Arrow crack  When the characters react like the Olicity fandom (requested by @felicity-smoak-is-my-goddess​)


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Zayn leaving One Direction be like
  • Directioners:HOW CAN 1D GO ON? MY LIFE IS OVER!
  • Exo L:lol
  • Sones:lol
  • ELFs:lol
  • Hottests:lol
  • Pink Pandas:lol
  • Kamilias:lol
  • Play Girlz:lol
  • Dai5ys:lol
  • Hello Cupids:lol
  • A+:lol
  • Mines:lol
  • Queens:lol
  • Kiss Mes:lol
  • Wonderfuls:lol
  • Cassiopeia:bye

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FAHC mavin headcanons?

  • the first thing fahc michael ever says to gavin is “what the fuck is this asshole doing wearing fucking aviators indoors at night, anyway?”
  • the first thing gavin says to michael is “[nonspecific indignant and emotionally wounded gavin noises]”
  • and that basically sets the tone for their entire relationship
  • gavin likes to do this thing where over the course of like an hour he’ll gradually get michael to the point of sheer, unadulterated, “i am going to hit you and no one could possibly fault me for doing so” rage, and then he goes and tries to hide behind one of the other crew members
  • which would maybe be a decent plan of action, except no one is willing to fight michael to protect gavin, and in fact most of the others will actually hold gavin down to ensure he receives his entirely deserved punches
  • gavin also likes to poke his head into michael’s room at two in the morning and grin like an asshole and jingle his keys until michael wakes up so they can go for a two-in-the-morning drive/possible unceremonious convenience store robbery
  • (michael grumbles about it for a while but he’s the first one to roll down the windows and turn the radio up and yell along to the top 40)
  • (speaking of singing, geoff has had to ban them from singing during heists because they’ll start making up team nice dynamite theme songs together while gunning down police cars and tbh it’s very distracting)
  • they go through a period of like two months where every weekend they both get drunk, end up kissing at some point during the night, and then “forget” about it the next day and never talk about it until ray finally approaches them both like “can you guys please get over your gay panic and bang already like oh my god”