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Stan Uris Imagine Part 4

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I found myself knocking on the Uris’ door around 9:30 at night. I quickly wiped the tears off my face. Stan opened the door confused.

“(Y/N), what are you doing here? It’s way past cur- are you crying?”, he asked quietly. He opens the door fully to let me in and sits me on the couch.

Frowning, he gently touches the hand mark on my right cheek. I flinch and he quickly pulls his hand away. “Sorry.” He mutters.I shake my head.

“S-Stanley I think I’m going insane.” I managed to get out in a whisper. “T-there was a c-clown and I heard m-my mother’s voice.”

He didn’t say anything as I wrap my arms around him and bury my face in his neck. He holds me for a few minutes. He pulls away as he says, “I think you should get some sleep.”

I curl up and put my head on the couch pillow. Stan stands up and leans down and kisses my forehead. Before he leaves I grab his hand, he looks down at me. “ I- thank you.” I sigh.

He smiles down at me and rubs his thumb across the back of my hand. He brings my hand up and plants at kiss on my hand. “Goodnight, (Y/N).”

I smile up at him tiredly, “Goodnight, Stanley.”

I woke up the the next morning to see Mrs. Uris leaving for work. I sat up as she said with a smile, “Good morning dear, there’s breakfast in the kitchen for you and Stanley.”

“Thank you so much, Mrs. Uris, for everything.” I spoke up.

“Its really no problem, dear. You’re part of the family. Oh! Make sure Stanley practices his Torah reading!” I laugh saying I would remind him to do it. She kisses my head as she walks out the door.

A smile appears on my face and I stood up from the couch stretching. I walked to the kitchen and sat down. Stanley walked into the kitchen. “Good morning handsome!” I said with a smile.

My smile grew when he kissed my cheek, “Good morning beautiful.”


Part 4.5 -

I have a second part to this because together it was too long so I’m just gonna post it and call it 4.5. Anyways I hope you enjoyed!

bexis-mind  asked:

Amc te trezesti la 6 si ceva, esti pe jumatate gata sa pleci si profesoara iti spune ca nu mai faceti cursurile azi. I... am in tears

Tears of joy or sadness? Pe mine m-a pus draga mea mama sa ma duc la un curs fix dupa vacanta de Paste. Pe la jumatatea drumului ne-a anuntat o colega ca s-a anulat cursul, fiindca erau doar 2 persoane. Si am stat si 40 min in ploaie…