Something Sweet - Calum Hood Imagine

Requested:‘Can you pls write a bestfriend!calum where you two are like making cupcakes or something and food fight leads to making out omg pls’ - katiedaisies17

Crappy title I’m so sorry I was excited cause I haven’t gotten a request in a while and IM SO SORRY THIS TO OK SO LONG writers block likes to pay me visits a lot but anyway hope full this is bad and yeah enjoy

WARNINGS: FLUFFFFFFFFFFFFFF and some making out idk


Being best friends with Calum Hood wasn’t always easy,with the constant hate and rumors about you that spread like wildfire.Which is why you always cherished the small moments hat would seem meaningless to any other person but were full of meaning for you.

For example today,Calum had the day off and decided to invite you over since he hadn’t seen you or properly spent time with you in months.

It started our like you would normally hang out with catching up on everything,then you realised you had nothing to do.That was when you had the bright idea to bake cupckes.

“What the fuck are we supposed to do I didn’t have anything planned.” Calum whined.You rolled your eyes before I light bulb popped up in your head.

“Why don’t we make cupcakes? You said you were hungry and we can just eat them after we order pizza or something?” Calum quickly agreed and you were off.

Now for any normal person,baking cupcakes wouldn’t be such a hard task that could be done in an hour.

But since you and Calum weren’t normal things went a bit wrong.

You went to the store to get the ingredients you needed and no you didn’t just get the box cake you decided to do it the hard way and make them from scratch by buying the many,many things you needed to make perfect cupcakes.

“How exactly are we supposed to do this?” You asked,ands you both stared at the stack of ingredients on the island counter.Calum shrugged.

“Google it?”

“Google it.”

And after looking over many recipes you decided on just a simple chocolate cupcake one.All you had to do was mix up a few dry ingredients to then some liquids like water and eggs to make the batter,then just put them in the little paper cups and then bake.

Seems simple enough right? Wrong. 

Well at least for you and Calum.

You were attempting to measure the right amount of water while Calum was mixing together the flour and all the other shit that had to go into the batter.But then he forgot how to do something so he wanted to check the laptop that was on the other counter but his hands were covered in flour and you were blocking the sink.

He tried calling out your name but with you being so distracted easily you didn’t answer and continued to pour small amounts of water back into the sink and refilled the cup to the right amount.

Finally after you hadn’t answer him for the third time he got the idea to flick flour in your face.

Which took you by surprise since you were so caught into the water and measuring cup.Infact you were so surprised that you squealed and dropped the glass into the sink,resulting in a piece of the top to chip off.

“Calum Thomas Hood! What in the fucking world?!” You asked still in shocked and a bit mad. “That’s what you get for not answering me!” He bit back.You narrowed your eyes at your best friend.Keeping your eyes locked on his,you put your arm back,dipping your hand in the water,and pulling it out to flick it in his face.

He stayed,his jaw dropped as water dripped from his face.“You did not just do that.”

“Oh but I did.” You replied sassily,smirking.

“You’re gonna get it now.” Calum threatened playfully,grabbing a handful of flour and tossing it at you,hitting you straight in the face.

You gasped and reached behind him to do the same.All of this resulted in a pretty big food fight obviously.Neither of you realised how close your bodies in midst of your food fight,not until your faces were inches apart.

You both stopped moving as your breath hitched,shivering at the fleeing of his hot breath against your face.You didn’t say a word and neither did Calum.His eyes flickered towafds your lips as yours did the same.You didn’t even notice how both of you started to slowly lean in until your lips brushed against each other.

He looked at you as if asking for permission and you nodded,letting him know that you were okay with what was about to happen.

And suddenly he closed the gap between your bodies.Calum kissed you with so much passion,that it took you a second to kiss back because you were so overwhelmed. You stayed like this until you both had to pull away for air.Your foreheads rested against each other and you were both breathing heavily. 

“You wanna know something?” Calum whispered after a few seconds of silence. “Hm?” You replied,closing your eyes. 

 “I’ve been in love with you,since we were like 14.You have no idea how long I’ve wanted for that to happen.” You didn’t respond for a second. “You wanna know something also?” He nodded.

“I have also been in love with you,for a very long time.But I was always just worried that you wouldn’t feel opt he same and I didn’t wanna ruin our friendship..” You trailed off,feeling your cheeks heat up.

“So you won’t mind if I do this…?” Calum said,pulling your face gently with his fingers,bringing your lips back to his. You shook your head after he pulled away. 

“Not at all.” 


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