The gods are among us.

Zeus drinks himself half to death at the bar. He makes bedroom eyes at every pretty girl to walk in the room. They will clutch their cans of mace a little tighter as they walk home tonight.

Aphrodite helps a beaten girl to her feet, holding her tight as her young body is racked with sobs. Artemis stands nearby, preparing to hunt the thief of this young girl’s innocence. These are the only hunts she participates in anymore.

Athena glares at Ares as bloody knuckles and booted feet connect with battered bodies between them. The fight clubs are their temples now.

Dionysus stands behind a bar, serving drinks to rowdy men and pretty girls. Later, he will be found holding back the hair of girls, too young for the drinks they swallowed, as they vomit the concoctions they drank to forget the pain in the world. Dionysus understands and so he drinks more than anyone, if only to forget the suffering that has filled his immortal life.

Hestia mourns the numerous broken homes. She puts extra effort in protecting the scant few happy families left. So Hestia has created a home for those lost and abandoned, for she too knows how it feels to be cast out by the family who should have loved you unconditionally. She understands what it feels like to be adrift and homeless.

Apollo sits on a busy, crowded street, strumming his guitar and singing a song of loss and pain. He uses poetry and music to mourn the pain in the world. He berates himself constantly, because for every life he saves, ten more are extinguished. He has stopped visiting hospitals because he can’t help but feel his efforts are futile. He hasn’t seen his sister in years, and he misses her most at night, when he can see her beloved stars and moon.

Hermes slumps in a chair, exhausted from the horror gracing the human news. He decides he is no longer deserving of the title “messenger of the gods,” since he hasn’t delivered a message in centuries. Not when the gods no longer keep in touch. So he reverts to his favorite pastime: stealing. But what use is mortal money to a god?

Hera sits in the shadows of a bar and struggles to summon the dredges of the vindictive, jealous anger that used to come so easily to her when she saw her husband with another woman. Hera thinks that perhaps in this modern world, she would do better as the goddess of divorce. Because, really, how can she profess that marriage is the best gift the world has to offer when she can’t even keep her husband in her bed? When he doesn’t even bother pretending that he loves her? Yes, goddess of failed marriages has such a lovely, miserable ring to it.

Poseidon wanders the beach, picking up the scattered trash that poisons his domain. His tears mix with the salt water on his cheeks and he weeps for the suffering of his oceans. He feels the pollution like a phantom pain, and he scoffs at himself, full of loathing for the god of the sea who could not protect his oceans from mortals.

Hades lounges in his extravagant mansion, smiling at his lovely wife curled at his side. Blessed is he, for there will always be death, and mortals will always worship his riches. Of all his siblings, Hades, the scorned brother, cursed to rule the underworld, is the only one to still enjoy immortality.

Persephone is as beautiful as ever and she is happy with her loving husband who always joins her in her protests, right alongside her as she weeps for for the dying of this earth, as she cries herself to sleep at night when she thinks of all the loss of nature’s beauty and life. This world is suffering and she is the only one to hear its cries. They haunt her dreams.

Hecate flips the sign on the window to say closed. She longs for days gone by when people knew the truth. Magic is very real. Instead, she has to smile politely while customers come to her store to purchase items they know not how to use and religious men preach about how witchcraft is a sin, and she will burn in hell. Hecate does not care. She is as immortal as magic.

Cupid narrows his eyes with scorn every time he hears the word love fly from the lips of people who do not understand the meaning of the word. Though who is he to judge them when all his matchmaking attempts end in failure. Perhaps the mortals simple do not want him to decide who they love. Perhaps it is their turn to choose.

Athena prowls through college campuses, holding signs high in protect with the students around her. These fearless children are her people. She scoffs at the professors who are simply going through the motions, who fail to appreciate the brilliant minds all around them. She never fails to notice.

Ares picks his way across a battlefield and finds himself at the ruins of what used to be an elementary school. He no longer understands war, hasn’t for centuries. This was not brave, this was not heroic. This was senseless bloodshed. He sees nothing holy in this ruined world.

