earrings! their ring options are SUPER sparkly.
  • freaking love the varied agate, druzy and geode rings at amulettejewelry
  • take a look at the incredible geode rings at anatomi and try not to fall in love :)
  • find all kinds of crystal and druzy beauties at amandaleilanidesigns
  • skyejuice’s agate and geode rings have an earthy quality
  • and gsgjewelry has quite a few smaller and more feminine options

thanks for the fun curation request, anon!!


Nabokov frequently voiced annoyance with scientists and science-writers not attributing discovery – not acknowledging the person who discovered and named a butterfly species. Therein lies a broader, and rather timely, lament about our culture’s failure to honor discovery as a creative act and a subset of scholarship – such a scientist, after all, doesn’t invent a species, for it already exists in nature, but discovers it, names it, and contextualizes it in the canon of natural history. It is no coincidence that Nabokov’s own role at the Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology was that of curator, for this is the task of the curator – to describe, arrange, and contextualize what already exists in such a way as to shed new light on its meaning, to discover and un-cover its significance and place in the canon of ideas.

Embedded in this act is also a lineage of discovery, similar to the “links in a chain” metaphor Pete Seeger used for creativity: I learned of Nabokov’s pet peeve about discovery thanks to Stephen Jay Gould – perhaps the greatest curator of scientific ideas the world has ever known, the greatest contextualizer of such ideas in the popular imagination – and you learned of it via me, and the person you tell about this will learn of it via you. All of us are links in the evolutionary chain of ideas, much like each butterfly species discovered is a link in the evolutionary chain of natural history. This is why Richard Dawkins, in coining the word meme, used a metaphor from evolutionary biology to describe how ideas spread: “Just as genes propagate themselves in the gene pool by leaping from body to body via sperms or eggs, so memes propagate themselves in the meme pool by leaping from brain to brain.”


etsy find of the day | CURATION BLITZ 3 | 1.24.14

requested by: pathtoparadise
looking for: a cool new iphone 5s case - unique, maybe with pressed flowers?

FEATURED: annysworkshop. freaking LOVE all these bright and colorful pressed flower options!! <3

other shops selling pressed flower phone cases:

you can also take a look at the phone cases i’ve featured already on EFOTD here. other personal faves:

  • toncase has a TON of cases … hence the name. i love the wood-look ones and this supercolorful floral option. oh, and this neon chartreuse chevron one. and this psychedelic galaxy one.
  • isolatecase - i heart their preppy yet hip personalized case
  • love this glittery gold number at ledazzlecouture
  • also, this hipster arrow case by pencilshavingsstudio
  • rainbow chevrons and minty chevrons

need more ideas? let me know.

ALL LINKS HERE: Thanks for watching this video and remember to Suscribe so you can get...

The best tutorials for drawing the human figure!!!! The first in a series of videos I hope you all find useful. I will be making one of this a week, followed by a tutorial made by me and a final video of a speedpaint made also by me! I hope you use it to learn how to draw and I hope you like it enough to suscribe and motivate me to do more of these!!!

What Makes a Picture a Picture?

Technology has made it so everyone can be a photographer, but that means it is even more difficult to make an iconic photograph. Photo School is a new monthly column that will teach you all the things you need to know about photography, without the hassle of having to attend art school. Because who needs an MFA?

External image

‘Nachtstilleben (Night Still Life),’ 2011 (negative); 2013 (print). Wolfgang Tillmans, German (active London), born 1968. Chromogenic print, Image and sheet: 53 1/8 × 79 ¾ inches (134.9 × 202.6 cm), Philadelphia Museum of Art 

Until recently I didn’t know much about Wolfgang Tillmans’s work, but I knew he was supposed to be really great. In art school I had only noticed a few Tillmans photos of European club culture, and I’m ashamed to admit that I never really “got it,” though many of my peers seriously worshipped him. Luckily, there’s a show currently on view at the Philadelphia Museum of Art (PMA) geared toward introducing Tillmans’s work to a broad audience who, like me, may not immediately gravitate toward it. 

Who better to fill this embarrassing gap in my photography knowledge than Nathaniel M. Stein, Horace W. Goldsmith Curatorial Fellow in Photography at the PMA? Stein came up with the idea for the show, titled In Dialogue: Wolfgang Tillmans, on his first day working at the Museum, after he noticed and fell in love with a recently acquired still life while touring the storage facilities. The exhibition positions that monumental photograph, Nachtstileben (Night Still Life), as a hub onto which pictures by other artists from the PMA’s permanent collection are connected, in addition to other works by Tillmans on loan from Andrea Rosen, his first New York gallery. Stein and I walked around the exhibition, from piece to piece, and as the connections became clear to me, I started to understand what all the fuss is about.

VICE: So, the show started with this picture (above) called Nachtstilleben (Night Still Life). It was acquired by the museum last year?
Nathaniel M. Stein:
 Last year, 2013, so we are very excited about it. It was the first work by Tillmans in the collection. He obviously is a massively important contemporary photographer, but for some of our core photography audience, this is something that may seem a little bit outside the established aesthetic, a little bit challenging in some ways. So, part of the project for us is to bridge why we as curators think this is exciting and fantastic, while our audience on first glance might be like, “What?” The point of the exhibition is to get the photograph out there, to get people’s eyeballs on it, but also to talk about what Tillmans is about, by looking at things from the collection in connection to ideas that come out of his work. Beyond the fact that it’s just a drop-dead amazing photograph, there’s a lot going on. I actually think Wolfgang Tillmans is some sort of a genius, like on an intellectual level, so there’s a lot going on there intellectually.

External image

Installation view of 'In Dialogue: Wolfgang Tillmans’ at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Why do you think Tillmans may be hard for people to access at first?
All the reactions people have to this picture can be used as entryways into understanding it. People could look at the photographs and say, “Oh that’s a gigantic snapshot”—meaning that they are perceiving that there is something going on in the way the aesthetic of the picture works, the way that it is apparently organized that’s different than what they are used to seeing in an art museum as a photograph. They also may have the reaction that it’s just a bunch of junk, not conventionally beautiful subjects of artwork. And the both of those things are interesting ways to start a critique.

Actually, there are references to a language of still life symbolism all over that picture. Almost all of the objects in the picture have resonance with traditional still-life symbolism.

You mean like still lives in painting?
Totally. Like batteries, a scale, gold—all just modern versions of very old still-life symbols. The compositional components of the picture are absolutely jaw-dropping. I mean, there’s this crazy reference to the classical triangular composition, there’s also these really amazing shifting planes. It’s very stark, and bold. Then it becomes a question about why. This is one of the things Tillmans pushes us to do, to think about how this has become a picture. Does it become a picture because we have some idea that he carefully arranged all of this stuff and put it together in this composition? Can it rise to the level of being a picture if what he’s done is simply to recognize this in the world? Because I think that is probably more what happened here. 

What is it that makes fragments of the world coalesce into something that counts as a picture? He’s challenging us to think about that. 

External image

Installation view of 'In Dialogue: Wolfgang Tillmans’ at the Philadelphia Museum of Art


etsyfindoftheday | CURATION CRAZYBLITZ | 3.5.14

requested by: lonelyhearts-club-band
looking for: tapestries for a dorm room wall <3

  • hand block-printed multi-colored tapestries by cloud9jewels (featured)
  • double spiral rainbow tie dye tapestry by doyoudreamoutloud
  • other shops with with lots of tapestry options: craftaurahome and labhanshi
  • and take a less literal, more fashion-forward tapestry approach with the ‘pearl’ tapestry & leather cross-body shoulder bag from giftshopbrooklyn