Black Girls With Flat Asses

In regards to the post I just reblogged encouraging for support for BW with tiny butts I just wanna say I’m thankful posts like that exists. I don’t see it very often. 

I’m not going to make this post very long but as somehow who had body image issues growing up (and some I still deal with today) being a black woman with a flat ass was like hell to me. I already felt undesirable because of my weight, but every where I looked the most desired black women were ones who were thick with beautiful big behinds. 

Now, there’s nothing wrong with having a big butt and I know it comes with a laundry lists of problems of its own.

However, there have been sooo many times where I have felt not good enough for a black man because my ass was little. It may seem superficial but that’s the way I was made to feel. 

I want to elaborate more but this topic actually makes me really emotional so I’m just gonna end it here for now.

Though, to all my beautiful black women with tiny butts you are enough. Don’t feel pressured to do a million squats. Embrace your booty. It’s perfect because it’s yours. 


#CUPCAKESSSS!! @justmeady (at Vanilla Cupcake Bakery Cafe @ UP Town Center)

Makeup hw, finals and papers-----


Work makes me sad. Hahaha.

So. Mah day.

I went  to 14th today and bought cupcakes at Crumbs for me and my brother, cause I always bought one for me and never for him, so I bought a cookie dough one for him and a red velvet one for me. Cause I never had a red velvet one ^^;

But the red velvet one didn’t have cream in the middle which made me sad, but the cupcake was good regardless.


Anyways, my best friend texted me and he told me to go on an adventure instead and  take the bus home, so I did.

It was nice, and I got cupcakes. So I’m okay now.

My sis and my twin said that they’ll be a part of mah street team during regents week. So there’s also a greater chance that Vick and Stace can go too, so I’m really happy about that!

I’ll have to tell the dude that I put them up early but didn’t get the pictures uploaded cause I didn’t have time or my laptop broke or something.

Gah I hate making excuses.

Clam chowder. :3