Aphrodite swallows the bile in her throat as she hears another rapist has been left free. She glares daggers at boys yelling obscene things at women. She’s long stopped romanticizing love. However, sometimes she sees a young girl handing over her baby to an older couple who tried for years, and she remembers what she once represented. Sometimes she sees Ares across the room of soldiers returning from the horrors of war, and as they embrace the loved ones they left behind, she smiles at him.

Artemis takes her role as protector of young women seriously. There’s a gun tucked into her waistband and a switchblade in her pocket. She can’t save them all, so she has also become an avenging goddess. She can be found in the streets or at battered women’s shelters, preparing for the next hunt.

The gods are dying. The gods wish they were dead. Is immortality a blessing or a curse?

—  The gods were always too human for their divinity (inspired by the writings of @crossroadsbela )

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cupid shuffle

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1. Utai IV: Reawakening (Steve Aoki Remix) - Kenji Kawai
2. Like We Did (Windows Down) - The Maine
3. Strong - One Direction
4. Sleepwalking - Bring Me The Horizon 
5. Idfc - Blackbear
6. Higher (FKYA Remix) - The Naked and Famous
7. Ain’t My Fault - Zara Larsson 
8. XO - Beyonce 
9. A.D.I.D.A.S. - Little Mix
10. Stay - Zedd & Alessia Cara

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cupid shuffle

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1. Pork Soda - Glass Animals

2. Sleepover -Hayley Kiyoko

3. Hollywood - Jonas Brothers

4. Partition - Beyonce

5. Girls - The 1975

6. 18 - One Direction

7. The Wilhelm Scream -  James Blake

8. Barcelona - Ed Sheeran

9. Still Got Time - ZAYN 

10. Galway Girl - Ed Sheeran

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Nights On A Hill

Another one. It’s a long one though. There are so many mistakes everywhere, but I found it decent enough to share. Inspired from the remix of The Hills by The Weeknd ft. Eminem.

Imagine: You had helped Bucky with his lost memories after the fight with Captain America. You were in love with him, but he didn’t know. After leaving you to join his best friend, he returned and started coming around for a late nightcap. You didn’t mind at first, but it began to take a toll on you.

Word Count: about 3.6k

Warnings: smut.

Y/N’s POV:

You were enjoying the weather and scenery on your way back home from the city. The day was winding down, and even with the afternoon city traffic behind you, you could hear the insects singing in the woods surrounding your house that was on a low hill. It was the beginning of February and you were hating this month already. The supermarket had been decorated with hearts, cupids and BE MINE heart candy posters, dampening your mood. But nature has brightened it just enough.

Just a couple months ago, you had met a man. A man that not only changed your life, but admittedly owns your heart. Bucky. He hadn’t known his identity at first though. You had helped him find his lost memories that a terrorist organization, HYDRA, forced into a dark corner of his mind. While helping him through his struggles, you had fallen for him. Even though he’d show flashes of emotion, the Winter Soldier part of him would close you off. You thought it was because a relationship would be impossible, that he was saving you from a heartbreak. But now, you weren’t so sure. You began to think that maybe you were just fooling yourself about him having feelings.

Once his best friend Steve Rogers had found him, he had left you behind with nothing. No hope, not even an empty promise that he would see you again. After some time, he finally showed up. Only to find that he would stay for the night and leave before you woke up the next morning, turning it into a routine.

You didn’t mind in the beginning. His need of shoving himself in and out of you to release stress was satisfying enough. The fact that he chose you for that made your heart gush, but soon it became more of a chore than anything. His soft kisses and his hands roaming your body, worshipping every part of your skin, faded. He’d cuddled with you after fucking you, but soon he began turning his back to you after finishing, and fell asleep. Leaving you to your self-loathing thoughts. You wanted more from him than just mindless sex. To feel something that showed you there was a chance. You vowed each time to end it, but couldn’t bring yourself to do it.

You had been looking down, deep in your thoughts, and didn’t notice that someone was sitting in the chair on your porch until you were standing in front of the door. After pushing in your home key, you saw a dark shape in your peripheral vision to your left and instantly panicked.

“Oh! Bucky,” you sighed deeply, almost dropping a gallon of water and grocery bag you were holding.

