As short as they come
Mentally higher ranking than all

More fiery than a goblin
Dashing in the line of fire

Flying over seas
Still scrapping her knees

She is Holly Short
Daughter of Coral

Student of Vinyaya
Teacher of all

Beaten, bruised, pushed around
Growing stronger

Dying slowly
Being born under the moon

She may be short
But she’s on top of the world

Under the ground
Where no one can find her

A Poem about a Potato for my Boyfriend because he asked me to(:

A jump, a jolt, a shock-Energy flowing through

Every cell of mine. Not powerful enough to do

Much but just enough to power something small like me.

Two prongs were poked past my crisp brown

Exterior, and pushed slowly down

Into my fleshy center.

I dream of having a golden appearance Instead

Of earthly brown, and I can see the tanning light ahead.

The generated heat seeps deep towards my core

Changing my color, making me want more.

Slowly I feel my inners begin to soften.

Now I am beautiful, hot and steaming.

But still, I could look more pleasing.

In America I tasted creams of red to become a tasty site,

And while in Europe I dipped in creams of white.

I am a potato, yeah, you heard right.