cupid juandissimo

FINALLY! I first came up with this idea a little more than a year ago after I made the very same joke to @gmini-outrageous . It took a while, but I finally finished this little comic! 
Cupid and Juandissimo were super fun to draw and even though I’m not really into FOP right now, I would love to draw some more pictures of them in the future.

Aaaah so I run an RP blog for Timmy Turner from the Fairly OddParents, and I was dying to make an Undertale verse, but I wanted to do something a teeny bit different! Made a quick video based on the opening of Undertale to get started writing it without too much of the backstory! lol ended up doing a weird fan prequel thing I guess??? Like I said, this was just for fun and for my RP blog!!!

I don’t own Fairly OddParents (that’s Butch Hartman) or Undertale (that’s Toby Fox)!!! This was purely for fun! c:

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