“Hello, Y/N.” He was sitting down with his leg crossed at the ankle and dressed in his black uniform.

You opened the door and left it there for him. Walking through the living room and into the kitchen, you heard the front door close and his footsteps following you. You set down the items and went to retrieve a cup from the cupboard.

“Want a glass of water?” You pulled out a cup without looking back for his answer.

“No, thank you.”

You served yourself and sat at the kitchen table to drink it. Opposite of you, Bucky watched with curiousity. You knew why he was here. However, you were determined to stop this habit. In a matter of seconds, you had plucked up the courage and decided that you were no longer going to be his fuck toy.

“How are you?”

Like you care. “Fine,” you curtly answered.

He squinted his eyes slightly, wanting to ask more but thought better of it.

Finishing your glass of water, you took out the veggies you had bought out of the bag and placed them inside the refrigerator. Turning back, you were faced with Bucky’s chest and his eyes looking down at you, his hair looking longer than last you remembered. He cupped your cheek with his flesh hand and gently rubbed his thumb down to your chin to open your mouth and kissed you.

Usually, kissing him felt frantic and desperate. This kiss was slow, deep and soft. It took you back to a time when you first started falling in love with him. The first kisses. Before pulling away, he pecked a quick kiss on your lips.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered. You thought he sounded sincere.

“For what?” You were making to step around him, but he blocked you. You frowned up at him.


You inclined your head, pressing for a clearer explanation.

Bucky’s POV:

She was the only other person that ever bothered to understand me. The only one that didn’t look at me with judgement after I had shared my past with HYDRA. She even took me in and gave me her time in trying to help me after the showdown I had with Captain America. And I took her for granted. I hadn’t seen how much my random casual nights with her was hurting her. I knew she wanted more. I foolishly believed that when I stopped showing her any affection that she’d get the hint and move on. But I was selfish. There was a part of me that she warmed. A part that wouldn’t let go.

I was the Winter Soldier though. A HYDRA experiment created to kill. My mind was scrambled and too fucked up to make room for anyone. Y/N was the exception though. Steve had stirred memories of the person I once was, but Y/N was the one who brought back the pieces of my old life. 

As she looked up at me with those beautiful Y/E/C eyes, I wanted to take her in my arms and kiss her until our lips were too swollen. Make the hurt that I see in her eyes disappear. The hurt that I know I’ve caused. But I kept my hands at my sides. In our last couple of nights together, I noticed that the sex felt bland. Usually, there was a need from her. Her legs wrapping my ass to deepened me inside her. Her lips attempting to slow me and prolong the kiss. But all that stop. Now it was just a matter of removing our clothes quickly and getting it done as soon as possible. I had no right to feel offended, but I did anyway.


I sighed. I wanted to apologize to her. To tell her that I wanted more of her, but I didn’t think that she would want to be with someone that she had to take care of. I wasn’t boyfriend material. I have both bad days and good days, days where even I didn’t want to be around myself. And she deserves better. She deserves someone who could give her the world.

Rolling her eyes, Y/N stepped around me.

“I shouldn’t have come,” I said softly, turning to face her.

She furrowed her eyes. “Bucky, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing. Never mind.” I started to make my way to the front door through the living room.


I stopped to turn and saw her standing with her arms crossed in the middle of the room. She looked like she wanted to say more, but was hesitant.


“You– You can’t keep doing this to me. I can’t–.” Her eyes glistened, tears threatening to brim over. Looking down, she spoke in a low voice, “I no longer want to be something for you to use whenever the mood strikes you Bucky. I know who you are, and what you are, yet…,“she paused. She looked up with a tear slowly rolling down her cheek. "I still love you. Even if the only thing you give me is empty sex.”

It was the first time I heard her say that she loves me, which made things worse. I had come by earlier than usual to tell her that our sex relationship was over. That she was free. But looking into her eyes and hearing those words, I knew it’ll break her. I had made a silent promise that I would never hurt her. A promise that I’ve been breaking six ways from Sunday. Like a coward, I turned my gaze to the floor.

