Kang Daniel College Scenario

Pairing: Kang Daniel and OC

Genre: Fluff

  • So the semester just started
  • Which means everyone and I mean EVERYONE relies on public transport during this time
  • You sat in traffic for about 20 minutes trying to park to get to the train which hella pissed you off
  • Anyways, you finally got a parking spot and super sped walked 
  • When you got there, it was packed and you had to hold onto the railing right beside the door
  • The train chimed to signal it was about to close the doors when you saw a dude running towards you like his life depended on it
  • You already felt like a sardine in the train but you felt bad for the guy since it was the start of the school-year and it would suck to be late so you stuck you hand out to prevent the doors from closing
  • He reached the train doors and squeezed his way in
  • With the amount of people in the train, he had to put his arm around your shoulder to hold onto the railing
  • Talk about personal space cuz gurl, it doesn’t exist in this scenario lmao
  • So this dude looks down at you and thanks you but he does it while breathing super heavily between each word cuz he’s out of breath
  • And you just smile and say “no problem” cuz you find the whole scenario pretty amusing and DID I MENTION HE IS GORGEOUS??
  • Anywho, y’all continue riding the train and you’re minding your own business but you can’t help but notice he KEEPS LOOKING AT CHU??
  • Like hello yes
  • And every time you look back at him to see if he was gonna say something, he just smiles shyly and looks down
  • So you’re like:
  • Also, you notice he keeps letting go of the railing and shaking his hand 
  • The train drops y’all off and you guys head your separate ways but little did you know, homeboy thinks you’re his soulmate or something
  • All you care about is finding your class but he’s frantically texting his homies about you
  • So fast forward 4 classes
  • Now you’re waiting at the station to go home and surprise surprise
  • So is the boy
  • And he’s trying to be low-key about how excited he is to see you again but it’s purdy obvious
  • He decides to take his shot and approach you with one hand in his pocket, looking all smooth
  • But then some skateboarder skates in front of him real quick, throwing him off guard
  • So he freezes in place, SHOOK AF
  • And you try to pretend to be occupied with something else to make him less embarrassed even though you witnessed the whole thing lol
  • Then he does that stupid thing that all boy’s do where he scratches the back of his neck and laughs it off
  • He then goes, “Hey, I didn’t get a chance to properly thank you earlier! I’m Daniel by the way.”
  • Cue the eye smile
  • And unintentionally, them butterflies be dancing in your stomach and you automatically feel bubbly
  • But you shut that down real quick cuz
  • You don’t fuck with the devil.
  • This becomes a routine for the rest of the semester and he’s a major sweetheart which makes it really hard not to fall for him
  • You guys often meet at the campus library to do homework and study since y’all have the same schedule in terms of time
  • And he knows your favorite drink and brings it for you every time
  • And you’re like, “Damn, this kid is a blessing.”
  • So now it’s coming close to Halloween which means
  • You’re not really a party person because you just find them really draining
  • Don’t get me wrong, you can really rock a party but honestly, watching people get hella wasted is not really your cup of tea
  • But one of your closest friend is throwing this party so you think you should probably stop by
  • You dress up as a referee and head to the party whoop whoop
  • When you get there, your friend texts you saying he’s in the kitchen and as you head there, you run into Daniel
  • Who is dressed as a police officer and you’re like ooooooooo damn
  • You guys both head to kitchen to meet up with your friend and you find a bunch of people doing body shots
  • Daniel knows you’re not much of a drinker so he asks if you wanna hang out on the balcony instead 
  • And in your head you’re like, “BLESS UPPPP ThIS KID ROCks MY SoCKS YO”
  • It’s pretty peaceful on the balcony despite the bass from the music inside 
  • You’re about to tell him about something weird that happened in one of your classes the other day but he beats you by saying:
  • “Fuck it. I like you.”
  • And you awkwardly stare at him with your mouth open…not cuz you shocked or anything because you’ve been getting vibes cuz he’s obvious
  • But you just didn’t know how to react lol
  • So the first thing you say is, “You’re drunk.” while pointing at his red solo cup
  • He replies with, “Actually, I’m not.” And he shows you what’s inside of the cup and you guessed it
  • He put potato chips in there bro
  • You still didn’t know what to say so he continues talking
  • “You don’t have to give me an answer, I just wanted to get it off my chest.” 
  • So more silence followed and he leans against the railing and eats his potato chips (in a pretty sad manner which is rare for Kang Daniel)
  • And you’re having a major battle in your head right now because you like him but you’ve been trying to beat your feelings for a while because boys suck lol
  • But Kang Daniel is an exception
  • You then join him at the railing and nudge him with your elbow
  • He looks at you with the saddest puppy eyes and you kinda died a little
  • You tell him the feelings are mutual and you swore the look on his face is the look that someone makes when they win the lottery
  • But that disappears in an instant because cocky Daniel comes in play
  • And he tells you he’s gonna take you to a drive-in theater for your guys first date and seals the deal with a kiss on yo forehead
  • And that moment, my friend, is when you decided
  • You were going to fuck with the devil, but this time only.
Bad Idea//Jordan Parrish


#1 I can tie a cherry stem with my tongue. Wanna see?

