VIXX winning Bonsang award @ Seoul Music Awards

Not Like This

“Fight this, Y/N!” Dean yelled in your face, trying to bring you out. You’d been possessed by the ghost you were both out to kill and it was much more powerful using your body than it was on its own. 

“Y/N isn’t home right now.” The ghost chuckled and flung Dean across the room, smiling at him and lowering your body over him, straddling him and putting your face in his. “She’s barely even fighting in here. She’s too weak.” 

Dean watched as the ectoplasm leaked out of your eyes and nose, the ghost giggling and stretching your limbs. “Come on, Dean. Fight back!” The ghost reared your arm back, punching Dean in the mouth, drawing more blood. 

“I won’t hurt her.” Dean groaned. “Come on, sweetheart, fight back!” 

“Aw, why not?” The ghost chuckled, standing up and stomping on Dean’s ribs. “You got the hots for her?” 

“I love her.” Dean sputtered. “I fucking love her, alright?” 

You heard him, clear as day. You really weren’t putting up much of a fight, letting the ghost use you until you heard Dean admit that he loved you. Then you started to fight back, taking control over your body again. You froze, pulling yourself away. The fight for control was painful, your body started thrashing and fell to the ground in front of Dean as you screamed, expelling the ghost, the ectoplasm replaced with blood. No sooner did you expel the ghost did she go up in flames. Sam must’ve finally found the bones. 

“Y/N, hey, come on.” Dean crawled over, cradling your head in his lap. “Open your eyes. Look at me. Sam got her. You’re ok. Y/N!” Dean wiped the blood from your face, but more kept running from your eyes, nose, and mouth. Some had begun to trickle from your ears. “Not like this.” Dean shook his head, a tear running down his cheek. “I’m not gonna lose you like this.” He picked you up, getting to his feet in one fluid motion, running out the door and to the Impala. 

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Fantasy + The Closer @ Seoul Music Awards

you can see the exact point where i got tired of writing carefully

anyway @starryfrost @mingesu u kno what to do
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