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LET IT HAPPEN - model: Sofia Fanego - photography: Alexander Neumann - styling: Angel Macias - hair: Christian Cevallos - makeup: Ximena de Romana - location: Lima,Peru - The Forumist Issue #12 June 2017

  • featured: Acne Studios - Queenie Cao

MOLTO BENE - photography: Dario Fusaro - text: Sam Cochran - AD July 2017

“Situated in scenic Lake Maggiore, the Italian Islands of Isola Madre and Isola Bella can count Gustave Flaubert, Edith Wharton, and Napoléon Bonaparte among their historic admirers. Is it any wonder why? Tended by the Borromeo family since the 16th century, both private islands are fanstasie of flora - Isola Madre and English-style stunner full of rare plants; Isola Bella a Baroque beauty with 10 tiered terraces and a menagerie of statues.“

ITALY FOR EVERYONE: One of the world’s first world’s first shopping malls, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Milan, Italy - photography: Krzysztof Dydynski/Getty - text: Vicky Hallett - NatGeo June/July 2017

“Ports Nuova, a formerly dead zone located between the central train station and Milan’s top tourist attractions (including its original grand shopping arcade, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II). Over the past five ears, Porta Nuova has become the place to geek out over architecture. Stand in the elevated Piazza Gae Ailenti with its LED-enhanced fountains, while gazing up at the steel spire atop the UniCredit Tower-the tallest building in Italy. Just behind  mod botanic garden is the ultimate tree house; two residential high-rises covered in leafy vegetation and named Bosco Verticale (Vertical Forest). The whole develop has become a magnet for coffee drinkers, cocktail sipper,s and, of course, shoppers. International brands abound, but the main fashionista focus is just a short stroll to the south. Behind an understated entrance draped with vines, 10 Corso Como combines art gallery, restaurant, bookshop, and clothing store.” ~ full story covers Milan, Modena, Umbria, Capri & Stromboli

THE VIEW FROM HERE: Istanbul has been a crossroads for centuries. Now the forces of modernity - of art and commerce, globalism and gentrification - have brought the city to another turning point - photography: Tom Parker - text: Carl Swanson - Travel & Leisure November 2015

  • Interior of the new Soho House Instanbul,in the Beyoglu neighborhood is located in the historic Palazzo Corpi  a white, Italian-style mansion built by a Genoese ship owner for his family in 1873
I am home!

Hey Tumblr, so I’ve been Not Around for over a week because I have been in Germany road tripping through Bavaria. I had a super awesome time, including a great birthday outing in Augsburg with my new seestra from Tumblr. I saw some amazing nature, ate some great food, drank some great beer, saw some great art, and even had a brief European almost-hookup with a guy who looked like young Liam Neeson. I will post photos and videos over the next few days, and I have some posts I’ve been thinking about regarding travel tips, and I know a lot of you like hearing about how I curate my traveling so I might do a post about this particular trip as well. Until then welcome back, I am super fucking jet lagged, I got home at like 1 a.m. and slept four hours now I’m wide fucking awake and thank God I took today off work because I’m useless. Whew.