A touch, of course, to set it off. I prepare my singing along with the river; I condemn it still once and for all. A halcyon madness, a definite stretch across the border and then– an unexpected hardness. Where I thought I would turn limp, inconsolable, I am: not. Instead, a sheath. An armor of sentiments. No longer a surge of flames across the skin-border. No longer–


Some disaster at the hand of cupid:
your arm against mine 
in a soft, forgettable July. 

What theory was it– what grid
with its sharp edges– 
that caught us, gashed us
through and thorough,
down to the core of our logic

to whose cause 
we devoted each other, sacrificed
the bodies, kept our sentences
wound around a shared psychosis,
haplessly spent? 

It was an idea before it was our condition.
It was a delusion before it was a deed.

When I was hurled in your direction,
there was a yes before the bleeding.


To burn, to bury, to lay
still your ghost. To dream, 
to forgive, to mourn. To
grieve, to long, to turn 
to stone. To shift, to not,
to set you off in a poem.

To set you off in a poem, permanently: to put an end to the throbbing of our wings. If I was to exhaust myself of your memory by writing–. I could not, or? I could. But to what consequence? Could I bear the insight, could I bear the casual disaster of a truth that does not– persist. 


I wade through a viscous terror
with a difficulty I do not want 
to be rid of. I want this– I want
the jolt, the stab, the defeat, 
I want the curse of memory;
      the wanting of it takes away any power
      you could have had over me.

  • here have some riordanverse asdfmovie idiocy
  • sorry
  • Hera:"And now, a cow pretending to be a man".
  • Piper:"Hey, wanna see an impression of my dad?"
  • Will:"Is anyone here a doctor? WELL YOU'RE A NERD!"
  • Solangelo:"Hey, you know who's gay? (switch to wedding scene) Us."
  • Leo:"Hello mine turtle."
  • Cupid:"Hey, you know who's gay? You."
  • Annabeth:"They said I could never teach a llama to drive!"
  • Hazel:"Uhhh, sorry Brian, but I'm a ghost."
  • Frank:"What are you, a man or a mouse?"
  • Nico:"Die, potato." "Not today."
  • Jason:"Screw gravity."
  • Blackjack:"It's a magical pony flying through the sky..."
  • Sadie:"Hey kid, you can't skate here!"
  • Carter:"The Science Show!"
  • Set:The Marmite saga.
  • Hearthstone:"Desmond the Moon Bear!"
  • i literally can't think of anything else
  • yeah sorry
  • enjoy