#13 We’re going to hell for this

“Hey dad. Will I just hang around the station for an two hours until Stiles picks me up?” 

“Yeah sweetheart. Deputy Parrish will be the only one there for a while until we get back. We’re gonna be at least three hours so try to get along…Okay?”

“Sure dad. Is he cute? you joke, you can sense your father rolling his eyes down the phone.

“Don’t romance my deputy Y/N Stilinski! Oh and be nice to your brother okay?”

“Okay dad. I’ll see you soon. Love you.” you say your goodbyes before hanging up.

It’s been a couple of months since you had been home from college and you couldn’t wait to relax. You Make your way into the unusually quiet police station bearing coffee and donuts. 

You’re greeted by a handsome deputy as you set you bags down in front of your dads office.

“You must be Y/N! I’m Deputy Jordan Parrish.” he smiles. Ugh he’s adorable, this is gonna be harder than you thought.

“Yup that’s me” you beam. “I brought coffee! Americano black? Thats how my dad said you took it.” you ramble handing him the coffee cup

He chuckles. “ Thanks. A twelve hour ghost shift is more tiring than a busy shift.”

1 hour later

You and Parrish get on like a house on fire. He was the dream guy. Funny, smart and extremely good looking.

“Sheriff said you’re doing the pre FBI program. How is it?” he asks 

“It’s great. I mean it’s tiring but it’s worth it.” you reply with a smile. “But what I want to know is what makes you so interesting?” you question.

“I was in the army for a couple of years but other than that I’m just a boring person.” he shrugs.

“Oh c’mon you must have at least one party trick or something?” you laugh.

“Not to brag or anything but I’m pretty good at beer pong.” he chuckles raising an eyebrow.

“Ohhhh that must impess the ladies.” you smirk.

“Like a charm.” he says in mock proudness. “What about you?”

“I can tie a cherry stem with my tongue. Wanna see?”

“Seriously!” he says curiously.

You grab a cherry out of the punnet in front of you.

Jordan sat in front of you gobsmacked.

“As you can see….I’m a catch.” you joke blushing slightly.

Jordan smirked. “What else can you do?”

“Well Deputy that wouldn’t  exactly be PG but you’re welcome to find out.” you say cocking an eyebrow.

He presses a soft kiss too your lips unexpectedly. You lean into the kiss as your hands reach to tangle in his hair.

You break the kiss slightly breathless.

“Office….” you say taking his hand and leading into your fathers office. You push everything off the desk as you sit on it. Parrish looks at you with a devilish smirk.

“We’re going to hell for this”

“I won’t tell if you don’t.” you smile pulling him into a deep kiss.

He pulls your shirt off as you unbutton his. You run your fingers along his abs, admiring his chiselled body. 

He pushes you down on the desk. The cold wood against your back makes you shiver slightly.

Parrish presses wet kisses along your neck and chest, leaving bruises in some spots where he nipped at the skin.

Parrish flips your skirt up as you remove your underwear, desperate for friction.

You unbuckled his belt as he dropped his trousers. 

He lined up at your entrance as you pleaded desperately for some pleasure.

He pushes himself slowly as you buck your hips. He kisses you hungrily as you suck and nip at his chest leaving markings in your way. 

You pull him closer as he slams into you. 

“Deputy…. please faster…” you moan.

He smirks at the fact you called him by his title. He wasn’t gonna lie. It turned him on. He develops a faster rhythm as you whimper. His name falls from you lips like a silent prayer.

“I’m not gonna last.” you moan as you feel him release inside you.

He rubs your clit, sending you over the edge. “Cum for me” he whispers as you squirm beneath him letting go completely as you ride out your high.

Parrish  helps you clean yourself up and hands you your discarded hsirt and underwear. 

You both were slightly flushed. He presses one last kiss to your lips. 

“So when am I gonna get to seeyou’re amazing party trick?” you chuckle.

“Tomorrow night 9 o’clock.” he says with a wink. 

You smile feeling a blush spread across your cheeks.

You both reassemble the stuff on your fathers desk. Your phone buzzes with a text from Stiles.

“Me and Scott are outside. Hurry up.”

“I have to go but I’ll see you tomorow.” you smile as you kiss Parrish on the cheek.

“Hey Scott!” you smile jumping into the back as Parrish brings your bags out.”

“Bye Y/N” he smiles.

“See ya Deputy!” you smirk with a wink.

You see Scott whisper something to Stiles before they turn back to you.


Autumn Leaves

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(gif cr; respectful owner)

Spooky Month 🎃

Autumn leaves and sitting inside the house enjoying each others company

(Requested) // word count; 1,013

Christian Yu x Reader - F

a/n I’ve not written for him in so long! 