“If you walk out of that door, then it’s the last time you will ever be welcome here.” I knew she meant it.

I looked up at her and slowly turned my back to her.

Y/N’s POV:

Your emotions had gotten a hold of you. You had meant to be strong, but the thoughts running in your head were crippling you. It wasn’t fair of him to come by and go as he pleased. Sure, the sex was great. He was bigger than your ex-boyfriends and his flesh and cool robotic hands knew just how to touch you, but that didn’t matter. Not when you have given him your time to help him with his memories. Even accompanying him once to Eastern Europe to find answers to his past with HYDRA. This was more than just Cupid’s love. You had fallen in love with him, all of him, never once revealing it for fear it would push him away. But even then, he still pushed you away. And you couldn’t take it anymore.

As you followed him to the front door, tears started running down your cheeks. You had foolishly hoped that he was going to stay. You were ready to slam the door behind him, but suddenly he stopped, almost making you crash into his back. You looked up with tearful eyes, wondering what the hell he was doing. Through a cloudy vision, you could see that his shoulders were rising and falling. You could almost hear him breathing a little too hard.

He turned his head and in a strain voice, he said “I’m not right for you, Y/N. I– I can’t give you what you want.”

“What?” Your voice was so soft, you didn’t think he heard you.

Turning to face you, he continued. “I never meant for this to happen. It was a mistake stepping into your life when I first saw you. But there-there’s something about you that I can’t figure out. I tried to stay away from you when Steve found me, but I-I couldn’t. I needed you. I need you.”

Your breathing hitched. So many emotions were hitting you as his words sunk in. This is what you’ve been waiting for. For him to reveal his feelings for you that you knew he had, but thought was too conceited of you. Before you allowed yourself to be elated, your mind drifted to the nights that you cried yourself to sleep over him. The times that he would bury his face into your neck and avoided your eyes as he fucked and came inside you. The memories where the Winter Soldier hurt you.

“Why didn’t you tell me this before?”

“I-” he began to say, but you quickly interrupted him.

“Do you have any idea what you’ve put me through?” You could feel every emotion building inside you. The hurt and anger tipping at the edge. “I took care of you James. I gave you my time, my-my–”

“I know, baby doll, I know. Believe me, I am so sorry. You have every right to hate me.” He came to stand in front of you. He took your hands into his and pulled them up to put his forehead against your fingers. “You’ve given me what nobody has. You make me feel things that I thought were lost in me. You make me feel hope. I can’t deny the fact that I care deeply for you. I don’t know how to do this. All I know is that I don’t deserve an ounce of your-of your love.”

“Damn you, Bucky,” you pulled your hands back. Inside, your heart wanted to jump into his arms and never let go. On the other hand, your mind was defiant. If he really cares about you, why didn’t he say so? Why didn’t he just walk away?

You mentally slapped yourself for thinking this way. Because with him, there will always be two sides: James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes and the Winter Soldier. Although the Winter Soldier scares you sometimes, the Bucky side of him was there with warmness. He made you feel safe. There had been moments when you saw the Winter Soldier softened at you, then quickly wiping it off his face. That small glint of hope you saw in his eyes was the final push that had made you fall head over heels for him. It was there that you had known you wanted every part of him, the good and bad. Even knowing that a relationship with him would come with a struggle.

“If you really want me to go, I will. I’ll walk out of that door and never come back. You’ll be free of me.”

“I just-I don’t know if this will work.”

“I understand,” he said, looking down at the floor, not wanting to show his hurt.

You turned your back to him and crossed your arms. Leaning your head forward on an upright hand, you cried softly. From behind, you heard him take a step towards you, but then stopped and turned around to walk back to the door.

Your heart squeezed at the sound of his retreating footsteps. Maybe this was for the best. Saving both of you the time of something that could end in disaster. Except…you didn’t want him to go. As much as you hated the hurt that he’s caused you, you love him. You couldn’t ignore your heart’s screams. You were willing to fight for him, to align your life and make everything work with him. Love wasn’t meant to be easy. And he’s the only man you want to be with, the only one that made you feel special. The first time you made love, it felt like heaven. He took his time in learning your body. What your triggers were and what not to do. His cool hand making trails of goosebumps everywhere it went. Each time that he’d thrust into you, it was like his way of showing you his feelings that his lips couldn’t say. Hearing the door open, you turned around and ran to him.


