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Have you seen this cartoon?

Ben Shapiro has and he’s not happy.

Well done, Ben Shapiro, you almost got a joke.

Satire uses irony, exaggeration, and ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues. The fact that you do not like it does not mean its not satire. The fact that it’s mean spirited and insensitive does not mean it’s not valid. It’s hyperbole. But for some reason, Mr Shapiro, you seem to taking this as literally as the Texan in the picture is. Would you also explain to the Curate in the famous Punch cartoon that an egg is either spoiled in its entirety or not at all? I assume you would not.

When it comes to jokes, I will always side with the gag. Funny or unfunny, it doesn’t matter. We need jokes.   

Vlogritte John

The Vlogbrothers mashed-up with surrealist painter René Magritte.
Based on Magritte’s ‘La clef des songes’ where he juxtaposed ordinary objects with seemingly unrelated words. But I’ve given it a twist. The uninitiated would not see any relationship between the objects and the words, but my fellow nerdfighters probably will.

Sharpies - Les étoiles (Stars): Referencing John’s primary occupation as author, the great impact of The Fault in Our Stars, and the enormous amount of Sharpies he used to sign more than 150,000 copies of the book.

Peanut Butter - La punition (Punishment): Everyone knows the only way to make the internet pay attention to news is via peanut butter face. Punishments and challenges have become such an integral part of online and vlogging culture.

Pizza - John: Inspired this whole idea. It had to be a thing. Pizza John a la Magritte. Hank explains how the original happened. Also, Happy late Pizzamas!

Egg - Le yéti (The Yeti): Initially, John’s very awesome wife was never seen on camera or spoken of by name, thusly, The Yeti. But more recently, Sarah has been cultivating our appreciation and understanding of art through The Art Assignment, sharing her knowledge and skill earned through a ton of study and curation. The egg is one of Magritte’s commonly repeated images, so it all comes back around to the inspiration. Here, it’s a symbol of John and Sarah teaching us, entertaining us, and helping us grow and think about the world in new ways.

PS. Posting Hank’s tomorrow! ^^

anonymous asked:

So I recently returned to P3P hell after an extremely long time, and have been delighted to find you and your contributions here. You are extremely talented with capturing emotion, and I really love your crying/embarrassed Aki faces. It'd be hella rad to see some Theodore sometime, but I'm just happy to see your works at all. :) Happiest birthday, sweetpea.

omgfgdfhd thank you very much!!!!!? i’m so happy to hear that my drawings are as expressive as i wanted them to be  T__T and actually, i was working on a wip for valentines which included theo!!

i have no time to finish this (at least soon) but i definitely want to!! along with 93486 wips… looks into the void solemnly


Jack Evans Boat Harbour by Aspect Studio’s, in Tweed Heads

Tweed-Heads and Coolangatta are twin towns on either side of the border and Tweed suffers a bit from this, being the top of NSW, while Coolangatta is part of the Gold Coast. There is a diagonal line cutting through the ton, with a one hour time difference on either side. The site took me by surprise because it was water opposite a beach, I mean, that’s what a harbour is, but which was was way was facing out messed with my compass initially. I suppose its called Tweed HEADS for a reason. The Harbour is quite nice and intimate and the park is too, with lots of length but not much width.

It has a lot of bits along that length and a colleague has suggested that perhaps there might be too much difference along it and when I think back, I can see that is true but that’s not what it felt like when I was there. Perhaps more so I feel like there were many places to get into the water but only a couple where I would want to, both of these on the concrete step structures on each point. These were definitely Isthmus/Wellington like moments, but that stuff doesn’t worry me - if one worries too much about innovation you can get stuck in running after novelty. They were the right thing to do, regardless of who did them first. These ones are much more extensive than the ones in Wellington and somehow more Brutalist. The main entry to the park is perhaps the most problematic bit, with some nasty service action front of house (despite what I understand was a big service relocation budget) and somehow the entry wall screens from the wrong direction (you would never look out from the site back, but always toward the water). At the centre is a timber deck running into the water that is being under-cut, but that’s not the issue - it feels weird to have a timber deck running into the water, at least of this finer quasi-domestic scale, something more marine and massive might have worked better, or perhaps just more concrete.

Along the two sides are some nice moments, particularly toward the left where a long stone edge continues straight along the water, and there is a nice disabled water entry with some carefully placed rock work. For my tastes some of the handrails are a bit stainless for me (I am so over stainless) with some spiky detail where the rail meets the post that is a bit 90’s somehow, seeming more, I dunno, corporate or something, than this community site would need. The planting throughout seemed nice and the use of cotton trees, Hibiscus tileaceus, will be lovely when they grow.

In the big picture this is a nice little project that will contribute much to the site and the community, and will still probably be the best public landscape project in the Gold Coast Qld/NNSW area.. a welcome change from surf-board seats and glitzy pattern.