Episode 10: The Goldfish

Sherlock may be a god but he’s no help at all (except pissing off his brother). There will be consequences of not using his matchmaking powers and it will involve John.

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Notes: So I’ve colored this one digitally since I need to get used to drawing directly on the tablet. For the 3rd panel, I initially planned for Sherlock to show him as Cupid but I think I overdid it with the shading etc. That panel is supposedly funny but it ended up as serious art. 

Fan Art/Fic Meme

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1. Your 3 fan art/fics with the most comments:

I think it’s the FemHartwin art in AO3. It’s usually where I usually see the comments. But other people send me comments of my art via tags and messages which I think is very nice of them. 

2. Your 3 fan art/fics with the most likes:

Hmm…it’s weird but the most number of notes that got in Mermaid and Cat that I did on a whim. It’s not even in any fandom.

Maybe I’ll also do some non-fandom stuff every now and then.

3. Your oldest fan art/fic:

Good lord..My old sketches and drawings are in my parent’s house so all I got is this scanned thing from long before. I got sad since some of my really old scans (that are not cringeworthy) were lost. 

I was a fan of Inuyasha and below is a sketch of a really angry Sango.

4. Your latest fan art/fic:

It’s  Beware the Gentleman which is a Kingsman comic. I can’t stop drawing them and I like them funny.

5. Your proudest fan art/fic:

Hmmm… I can’t choose really. I love all of them.

6. Your longest fan fic/ largest art (aka biggest project): 

The blog wallpaper took a long time but I think for my biggest project it would be the Kingsman Big Bang project with @bruises-for-tomorrow on the fic That Which Lingers .  

8. Your top 3 crossover fan art/fics :

  • Kingsman/Sherlock
  • Kingsman/Pacific Rim
  • Sherlock /Silent Hill

9. Your favourite character to write/ draw in fan art/fic:

10. Favorite lines or fav scenes from a WIP fan art/fic:

I have sooooo many WIP like you wouldn’t believe. Here are some samples but there’s a LOT more in my sketchbooks/notebooks:

1. Kingsman Top Model

Arthur: “Here we have Galahad. Perfect form as always but then there’s too much drama on the face. “

Galahad: “It could be because of the three missiles headed my way perhaps?”

2. Victorian Pining Man

Sherlock: “I hope it would not offend your sensibilities if you —”

John: “ Just say the word and I’ll lock the door.”

3. Cupidlock Episode 14: You,Me and the Rest of the World

John: “We’ll survive on love and coconuts.”

4. Percival Vs. Galahad : The Wager

Percival : * calls in a singsong voice while holding a sequined garment* “Oh , Arthur…*

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