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Favorite Foods?

2P Italy: says his favorite food is beef wellington. it’s actually cheetos.

2P Germany: cheeseburger (preferably with a milkshake)

2P Japan: chocolate pocky sorry not sorry


2P Prussia: blue Jolly Ranchers

2P France: favorite food? he’ll eat anything. one day when he ran out of food and didn’t feel like going shopping, he survived by guzzling vegetable oil until Oliver came over after two days with some cupcakes

2P America: he likes kale chips for some reason

2P Canada: one of those huge-ass steaks you can get in Texas

2P England: any homemade sweet pastry thing

2P China: shitty-ass Chinese takeout tbh

2P Russia: doesn’t have one favorite food, but likes to eat a lot of different foreign foods because he’s cultured like that

We hope you’ll take some time today to tell someone how thankful you are for all they do - and that you’ll accept their thanks.

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P.S. Awesome artwork courtesy of LoveHateCupcake.

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