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i haven’t read much fic in a while and recently had some time on my hands to dabble so here are some that have kicked my ass lately 

On a bed of white flowers i know we’ve all read this but if you haven’t oh my god please, its the greatest version of laurent’s pov of the books that I’ve come across and tbh sme parts had me as emotionally crazed as the actual books. this is the laurent pov of prince’s gambit that we deserve.

figs and dates and orange scones this is FANTASTIC. extremely well written, funny, sweet, smutty. the progression of their feelings and laurent’s comfort level was very believable and felt extensive, even though it only spanned 2 days. all around 👌👌

Winged Cupid Painted Blind LOVELY. endearing, funny, well developed, a snarky laurent pov and a bunch of lazar lines which alone has me sold

there are things unbearable one of the most unique fics out there in my opinion. damen is an FBI agent investigating a case involving laurent’s uncle. it’s quite dark and heavy, but i mean that in a good way. its handled very well with extremely vivid writing, and it seems very promising to me.

back it up i adored this. amazing characterization, playful sparring, very hot, playful laurent and damen’s ego 👌

missing you feels a lot like an arrow to the heart. cupid’s bow aimed to please but left me bleeding out instead. how are you supposed to heal a wound when it keeps being reopened? how do i get you to love me back?
—  there’s no poetic way to say that when cupid fired his arrow it only hit one of us// 4am
Mari’s brother from another mother (and father)

I would like to formally introduce the headcanon that not only did Marinette and Kim grow up together, but they have unofficially adopted each other as siblings.

Kim is a fun-loving guy, and he usually respects the personal bubbles of his friends.  But not Marinette’s.

(she’s at perfect leaning height)

The Gamer / Le Gamer 

So, what brought these two together?

  • Did Marinette protect Kim from bullies before he became a jock?
  • (don’t mess with the tiny Asian girl)
  • Was she the original rival he challenged to dares before Alix?
  • (the tiny Asian girl will kick your ass)
  • Did he have a crush on her at one point?
  • (half of the school her friends have a crush on the tiny Asian girl)


Whatever the reason, I want to see more of this friendship in the next season (or two) and I hope they continue this running gag.


(The tiny Asian girl is oblivious xD)

Process gif of my favourite valentines pic <3
Art belongs to me, characters to Thomas Astruc.

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  Cupid’s Defence by rhuubarb x 

“They started kissing,” Louis commented, awestruck. He turned to the man. “What did you do?”

“I made them fall in love,” the man brushed his hair out of his eyes, “That is what I do. The arrow never injures. Or misses.”

Louis stared. And then, he blinked.

“Are you saying you’re fucking Cupid?” He asked, eventually.

Harry is a Greek god with no understanding of the modern world, Louis and       Liam own a law firm, and they’re all getting sued.

(Had a lot of fun doing this for a great fic and such an amazinggg person <3 Hope you like it x )


I love so much their poems, like, they show their real feelings with some simply words that mean so much for each other.

They are made for each other.

So I decided to remake with gifs THIS post I did, because omg, their poems are so cute!