How to Feel more Feminine (for closeted Trans Girls)

· Part your hair
· Paint your nails with a clear coat of nail polish
· wear “Manly” Jewelery like a shark tooth necklace or a cross necklace (if you’re Religious) or a dog tag, or a mood ring
· wear panties under your Boxers or pants
· wear a cupless sports bra under your shirt
· wear slightly tinted chapstick
· wear eyeshadow that is a shade close to your skin tone
· paint your toenails & keep them hidden from unsupportive people under your socks

ibidflash  asked:

For the large-chested anon: I work in a lingerie shop and whilst i don't have any experience with binding I do know that they make minimiser bras that are deigned to reduce your bust by at least a cup size. Layering a (non-wired cupless) sports bra over the top might flatten you further but make sure it doesn't move the wire or constrict you too much bc that will be extremely uncomfortable for you. And if you're in the closet people won't be as suspicious. If you want to talk more hmu

- Mod Robin