Holding his foot mid-air before it hit the porch, he turned his head and looked at you in confusion. Before you reached him, he turned to catch you in his arms and crashed his lips into yours.

Bucky’s POV:

Her lips were sweet, her tongue swirled with mine as her arms wounded around my neck and pulled me back inside the house. Kicking the door close behind me, I grabbed her ass and lifted her to wrap her legs around my hips. Immediately, my cock hardened. It has been so long since I felt this from her. Since I’ve shown her anything. I let the kiss show her just how much she meant to me. What she made me feel. I wanted every part of her. I wanted to take her as many times as she would allow me. I wanted to leave marks all over her body to show that she was mine. Entering the hallway that led to the bedrooms, I set her down and continued to kiss her while I ripped her clothes off. By the time we were in her bedroom, we were both in our undergarments. Leading her backwards to her bed, I pushed her back onto it and slid her panties off. Spreading her legs, I kneed in front of her and trailed kisses in the inside of her thighs. A soft moan escaping her lips jerked my cock. It wanted in her already, but I wanted to be slow. Not only did I owe it to her, I wanted to enjoy every second of it. Licking her wet slits, I slid my tongue in and sucked. Her hips heaved, allowing my flesh hand to slide under her ass as I laid my metal hand on her stomach and rubbed her clit with my thumb. It was one of her triggers. Her hot pussy swollen while my cool thumb circled her clit and down her entrance.

James,“ her voice was almost inaudible with the long moan that slid out of her lips. She’s the only girl that I allowed to call me by my real name. Because although it took me long to figure it out, she was only one with my heart in her hands.

Lapping at her swollen vertical lips, I rubbed my thumb down and slid it in with my tongue. It almost set her off. Moving in and out faster, she grabbed my hair and wrapped her legs around my head.

Taking my tongue out, I looked up at her and said "Come for me doll.” Moaning and staring back at me, I slid my tongue back in and watched her come into my mouth. Her body quivered as the orgasm hit her.

Standing up, I looked down at her and regretted how much I’ve neglected her body for so long. She was gorgeous with curves that went for miles. She unclasped the front of her bra and opened it to expose her breasts. She teased me by squeezing her nipples. Smiling down at her, I slid down my briefs. My cock was more than ready to take her as pre-cum glided out my tip.

Y/N rose upright and was about to knee in front of me, but I stopped her.“No,” I put a hand on her shoulder. “Tonight is about you.”

Bending to kiss her, I guided her back to the pillows and spread her legs around my hips. My cock was throbbing from side to side between us, impatiently awaiting her pussy. I grasp her left breast with my flesh hand and sucked the other. I roamed my lips over between her breasts and gritted my teeth on her skin. Gliding my mouth and licking my way up to the side of her neck, I slid my cock in slowly and bit down. She wrapped her arms around my back and dug in her nails down to my ass. Grabbing it with both hands, she helped guide my length all the way in. I could feel a difference inside her. Usually, it merely made any difference when I was inside, but this time her walls welcomed me and held me in before I slid back out and back in to fall in a steady rhythm.

“James,” she gasped.

She pulled her hands up to either side of my face and pulled me down to kiss me. Her sweet plush lips took me back to our first time. To the spark that once electrified between our touches, that I could feel reigniting. Her tongue slid in between my lips and danced with my own like no time had passed since that first kiss. Our mouth took turns in sucking each other’s lips. Her teeth bit down my bottom lip hard enough to leave a bruise, but I didn’t mind. I wanted her marks on me as much I wanted mine on her.

Picking up speed, I lifted her legs higher on my back and roughly grabbed her hips. I could feel her walls beginning to tighten around my cock. She ran her hands through my hair and grasped it. 

“Buc– I-I’m close,” she moaned out loud.

“Me too, baby. Come for me Y/N.” She moved her hands down to my  shoulders and scratched as her nipples rubbed my chest.

