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Books & CupcakesBook Photo ChallengeJune • Day 20


Books&Cupcakes April Book Photo Challenge || Day 16: Flowers (and contemporary!) 🌸

June Book Photo Challenge
Day 20: Colours
“We read to know that we are not alone.”
  – C. S. Lewis

Day 5. Bookstack.

These are books concerning emotional/mental issues.

January Book Photo Challenge: day twenty-two | paperback? hardback? ebook?

Paperbacks are my favorite, but since I’m so impatient I often end up buying books when they are still only in hardback format. I prefer these beauties without the dust covers. Their covers are always pretty, but look at those bare spines!


Books and Cupcakes November 2014 Book Photo Challenge

Day 5 - Life Changing

I read this book when I was around the age of thirteen, after a friend (who rarely, rarely, reads) recommended it to me.I absolutely loved it, and it remains one of the best books I have ever read. I’ve re-read it countless times, and it has lived on, surviving my underlining and doodling in books phase. I’ve written many things in it, using it as a diary, and as a result have decided to never lend it out to anyone. I really need to buy another ‘nice’ copy.. (Actually I was considering buying all the editions available, they seem to keep releasing more..)