half-marathon tracking & gratitude

if you’re interested in tracking me at tomorrow’s lincoln half marathon, go here.  you can enter my bib number (7173).  fun!

i have to say again how incredibly grateful i am for this amazing community and all of the support and encouragement you’ve given me as i’ve been struggling this week.  all of your comments/replies and messages have really helped put things in perspective and helped me feel so much better.

today was a great day.  i got to see melissa (marathonmelissa) again and meet victoria (victoriafindslife) and steph (stephsdoinglife).  I also got to see another do-lifer that doesn’t blog on tumblr (connie).  i also got to spend some time with my dad and one of my sisters.  i listened to both of ben’s talks - in the am with the girls and in the afternoon with my dad and sister.  we got to eat lunch with ben and his mom.  my dad and sister and i met up with melissa and some of her friends at the pastathon a few hours ago and now we’ll be meeting up with holli (cupcakesandchaucer) here pretty soon for supper #2!

i really think today was a turning point in getting back to where i was.  more tomorrow, but right now steph and victoria just showed up :)

@cupcakesandchaucer & @runsforredvelvet / Feeling comfortable in a tank top

It’s a huge thing to feel comfortable and not care when wearing a tank top.  Growing up in Florida it’s practically the only thing comfortable you can wear during the summer when you’re not working.  For the longest time I remember running around doing errands with my mom and wearing one of the 6 different colored tank tops that I bought in the same size at Wal-Mart.  I got rid of the Wal-Mart (well, Faded Glory technically) tank tops a few donations ago – maybe 3 months ago?? And haven’t looked back since, especially because they were sitting in my closet from when I was a kid.

I have “grown up” tank tops, like the one in the picture, and solid colored nice tank tops for work purposes.  But even those I’d wear a sweater over.  Unfortunately summer = heat, meaning that sweaters and tank tops look awkward when out in public or anywhere in general, so I’ve resorted to wearing a tank top as it truly should be worn–without covering.

I’m still not overly confident in how broad my shoulders are or how flabby my arms are, but there’s something about losing weight and getting it right that makes you feel confident.  I’ve been talking with another fitblr/do lifer/follower about the same thing, once you lose weight you just feel better about yourself, more confident.  It’s a great feeling to just feel better about yourself.  Yes there are days when you over analyze or just over critique yourself.  But then there are days when you feel wonderful about yourself and see the changes in your body.

You’ve probably noticed those days in me, those are the days that I’m all over my camera taking pictures of the outfits I’m wearing.  And if you look through my archive you can see the days/weeks/months that I haven’t felt that way that there are very few pictures of me.  It’s just something that overtime you start to feel as you start gaining control of your life physically, the emotional part tends to fall in line.

And it’s the greatest feeling in the world. :)

@runsforredvelvet – It is THE greatest feeling in the world.  Once you start fitting better into clothes everything changes. :)

@cupcakesandchaucer and @kristenegetsit

My toes still feel a little funny getting used to them being individualized (I’ve been sitting here/walking around the apartment for the past hour or so with them on, but I have a feeling in the next 20/30 minutes when I’m done with dinner they’re coming off since I’m sitting on my bed doing homework).  I’m a forefront striker when I run, so they told me transitioning should be a lot easier.  Also, if you have wide feet, I’d recommend looking at Bikila LS or the speed shoes, the ones that velcro or just slip on will be too tight on your arches [most likely].  The place I went to sells a lot of stuff besides running shoes, so they can sell Vibrams easily–in fact everyone there trying on shoes were trying on Vibrams and I think there were easily 5-8 people there when I entered and another 2-3 families came in afterwards, and I went with @themoonandyou about 40 minutes before they were closing.

I was super excited to find a place that sells these!  Since TrackShack sells almost primarily shoes, their profit won’t come from minimalist/barefoot shoes like other running shoes (which Travel Country told me yesterday) and when I called up FleetFeet they had the New Balance minimalist shoes that don’t individualize toes.  I’ve read mixed reviews that they don’t create the true minimalist feeling and how individualizing the toes gives you better balance and support, so I really wanted to try Vibrams.  Luckily my friend (@themoonandyou) was looking online and we ended up going up to Travel Country–which is actually before Fleet Feet up in Altamonte Springs near the mall.  They were definitely helpful and understanding about me wanting to switch AND they said they never heard of people getting heel blisters from these shoes–so super yay for me!

Tumblr Tuesday!

Some fantastic people to follow!

cupcakesandchaucer - Grad student in her final semester AND working out with her puppy :)

catherinegetsfit - Yogaite who is only 4 pounds away from losing 100 pounds mark! 

kayladoeslife - College runner who is training for her first 10K in Texas heat (I sympathize being from Florida)

vigorandcupcakes - Met her in person and it was amazing to spend time with her at the Do Life 5K in Orlando.  Runner getting back into the game and on WW. 

livinglifeinmotion - First semester grad school and trying to lose weight and get in shape (Personally this woman is definitely someone like myself, ambitious for graduate school and life.  I never told her this but I personally understand the struggles of juggling so much, especially in the first semester of graduate school, and I respect her for doing this)

becomingabetterbecky - Just finished her first triathlon! (super jealous!). Biking enthusiast and runner.

flaquitalaurita - Just ran her first official 5K this past weekend with her boyfriend!

erindoeslife - Getting ready for her 3rd marathon!  She’s also a member of Team-In-Training!

mr-smit - Just finished his first marathon!  Super excited and hope that my recap will be somewhat similar after realizing the insanity I put myself through 

cupcakesandchaucer replied to your post: GPOYT & To Do List

This is such a good picture. You look lovely. :)

mr-smit replied to your post: GPOYT & To Do List

Lookin’ slim! Keep up the good work!

carolynruns replied to your post: GPOYT & To Do List

Chamomile tea? Maybe some stretching/yoga/meditation before bed? At any rate, I understand your nerves, but you’re going to rock those comps!!

erindoeslife replied to your post: GPOYT & To Do List

Nava, you look really fabulous. I can see such a difference. Amazing work!!

Guys thank you SO MUCH for the nice words this morning!  I’ve had a pretty bad morning, resulting in even more money being put down for car repairs (does it ever end?) and a serious realization that something needs to change quickly for jobs because my savings account is dwindling and it scares me.  I’m someone who loves saving money and not spending, so to see it disappear from tuition and car repairs it is really scary.  And it doesn’t help that this happens right before comps.

I’ll definitely try tea tonight to calm my nerves, but I’m not a huge tea drinker so we’ll see how well it goes.  Just need to remember to drink it a solid hour before bed so I don’t get up in the middle of the night to pee…