Spreading my legs, I pounded harder into her and felt her release. Her body heaved as my own orgasm hit after her. My ass clenched as my come plunged inside her. And to make my orgasm last longer, she gritted her teeth against my neck and bit my skin hard. My hips continued its thrusts to nothing while our breathing tried to return to a normal rate.

God, I love you“ I whispered into her hair. I hadn’t meant to say it out loud, but it left my lips before I could think twice. I felt her tense for a second and I felt instant panic that it was bad idea to have thought of it in the first place. I could almost hear my heart thudding in my ears.

"Bucky.” Her head moved to the side to look at me, but I kept my face hidden in her hair. I felt her hand on the side of my face and I slowly turned to look at her.

“I’m sorry. I–”

“I love you too." 

I leaned in and kissed her softly. Before pulling away, she kissed my bottom lip and rubbed it with her thumb.

"I’m sorry for bruising your lip,” she smiled.

“It’s ok doll,” I chuckled. Rising up, I could see a few bruises all over her. “I don’t mind at all.”

I laid down next to her and brought her into my arms. I wrapped my metal arm around her while she placed her head on my chest. Kissing her forehead, I made a promise.

“I love you Y/N. You’re the only one I want to share my life with. I will always try my best to be the best man for you. I’ll always be here for you, if you’ll have me.”

Clasping my flesh hand, she placed a kiss on top of it and looked up at me and simply said, “Ok, James.” Sighing, she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.


Welcome to another exciting episode of FRIDAY FASHION FACT! Today we’re going to be talking about a fairly obscure piece of fashion history- hair jewelry. That’s right, in times gone by, people would wear human hair around their wrists, hanging from their ears, and wrapped around their fingers. Sounds strange, doesn’t it? It was a very common practice, though, and many of the pieces created were extremely elaborate and quite beautiful.

It is a common belief that hair jewelry was created for mourning. This is not completely inaccurate, but it is far from the whole truth. Hair held strong significance and symbolism in many cultures across the world. Since hair takes centuries upon centuries to decompose, it was a common symbol of the eternal. This is where the tradition of giving a lock of hair to a loved one stems from. Since hair comes from the head, it also held myth that the one who held the hair had a sort of influence over the giver. Though it has become a romance genre trope to see lovers give each other a lock of hair, in reality, locks were also given to friends, family members- anyone with a deep, personal connection.

Scandinavian folklore commonly spoke of the power of hair, and thus people in that region would carry the locks of their loved ones around with them. In the Early Renaissance Age, the curls of hair would be placed into lockets, often worn on necklaces or pinned over the heart. Shortly after, instead of putting the hair inside of jewelery, it became part of the jewelry itself. Sometimes the hair would be twisted and knotted, then set into a pendant, or it would be woven like a rope, becoming the band. These pieces that were woven into bands required much longer locks of hair, and so they were more commonly made once a love one passed away, and were worn as mourning jewelry.

While hair jewelery was not uncommon from the Renaissance through the 18th Century, the style exploded in the Victorian Age. There are a few reasons for this. At the beginning of the 19th Century, elaborate hair styles, including men’s wigs, had fallen out of style, as did ostentatious jewelry. To save their livelihoods, wig-makers and jewelry-makers paired up to create sentimental pieces. This was the start of hair jewelry’s rise in popularity. Later in the century, Prince Albert famously gave Queen Victoria a charm bracelet, with each heart charm containing a lock of each of their childrens’ hair. When Albert died at a young age, the entire country went into mourning, bringing mourning fashion into style. It was at this point that hair jewelry worn as a mourning piece became extremely popular.

The style faded out around World War I, when all mourning fashion faded from popularity. Today, most people see hair jewelry as “creepy,” but it’s important to remember the amount of emotion that was once attached to these cherished pieces.

Want to learn more about hair jewelry? Check out these books:

Sentimental Jewellery, by Anne Louise Luthi

Collector’s Encyclopedia of Hairwork Jewelry, by C. Jeanenne Bell

Have a question about fashion history that you want answered in the next FRIDAY FASHION FACT? Just click the ASK button at the top of the page!