Sherlock loves waking up to the feeling of John’s warm, toned arms wrapped around his waist, his hands soothingly drawing circles into the soft skin of his tummy whilst he sleeps. When John feels him stir he always kisses gently up his spine, placing a long, delicate kiss on the crook of his neck, closing all the space between them as they stay wrapped in eachothers arms all night.

(ㅎ ●ㅎ~ ) Sherlock absently holding John’s hand on the table during a dinner date, lovingly stroking his knuckles down to the base of his thumb whilst he thinks. After a couple of minutes of sincere contemplation, he lifts John’s hand up to place one long and gentle kiss on its centre, looking up at him with eyes so full of love when John approvingly grins back “I love you”.

Sometimes John looks up from his newspaper to find Sherlock staring at him with a small smile on his face. Their gazes lock and Sherlock’s breath catches in his throat as John cracks a grin, smiling at Sherlock as if he’s the only thing John sees. They beam at each other for just a few seconds before looking away, John grinning into his crossword and Sherlock hiding a smile behind his microscope (◠ω◠✿)

Art by moon0727

Okay. I have never done one of these before so, here goes nothing. I accidentally deleted my blog on Friday the 13th. (I know, great day) I was teenlxck. I am mainly making this so that a good portion of my followers will come back to me. I know pretty bad. But I followed some of them back already they just haven’t noticed me. So here we go.

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