Living on one of the higher levels in the apartment building you could see the whole city when you glanced out the window. Autumn remains as one of your favourite seasons, hence staring out the window to see oranges and reds, mixed with hints of browns always brought a smile to your face. The wind blew the trees, causing leaves to slip off the branches and fall onto the streets; covering the roads.

You were in a big woolly jumper and some leggings, sitting on the bed with your legs crossed. Watching movies and drinking coffee was one of the best things to do during this season but what made it better was you were spending the day with your boyfriend.

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Things that I wholeheartedly believe about the IPRE Crew Part 1

Magnus Burnsides did not like tea.

Like, at the beginning of the century when everyone would gather around for meetings and stuff each member would have a different blend of tea with them but Mags just always had coffee

Poor boy only knew of the existence of two types of tea and he hated them both (Matcha and English Breakfast)

Somewhere along the way Lucretia notices this as she’s bringing everyone their drinks

She tells Taako and he makes it his year long goal to get this man to like tea

He’s always in the kitchen


He has a book dedicated to documenting which blends he gave Magnus and his reactions

Finally, finally, at the end of the year before the Hunger strikes he gives Magnus a cup

He sips

He looks at Taako

He gives a thumbs up

Taako nearly cries

Lup is thanking the gods bc her brother can finally give her the kitchen

Lucretia has the recipe laminated and framed

(For more plz look for the tag #things I wholeheartedly believe )

A night to forget Part 1/5

Warnings: Swearing

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Y/N - Your name

A/N - Steve meets reader and she helps him deal with life in the present until somethign tears them apart.

Part 1 II Part 2 II Part 3 II  Part 4 II Part 5

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Living in New York was beyond stressful. It seemed like every other week there was an attack. And the last one? Aliens!? When people move here it is hard to adjust at first, even with earth’s mightiest heroes, The Avengers, in the same city. As luck would have it one of them happened to be Y/N’s neighbor.  Captain America, was currently taking out his trash when she walked upstairs with her laundry basket under one arm, her keys in the other hand and a coffee cup clutched between her teeth threatening to spill all over her freshly laundered clothes.

“Well hello neighbor, need any help there?” He asked looking at her with slight smile on his face.

“Nph fanks, Imph fineph” She mumbled into her cup

He laughed and took the basket out of her hands. Y/N unlocked the door and placed her coffee and keys on the kitchen table. Steve handed her the laundry basket and she placed it on the counter. She turned around he was standing in the doorway and it was the first time she had stopped to look at him. His frame was so large that he almost took up the entire door way. He was extremely handsome and had an amazing smile.

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Kpop1237: Hello! I saw you posted your first HC (loved it btw!!) and decided to request one. RFA + V and Saeran meeting MC at a coffee shop. Either they work there, MC works there, or just meeting there in general. How would they go about asking them out?

Aww! Thanks Kpop1237! We really appreciate it! And, thank you all for all your support recently, everyone! ~Admin Mazz

AWW SO CUTE! This is was so fun to write! Thanks so so much for the love! We both really appreciate it! ^///^ Really hope everyone enjoys these HC, including you Kpop1237! Hope it isn’t too long hehehe.. ~Admin Lily 


  • Jaehee doesn’t get many breaks poor angel
  • But, when she does, she loves to go to the café
  • Coffee runs in her veins anyways
  • Work was the last thing on her mind
  • All she wanted was to relax while drinking a nice warm cappuccino
  • As she pulled out her wallet, she walked up to the counter to see MC standing behind the register
  • She had such a big smile on her face, “Hello! How may I help you today?”
  • She seems really nice
  • While she’s making Jaehee’s cappuccino, she begins to easily make small talk
  • At one point, she brought up Zen’s latest movie
  • Fangirl mode activated
  • That was all Jaehee needed
  • She liked this MC and wouldn’t mind talking to her again
  • And again, and again, and again
  • They became pretty close, you know?
  • MC was just so supportive and sweet and always there for Jaehee! She really was… cute!
  • Jaehee began to feel the butterflies
  • MC was really cute aww! <3
  • Maybe, Jaehee should try and ask MC out?
  • Wait, no way! They both have too much work to do and why would she be interested.
  • But… maybe it’d be worth a try?
  • One day, as they sat together and started talking, like they normally did, it just slipped out
  • “MC… you know I… like you a lot, right? And-And I appreciate you being my friend.”
  • MC is literally thinking “booyah”
  • “Did you know that I happen to like you a lot too,” MC would reply with a smile
  • “So, would that mean you’d like to come with me, not on a day out, but… as a date?”
  • “I’m pretty sure I’d love to.” GUYS THE FEELS RN SO SWEET


