cupcakes with frogs

Presenting Frog Princess Harry in a cupcake dress!!

The idea came from a very silly conversation with mithfennas about one of our favorite lil trolls. I don’t even know. Sorry, not sorry!

THANK YOU SO MUCH TO THE WONDERFUL susumzee!!!! This is the first ever fan art/collab I’ve ever done, and she was kind enough to help me. Line art by me, coloring and cleanup by her. It’s just so lovely. I love her. Thank you! ♡♡♡

Please don’t repost or remove credits.


A rundown of what Om-nom nommed during his birthday weekend:


  • Bacon - Gifted to him by the owner of the cafe where we had lunch. (Om only got a small piece, corgdad ate the rest.)
  • Cookie - From the bakery owner when we picked up the doggy cakes and other goodies.
  • Frog Cupcake thingy - Pre-party snack.
  • Birthday Cake - At the party.
  • Bully Stick - From Foxy’s momma, to snack on while the humans were eating dinner.
  • Little Treat Cookie things - From the owner of the restaurant where we had dinner. They brought two plates of treats, one for Foxy and one for Omelette.


  • “Hamburger” and one “French Fry” - Actually dog biscuits.

Monday (his birthday day)

  • Small Cookie - With breakfast.
  • Personalized Bone Cookie - Afternoon snack. Just a quarter of it though.
  • Leftover CAKE!

Not to mention his regular meals plus treats he gets for training and looking at the camera. Amazingly his poo is still solid.