I cannot stop looking at Mary Iverson’s paintings.  I’m as fascinated with the final surreal, Tetris-like result as I am with her process.  Iverson creates majestic landscapes and then scores measurement lines into the painting, almost defacing her own work.  From there she adds an assortment of shipping containers – the simple geometry and flat colors jarring against the pristine backdrops.  I find it completely compelling and even a little eerie.  So much so, that I’ve built a “1k” week around Iverson’s work.  Head over to curate 1k to see more examples of shapes oddly floating in space. Enjoy!

Several years ago, on a whim, I bought a box lot of old 1950s menus on eBay.  I was originally curious about the contents of the menus, but soon realized the true treasure was on the covers.  They were beautifully printed with so much artistry.  My new collection, as it turned out, consisted mostly of tiki lounge menus.  One was a huge die cut palm leaf and many had beautiful illustrations next to the various tropical food and beverage offerings.  I was in love.

Ever since buying those menus, I have been insisting that tiki is going to be the next big bar trend.  Just wait and see!  I know it’s going to happen.  When it does, I’ll be ready with a collection of appropriate, affordable artwork.  Head over to curate1k to see an entire week of “contemporary tiki.”  Enjoy!

| All vintage menu images from the amazing Arkiva Tropika |