  • Okay, this boy works so hard (at LOLOL of course)
  • Sometimes he’s gotta go out and get a latté because being the top guild is rough, okay?
  • But the coffee place isn’t that big
  • And its packed
  • Yoosung had just snagged a table
  • Oops, but someone else had sat down at the other side too
  • Guess who lol
  • MC and Yoosung just looked at each other in surprise
  • Should I stand up…?
  • But MC just started giggling
  • Hey… she’s kinda cute, isn’t she?
  • “Hi!” MC would hold out her hand, “I’m MC, and you’re trying to steal my table.”
  • Yoosung laughed nervously at her joke and shook her hand, “uh, sorry. I’m Yoosung Kim.”
  • She doesn’t make him move, though, she just starts a conversation
  • And oml is that hard for him
  • Cute girl + nerd equals train wreck
  • Very stuttery and has rosy cheeks
  • He tells he’s a college student and she immediately bombards him with questions
  • She seems so fascinated
  • But, he’s really not a good student atm
  • He switches the convo and starts asking about MC
  • And, he starts to like her even more
  • Their convo seems to go on forever
  • But, her coffee is gone
  • “Oh, so you’re leaving, huh?” Yoosung asks in disappointment
  • “Other people need tables, don’t they?” She would smile
  • “Um, hey. Is there any way I could talk to you again?”
  • “well, you could ask for my number,” she would hint flirtatiously, “or you could ask me if I’d like to come back for more coffee sometime.”
  • Yoosung blushed but he was smiling, “I’ll do both. How does that sound?”
  • Did Yoosung just get a girl’s number??
    Yoosung got a girl’s number!
    see even losers like have a chance
  • Then again he’s adorbs so


  • Okay, so Zen has been to many coffee shops, and let’s just say it usually ends up in a pretty bad situation.
  • It’s not that the café itself that’s bad, it’s just that…
  • Someone finds out who he is and his fans begin to swarm the café.
  • So, he rarely goes into them unless he’s in dire of need of coffee or something to eat.
  • Well, the day he meets MC is one of those days.
  • Zen had gotten off of work late, and was pretty much starving for some type of food.
  • Near the practice hall was a little café about a five minute walk from.
  • It was almost midnight, so he decided to take the chance and enter the café.
  • There only seemed to be one guy working the station at the moment,
  • which was a relief.
  • Just wait Zen it gets better
  • When he gave his order, the barista called out for someone in the back.
  • A really cute girl comes out in an apron.
  • The previous barista switches place with her to make his order done
  • Here comes the small talk.
  • She introduced herself as MC, and Zen thought she was the sweetest girl he’s seen.
  • It’s past midnight already  and she had more energy than a normal person should have around the time.
  • “Oh it’s because I had like three cups of coffee! Gotta stay awake for late night people like yourself!”
  • Throughout the whole chat, never did once MC bring up that he was an actor.
  • She treated him like a normal person
  • He took his drink and gave a farewell to MC, promising to come back.
  • He’ll be back in a hour 4 u MC
  • After his first encounter, he came back after every practice.
  • MC was always there to welcome him, and each day their conversations changed.
  • He told him about his new role in the play, and she seemed enamored
  • “I didn’t know you had a new role! I knew you were an actor, but I didn’t want to seem like every other person and fan over you…”
  • That was one of the things that made him want to see  MC over and over again.
  • She treated him like a normal person.
  • He learned that she was just working these night time shifts for some extra cash
  • “How’d it go? Your practice?”
  • “I went alright… Say, MC? How’d you like to go to dinner with me a night instead of working here?” hides nervousness like a true actor
  • MC is overjoyed, “I’d love to!”


