A couple of old daily spreads that I’d been meaning to post…I’m glad to say that the two weeks I planned out each day thoroughly turned out quite inspired and productive indeed (and if you noticed, getting mentioned in a post by @atomicstudies actually turned out to be a highlight of my day whoops)

I keep the little orange notebook in the last picture inside my pencil case at school and jot down any homework the minute it’s given - this really helps me stay on track with school work. 

Also, shoutout to @arystudies for her beautiful  printable because it is by far one of the best daily spreads I’ve used so far!!

Quote that reflects my mood these days: A diamond is a chunk of coal that did well under pressure.

Indian Studyblrs  ^_^

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I’m not trying to make a nationality difference. Its just to find someone studying in  the same educational system.

That’s all I found. If any other Indian studyblr wanted to include their name, message me or if anyone wanted to exclude their name, then again message me !! 

One more thing, please tag your original posts with #desistudyblr so that it is easy to find posts of indian studyblrs and encourage each other !! :)