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I don’t normally draw backgrounds…or men….or use lighting and shadows….ok in general I don’t really do any of the things I did on here. That being said…I think it was a good first time!

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And then you have vulgar language. I know Karkat probably wouldn’t wear an Iron Man shirt but it was late and I just finished watching Iron Man 2 so…go ahead and blur out the language if you need.

Ok! So that’s my fanart I was so eagerly waiting to submit! I hope you enjoy it :OOO

Aww, lookit those cuties. Your style is really cute! All those things you say you normally don’t do? You did them really well owo I love the “Lost Cat” poster, haha. And although Karkat usually likes the darker heroes, he’d totally love Iron Man. All of that sass? He’d totally empathize. Thank you so much for the art~!


Josi c) [me] ;3
Alex c) [cuppayum] 

OMG, LOOK WHAT I FOUND IN MY OLD DRAWINGS FOLDER!! I had completely forgotten this .-. 

I drawn Alex after seeing the commission of cuppayum by nadunadu, but I do not really know much about this character… I just like his… idk… form?… lol xD


I had to go to nadunadu’s tumblr to find the commission and could remember the name of the owner of this character because I remembered it was something with “cuppa” but not completely and who followed me but I do not know if she changed her url or deleted her blog or what because I could not find it anywhere :c

I am so sorry to have posted this so late that it is almost impossible to find.. *snif*