  • Jumin rarely goes out like this due to the fact that reporters would usually swarm him
  • So he usually has Jaehee get him his coffee
  • However, even our little angel Jaehee can get sick sometimes and Jumin has to take matters into his own hands
  • He began to start searching for a café that delivers
  • Score, he found one
  • Guess who delivered
  • MC, lookin all nice and cute in her little uniform delivered the coffee
  • Jumin wanted to take it and go, but MC tried to start a small convo
  • “Hello, sir!”
  • “Um, good morning.”
  • “Wow this place is big. Is the intern out or something?”
  • “Um, yes, she is.”
  • “Hope she feels better. Have a good day, Mr. Han.”
  • “How do you know my name?”
  • Awkwardly points to name on coffee cup
  • “Oh. Yes, have a good day.” notorious Jumin throat clearing
  • She gave him such a bright smile
  • And that coffee was goood
  • He saw on the receipt the name of the creator and it was the same as the girl who delivered
  • Even though Jaehee came back, he wants more of that coffee so he ordered again but specifically asked for “MC”
  • MC came back and gave him another bright smile that morning, ‘so you liked my coffee huh? Here you are.”
  • “Thank you, MC.”
  • “Oh! Someone who used my name!” MC said, teasingly, but it kind of went over Jumin’s head
  • Oh my god, this coffee is so good
  • Jaehee never has to get Jumin coffee again cuz good ol’ MC is his new personal coffee girl
  • Convos became a little more than just small talk
  • MC’s always asking how his week went and he’d explain business statistics and crap
  • But, wait, she’d understand?
  • She went to business school for a while which is astounding to him.
  • She begins to help him with his ideas and promos, and he’s so thankful
  • This girl is so strange, he’s never met anyone like her
  • He actually becomes really interested in her
  • So much so that he wants to see her more often, so he offers her a job there
  • Happily, she takes it and quits her coffee job
  • For a while, they work together and she makes him his favorite coffee without him asking
  • He really starts to like MC
  • So much so that Jaehee recommends that he ask her on a date
  • And he takes it like what that actually worked
  • And, guess what she said: “Took you long enough!” thats a yes btw
  • This boy has a lot on his mind alright
  • Always workin and hackin so coffee is his life
  • And he thinks cafes are such cute little places with cute little human beings to swarm~
  • And cute girls too
  • This one day, as he was enjoying his third coffee while bein on his nice laptop, he noticed a girl walk into the café
  • She was really pretty like oml the kind of pretty that makes you widen your eyes and try to look away to not seem like a creep
  • And Seven wasn’t any different
  • But, since he was so close, he could hear what the girl was saying
  • “How may I help you?”
  • “Um, hi… Hey, your name’s Mario. Isn’t that Italian? I heard Italians are so good at making coffee because they naturally like to espresso themselves~”
  • Omg Seven was ready to explode he spit up his coffee a little
  • “Har har…” Poor Mario where did he go wrong he just works there
  • Seven loved this girl already he had to get to know her name or something
  • “Name?”
  • “MC,” she giggled pretty girl giggle
  • Okay, okay, Seven think
  • He had a ton of great ideas, but they were lost… somewhere… in his brain
  • She had already grabbed her coffee so Seven gave up, thinking maybe it wasn’t meant to be anyways
  • Suddenly, Seven noticed the girl had placed her coffee down on his table
  • “I’m so sorry,” MC apologized, “just trying to get the keys out of my purse”
  • “No problem” Seven said with a smile don’t be stupid don’t be stupid
  • MC gave him a smile and a wave before grabbing her coffee and going to leave
  • This trainwreck grabbed his coffee and went to take a sip, but he realized “Seven” wasn’t written on his cup
  • He ran out to MC and called, “wait! Wrong coffee”
  • MC turned around and glanced at the name on her coffee before laughing nervously, “oops! Sorry!”
  • “You know…” be prepared here comes the pun “stealing someone’s coffee is called ‘mugging’, you know?”
  • She bursted out laughing nailed it
  • Seven was successfully able to ask her for her number and she happily gave it to him
  • Cafés are such quaint little spaces and V loves to take pictures of them even tho, ya know, he can’t really see
  • He usually goes to smaller cafes to limit his chances of being swarmed with fans and artists (he is famous)
  • One day, he got himself a nice cup of coffee while he began to observe his surroundings
  • Then, the magical camera was pulled out and he began to take pictures
  • Took pictures of the workers, the windows, the customers
  • At one point he pointed up to take a picture of the door, but a girl had walked in and looked at him in shock
  • She was beautiful prettier than that witch Rika that’s for sure
  • V immediately apologized, “excuse me! Just taking some pictures, don’t mind me.”
  • “Of me?” MC asked with a nervous giggle
  • “Hold that smile!” V said before finding the perfect angle and snapping a picture “very lovely.”
  • MC blushed, ‘aww, thank you, Mr…?”
  • “Call me V.” he smiled
  • “V… Um, alright.”
  • “Do you, uh… come here often?” smooth V real smooth I bet she’s never heard that one before
  • “Well, yeah. This is my favorite café.” she has, but she doesn’t mind it when it’s from this blue-haired cutie
  • “Ah… Well, I should be going. Thank you!”
  • “Bye, V.”
  • Guess which café V went to again?
  • He was obviously really hopeful in seeing MC again because MC is infinitely times better than Rika
  • Overjoyed, he sorta sees her in her cute little dress and he pulls out his camera to take a picture
  • Of course, at the perfect timing she looks up at the lens as he takes it it’s not creepy if it’s true love guys
  • She lets out a laugh and he looks embarrassed, “Sorry, I-uh…”
  • “I didn’t think you’d come back,” she smiles
  • “Well, I mean it’s a lovely little café. Perfect for pictures.”
  • “I see…” MC began to blush as she messed with her fingers, “Um, hey V? Would you say yes if I offered to buy you coffee?”
  • “I don’t see why I wouldn’t,” he’d smile, “as long as you’d help me take more pictures.”
  • “Sounds fair,” she smiled brightly.
  • I can totally see Saeran working at a small coffee shop because it’s just so calming to make all these drinks and talking to a person only a few seconds at a time
  • Especially since this boy can be really intimidating
  • I bet you he likes all the nice plants that surround the building too
  • The people can get annoying though
  • Because some actually try to start a conversation
  • MC is one of those people
  • “Hello, how are you?” she would smile
  • “What can I get you?” trying so hard to ignore this human being and do his job
  • “Um, you pick.”
  • Really. “Me?”
  • “Yeah. You,” she smiled.
  • She had such a big smile
  • “Well, alright. What’s the name?”
  • “MC.”
  • Of course, as she leaves she says his name, “thank you, Saeran.” Which doesn’t happen often to him
  • “Uh, no problem?” He hands her the coffee and she pays him
  • The day goes smoothly and Saeran thinks nothing of it
  • The next day the girl comes back, “Hello, Saeran!”
  • “Hi…” Not her again, “What can I get you?”
  • “You pick.”
  • Again, he picks and thinks nothing of it
  • But she keeps coming again and again and asks the same thing
  • He sees it as almost an attack or something he just doesn’t get it
  • “Is there something you want from me?” he’d snap
  • MC would be so calm “I don’t want anything from you. You just seem nice”
  • Her smile is just… so bright and her eyes are so sparkly
  • Saeran didn’t know what to do then
  • Nice? Nice?? Huh… She thinks he’s nice
  • “Okay,” he sighed, “well, I’ll get you your coffee”
  • This poor guy finds it so hard to say this “Have a good day”
  • MC just gives him her stupid bright smile with her eyes lighting up, “thank you! You too, Saeran”
  • After that, he starts to adjust to her
  • “Hey MC.” She’s such a nice girl she always asks him how his day is going
  • One day, he’s having a rough day and MC noticing so she buys a coffee for him too because he mentioned that it was his favorite
  • “Hope that makes your day better, Saeran”
  • Of course it does, he loves the gesture but he doesn’t show it
  • Finally one day he asks, “Uh, hey MC. Why do you come here so often to see me?”
  • “I told you I like you.”
  • “Alright, well, maybe we should actually hang out sometime?”
  • “As in a date?” happiness levels at max
  • Immediate blush, “no, just… a hangout.” yeah, a date don’t lie
  • “Of course I’d love to.”
Coffee Shop

