This has probably been done before but what if Sherlock was cupid. He can read people with a glance and know who they’re destined to be with, and is bored as fuck until john turn up. He can read him, sure, but everyone he pares him with doesn’t work out, and Sherlock can’t figure out why. The person for john is probably right under his nose, so why can’t he can’t he figure out who it is?

Episode 10: The Goldfish

Sherlock may be a god but he’s no help at all (except pissing off his brother). There will be consequences of not using his matchmaking powers and it will involve John.

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Notes: So I’ve colored this one digitally since I need to get used to drawing directly on the tablet. For the 3rd panel, I initially planned for Sherlock to show him as Cupid but I think I overdid it with the shading etc. That panel is supposedly funny but it ended up as serious art. 


Episode 6: Color Me Manipulated

Mycroft is very sinister in all this. But this time Sherlock is now a god. If he could just stop being stubborn about his divinity, Sherlock may be able to get back at the ‘The Iceman’. Fortunately, John may be right about his theory after all.

Notes: Yes. I colored it for the sake of the plot. Will I eventually color all of it? Maybe…Will think about it. 

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Episode 3: The Work Vs.The Job

John remembers how Sherlock ‘arranged’ his date with Sarah and imagines the fate of the whole world with the consulting detective as the divine matchmaker. He is now setting up the doomsday clock. 

Notes: I thank The Darkness and Rock of Ages for inspiring me to continue with the episode.

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Episode 4 : John Watson’s Nightmare (No! Not That One)

John has a plan to solve his and probably the world’s predicament. How to make Sherlock receptive to his idea is another matter. Let’s see if he has learned something from the master manipulator.

Notes: I apologize for this.I got the dream from that old Stallone movie and I picked something up from Discovery channel. There’s the red pants but it is not Monday. Again, I’m sorry.

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