right so, i’ve been an amateur medievalist/historian for a fuckin while and am currently working on a historically-accurate-as-possible arthurian comic set in the middle ages, and this means that i research the SHIT out of castles and heraldry and occult magic/alchemy all kinds of stuff that’s just CUR all over and i cannot tell you how bonkers that game is. nothing is accurate, nothing makes any sense. changing your coat of arms EVERY GENERATION flies wholly in the face of why you even had coats of arms, same goes with like “oh we never had servants” (props for like, injecting the penvellyns with some classist remarks but wow literally no this is impossible.)(also the layout of the manor–they keep calling it a castle but i’m pretty sure it’s a country manor house–doesn’t make a lot of sense)

and also, just, the entire way the penvellyns seemed to operate and run their family would’ve made them total outcasts and no one would’ve married into this family, they would’ve lasted like 2 generations after randulf the red and then the land would’ve had to been sold/given to a family who did want to play the Nobility Game

that said, this is still one of my fav games. shit is bonkers but it still slaps

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Can’t do a cut because I’m on mobile blahhh. Medical stuff below.

I’ve got surgery on Monday. I’ve been delaying this for over a year now, but after doing literally every other test, medication, and physical therapy and seeing little or no results, it’s time for more invasive measures.

Ideally the surgery will be temporarily curative. Less ideally, I’ll have to stack hormone therapy on top of it to get the best results (which actually wouldn’t be so bad since eventually I want to start hormone therapy anyway, but this will be extra shitty hormone therapy unfortunately with more chances for side effects). Even less ideally, we start chopping out organs. That probably won’t happen for a couple more years but it’s definitely on the table depending on how things go.

In any case, it’s better than doing nothing so I’m looking forward to it. c:

anonymous asked:

What villain do you think had the strongest plan in any of the games?

jane. oh my god, JANE. i cannot sing my praises to her enough. her thoroughness was unparalleled by any other villain we’ve seen. i honestly don’t even know where to begin with her. she’s very clearly remarkably clever for having come up with such a plan, and also somehow found the time to balance it with her tireless schoolwork AND finding the penvellyn treasure (including all the rituals that go with it).

listen, this plan was DETAILED. she even went so far as to rope nancy into the story and plant the seeds of the blackmoor beast into her from THE VERY MOMENT she makes it to blackmoor by hiding the red eyes in the front yard, to say nothing of the WOLF’S CLAW/TOOTH she somehow manages to get her hands on for that threatening note she slips nancy later on in the game. oh, and then there’s also the claw marks on the door, the spooky messages she even goes as far as to send to herself, and the various stories she tells nancy about seeing “the lady in black” around the manor. and all that is just for NANCY’S benefit. what she does to fool linda is a whole different, equally complex story. this was thought out to the letter and honestly, there is no one strong piece of evidence by the end of the game pointing the blame in jane’s direction—she’s very clean and neat with how she lays out this scheme and hardly leaves behind any clues giving her away as the mastermind behind this masterpiece of a plot.

to surmise, this twelve year old girl very nearly convinced a grown woman she was turning into a werewolf and almost got away with it. jane is going places. 

Ethel: This is called The Trial of Chief Wamapow. It was painted in 1936. And this is Chief Wamapow, and he was convicted of crimes against the soldiers. I am always amazed at his quiet dignity… right before he’s killed by a cannonball.

Nancy: I’m surprised no one’s complained about this.

Ethel: Oh tons of people have. Yeah, we get letters every day.