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Y/n is a barista at changmo’s favourite coffee shop, so he walks down to the shop from his office to buy a drink and to see y/n whenever he’s stressed out

(Requested) // word count; 1,579

Changmo x Reader - Fluff

“The usual?” You asked when you saw the familiar man step into the quiet coffee shop. He shot you a smile and nodded his head, advancing towards you. You made his coffee and added a muffin, placing it on the countertop with a friendly smile “it’s on the house”

He gave you a shy smile and thanked you before taking his usual seat at the back of the cafe away from everyone. You had been working at the cafe for two months now and learnt that this was his favourite coffee shop. It was in a quiet area, therefore, it was never busy, but you got your fair share of customers.

You ached to know the males name, the one with the black hair that sat at the back of the shop and basked in his own company. He knew yours because of the name tag you wore and you only thought it was fair you learnt his, however, you never had the guts to actually ask him; hoping for a day to hear it from another’s mouth.

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Like Stars

Freckles dotted his face like stars
But all he can do is watch from afar
As the love of his life
Marries a wife
It wasn’t supposed to end like this

Alex was not that kind of man
He told himself deadpan
But he didn’t believe it
He couldn’t just leave it
The man he loved was gone

A hand gently stroked his face
A feeling he would never erase
But he pushed it away
He couldn’t just stay
And bed a married man

The man called out, grabbed his hand
A gesture he could not withstand
The feel of his lips
The curve of his hips
He would not leave tonight

The sun as always rose too quick
The reality had yet to click
He had commit a deadly crime
Though this was not the only time
They could both be killed

Careful not to wake him up
Drinking water from his cup
He threw his clothes on and left
Hopefully it wouldn’t look like theft
But it was, for he had stolen a heart

Time and time again they met
Kisses and cocks and bayonets
My dear Jack
He had quite a knack
For making a man feel helpless

