Ok so seriously, I have to tell you guys about what happened at work today. I was cashing a young teenage girl and her baby out today at work, and I politely asked what the baby’s name was to make small talk. She replied “Baby Beyonce”. Not gunna lie, I was shocked. I reply “Oh, well Beyonce is certainly a unique name” and she says “No, not Beyonce, its Baby-Beyonce….Its hyphenated.”


It bugs me that  I have been completely in love with my best guy friend since grade nine and I haven’t said/done anything about it. I’m scared it may fuck things up…but at the same time I don’t think it would but I just don’t know. Apparently he does like me, or at least did, I don’t know. He has a girlfriend..well, its a weird cycle, He will be in a relationship, I will be in a relationship, one of us becomes single, then when the other one becomes single the other is in a relationship…that happens every time…Pure bad luck there, but like, He still flirts with me, and I always catch him looking at me in english class and then we just kind of exchange stares and smiles for a bit then start making faces at each other and making the other person laugh until the teacher tells us to be quite or something…But just, ugh. Why do I have to be so shy when it comes to shit like this?

Oh yea, and he’s doing my tattoo in a few weeks! Well, a few of my tattoos

I love my friends…they take care of me when I’m drunk as all hell. Last night we had ourselves a motel party and we were playing a drinking game and I drank A LOT. By that I mean I had an entire case of vex, half a case of corona and two mixed drinks of rockstar, corona, vex, sour puss, polar ice and fireball, and had a few joints as well. So I was drunk as shit and I invited this guy who I met at the mall and had been talking to since he said he liked me and such. Well, he ended up being a prick. He laughed at me because I was stumbling and slurring, then I went in the other room to grab my sweater and my friends boyfriend saw him put something in one of my bottles. They kicked him out and my friends boyfriend smelled it and tasted a little and turns out it was date rape drug.

So happy I have friends that take care of me.

So, other than hanging out with britt and shopping and taco bell, something that happened that made my night pretty much was when I was standing in a checkout line, a mother said to her little girl “I better not see you dress like that” when she looked at me (I was wearing a nirvana tee, High waisted shredded shorts with tights with holes in them and knee highs along with my combat boots) and the little girl just looks at her mom and says “But she looks like someone off of TV, and I think that what shes wearing is pretty, and shes beautiful mommy!”

That melted my heart…