Christmas Break//Draco x Reader

~!Requested : nope
Summary : It’s Christmas and Reader gets to spend it with Draco at Hogwarts. He is feeling sad for some time and Reader tries to cheer him up
A/N: So another fan fic with Draco. I can write other characters from hp too. I just need more ideas, so feel free to request.This is taking place during fifth year. I would do some moodboards/aesthetics too if you want, just request, please, I don’t have any other ideas.
H/C - house color
H/T- house trait
It was almost Christmas and you were excited, even though you were going to stay at Hogwarts and were forced seeing Umbridges face. You felt like Christmas was currently the best thing that could happen, especially with ‘The Voldemort’ thing.
You were now in the Slytherin Common Room. Because not so many students were staying at Hogwarts (less than 10) you needed to stay with all the others in one common room for safety reasons, and Umbridge decided that the Slytherin common room was the best option.
You were sitting on the dark green couch looking at the fireplace thinking about what Harry said about Voldemort..I mean Harry was your friend, but was he really saying the truth?
“Well hello there” you heard a boy say sitting next to you. You reconized it almost immediately, it was Draco.
“Hi” you greeted turning your head to him, trying to force a smile. Draco was one of the kids that decided to stay at Hogwarts.
“How are you?” he asked
“Fine, and you?” you asked back. You knew he wasn’t fine. He started being more distant since the school year started.
“Same” he answered turning his face to the fireplace. You wanted to make him feel better and you knew exactly how.
“Do you want to go to Hogsmeade?” you asked placing a hand on his back. “Yeah. Sure” he responded
You arrived at Hogsmeade. You were walking together to the Three Broomsticks without talking. Outside was cold and all you needed was a butterbeer to warm you up a bit. As you entered, the warmth of the shop hit you, everyone was talking and dinking Butterbeers or Hot chocolate. You sat down with Draco at a table and ordered some drinks.
You tried talking to him but all he did was giving you short answers to all of your questions.
“Draco, are you okay?” you asked concerned
He said nothing, he just stared at his drink, you lightly touched his hand making him jump.
“Sorry..I just, don’t feel good” he said calming down
“Why? What happened?” you questioned
“I don’t want to talk about it now” he said
You remained silent again.
“Remember the first time we’ve met?” you asked drinking from your cup
He chuckeled and looked up at you”yes” he said
“You were wearing all black…”you said trying not to laugh
“Don’t remind me” he told you
“In the summer” you finished
“It wasn’t that bad” he said on a sarcastic tone
“You sweated so much, you needed to wear my dress because your suit was all in sweat” you said now laughing hard
“Oh yeah? So your laughing, huh? Should I remind you about the Potion class, last year? Were you almost poisoned Snape?” he said laughing too
You sat there till 11PM laughing about the stupid things you’ve done along the years.
“It’s late. We should probably go.” you said checking your watch
“mhm” he hummed
You got up and went to pay the Butterbeers you both drank (5 or 6), you felt a  hand on your shoulder stopping you
“My treat. You made me feel ok today, I pay for the drinks” he said and walked to the lady to pay.
**Christmas Morning**
You were in the Common Room with your PJ’s on waiting for Draco to come down so you could open the presents.
“Come on Princess, we don’t have much time’ breakfast starts in 30 minutes” you yelled throwing a pillow at the door.
After 5 minutes of waiting Draco came. You opened all your presents, Draco did the same.
“Here” you said giving him a big black box
Draco looked confused at first but after looking at the box for 3 minutes he got a small white box out of his pocket and gave it to you.
He opened it first. Inside was a Firebolt that you knew Draco wanted for a long time. He hugged you and thanked you. You opened your present. Inside was a gold ring with a H/C gem and on the inside of the ring was written
“H/T, H/T”
“Wow. Draco…thank you” you said amazed at the gift
“It’s nothing really. I just got a pretty ring and put 2 of your house traits that fit you the most” he said looking down clearly blushing.
You put the ring on your middle finger.
“Draco, we need to hurry. Now.” you said getting up starting to walk fast. Draco understood why you were walking fast so he got up and followed you.
You ate breakfast with everyone staring at you because you were still in your PJ’s but neither of you cared.
After you ate, you went to change and as you were dressed up,ready to go with Luna outside for a walk you ran and hugged Draco whispering an “I love you too”
“So you saw what was written on the side of it” he said touching the ring. “Yes” you said smiling against his shoulder.
“Y/N, are you coming?”Luna asked already at the door.
“Yes Luna” you said
“Wanna go on a date with me next weekend. At Hogsmeade?” he asked smiling
“It’ll be my pleasure” and after that you walked out of the room.

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Can I ask for RFA member and Saeran plus V with their child, talking how much they love Mc? Thank you

such a sweet and fluffy request! WELP TIME TO ADD IN SOME ANGST FOR SOME OF THEM - forgive me for this hahaha. (also i might have gone off track with a couple of the RFA peeps from your question - nevertheless, hope you enjoy this!)


  • babies. are. terrifying.
  • haru, his beloved baby son, sits on the floor screaming at the top of his lungs
  • yoosung is at his wit’s end. he gave his baby everything he could think of! teething toys, his pacifier, his favorite stuffed animal - but haru continues to scream his head off
  • at this point yoosung is balled up into fetal position, contemplating whether he should call you or not and beg you to come home
  • even lisa the cat dashes somewhere else the house, escaping haru’s inhumane crying
  • it’s been fifteen minutes and your baby is bawling his eyes out
  • it’s been like this for only an hour since your absence 
  • yoosung is close to crying himself when he remembers you won’t come back for another three days
  • but he has to strong! he’s a good dad…he has to dependable! 
  • turning back to haru, whose chubby little face is completely wet with snot and tears, yoosung dare approaches the terrifying smol human bean
  • “hey. hey.” yoosung calls out softly, stroking haru’s fluffy hair
  • haru’s big watery purple eyes takes once glance at his dad
  • he quiets down for a moment
  • can yoosung hope?
  • nope
  • the baby scrunches his face up and goes back to crying
  • quickly, yoosung plops haru into his lap
  • “shh, shh, hey hey, please don’t cry! please! i don’t know what im doing wrong…”
  • haru continues to wail
  • yoosung shuts his eyes, racking his throbbing head for any idea
  • “mommy’s gonna come back. you miss her? i miss her too. this house already feels so empty without her.” he admits, burying his face into haru’s soft, wispy hair. 
  • haru squirms, hiccuping
  • yoosung gets up with haru tucked in his arm, and heads to the kitchen to retrieve a sippy cup
  • he continues to talk about you, a wife and loving mother, to baby haru
  • yoosung isn’t quite sure why he’s talking to haru as if he were a grown adult. but it’s soothing to talk and think about you
  • haru’s sobbing eventually quiets into sparse sniffles
  • finally, finally haru falls asleep in yoosung’s arm after he finished saying his thoughts aloud of what he really thinks of you
  • yoosung finally tears up when he sees haru calmed down
  • thank god
  • he collapses on the coach with haru nestled into his chest, and the household is once again peaceful


  • you and zen may not have worked out as a married couple, but you sure as hell made a great divorced couple
  • you thought you could handle it. zen working pretty much 24/7, the media watching you like a hawk waiting for you to slip up so they can profit off of it, zen’s increasingly growing fanbase and career
  • but you broke it off on peaceful terms after you both finally admitted your relationship can’t work out
  • no matter how much the media tried to ruin your image, bring nari into the picture, or spread lies about you both
  • zen still supported you by helping take care of nari and joint custody
  • one night he came home late with nari
  • he smiles sheepishly at you, taking off the shades to reveal his red eyes
  • “sorry for returning her so late. may i tuck her into bed?”
  • you nod, returning a polite smile back. 
  • nari giggles in her father’s arms, looking at him with stars in her eyes. she loved tagging along with zen and watching him rehearse - only at the ripe age of six, and she’s begging you to learn dance “just like her daddy!”
  • you busy yourself, waiting patiently for zen to escort himself out
  • he doesn’t come out of nari’s bedroom and 10 minutes already passed
  • you sigh a bit to yourself. it’s getting late, and you hate being that kind of parent. but you cant let zen over welcome his stay
  • creeping down the hallway, you can hear zen’s soft and soothing voice, speaking to nari
  • “…you and mommy love each other?” nari asks
  • “of course, we’re friends,” zen laughs. you smile a bit, hearing his laughter. it’s sort of nostalgic
  • “if you love each other, why dont you live with mommy and me?”
  • your breath is taken away for a second. your heart aches. of course nari would ask this sort of question.
  • there’s a pause from zen. 
  • you lean against the wall, gripping your arm. you hold your breath in anticipation
  • you should’ve stepped in instead of listening
  • “i…i love your mother. of course i do. but sometimes, things don’t work out between people. but we’re very good friends, i can say that. what matters is your mommy and i care for you, so so much.”
  • okay, now you might really cry. you can hear it in zen’s voice as well, from the way it wobbles at some parts, threatening to fall unravel
  • you walk into the room, as if you didn’t hear anything
  • “time for dad to go, say goodnight nari.” you don’t look at him, because you know you might not be able to hold it together
  • but it was so hard looking at nari. she had her father’s eyes

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fast food jimin


  • ok we all know our boy would be the biggest flirt
  • but a lowkey sweetheart too
  • nvm highkey
  • like he’d be winking at every customer who came
  • all of the old people would LOVE him
  • i feel like he would be so sweet to the grandmas like “my gosh merideth i swear you’re getting younger by the second” 
  • anyway
  • he tries to get away with a lot
  • “jimin stop snacking”
  • “but i didn’t eat breakfast!!”
  • “jimin, could u sweep the floor please?”
  • “i just sweeped it half an hour ago”
  • but he’d be the light of the shift 
  • like shifts without jimin were boring and quiet lets be reAL
  • even tho he complains he’s still an extremely hard worker
  • while the supervisor/manager’s off the floor for a while, they put him in charge
  • “yeah guys u have to listen to ME now”
  • “shut up jimin”
  • “eXCUSE ME but im in charge now”
  • obvs he’d be joking 
  • “k guys im going on my break, do yall need anything”
  • *bring coffees for everyone*
  • goes to ur coffee store to grab his coworkers’ drinks
  • stays a little longer than necessary 
  • and u kNOW he’d get in trouble for it
  • “jimin ur break ended 10 minutes ago”
  • “sorry, people were walking really slow”
  • he’s always looking for an excuse to go to your store
  • his place is out of trays
  • “hey boss u want me to go grab some for u?”
  • *runs off to ur store*
  • “guess who’s back”
  • but like who would complain right 
  • jimin would eventually ask u out one day
  • “break again?”
  • “yes, usual order and i need another thing as well”
  • “and what will that be?”
  • “ur number”
  • *eye smiles*
  • u die
  • “haha funny”
  • “oh come on, i think ur really cool”
  • “thanks i try”
  • but u write ur number on his cup
  • he takes a look at it and smiles at u again 
  • “you’ll be hearing from me soon”
  • “see ya later jimin”
  • u smile as he leaves bc qt!!
  • and he leaves content with ur number