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hisoka fluff headcanons please?

okay so:

- this jerk is such a show-off and a narcissist, literally even for the most minuscule things, so of course he’s going to be super into public affection. he’s all about awkward kisses in front of a crowd.

- but at home he’s more introverted (still just as affectionate) and will pretty much just keep to himself because there’s only himself or possibly a partner (or several partners)

-  as a possibly hypersexual character, he has the symptom of overstimulated skin hunger (not in the weird cannibal way, unless we’re talking manga hisoka), so he craves touch of any kind

- definitely likes to have his hair played with. he loves for someone to brush the hair products out of his hair at night (assuming he uses them instead of adapting texture surprise as a hair gel). washing his hair is even better.

- basically he’s like a big cat: if you scratch him, he’ll purr.

- he’s a fucking hedonist so you know he wants someone to bring him cake and sugary stuff in bed so he can sit there and have someone give him back rubs and feed him cupcakes

- he’s a big baby when he’s sick and wants someone to slather vapor rub on his chest and make him soup and wrap him up in a burrito blanket

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Could you do a fic or prompt where Handsome Jack is jealous of Rhys' crush on Zer0 please? Thank you!!!

a/n: insert Rhys being a little shit and a fanboy and deliberately poking at Jack for a reaction

“So what was all that back there about?” 

“The death race?” 

“No dummy,” Rhys had grown used to this. Jack randomly speaking up even if he’d only shown up hours before. Yeah, Vaughn kept looking at him, but his friend at least knew what—or who—he was talking to. “Your goo-goo eyes at that bandit.” 

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Left 4 Fem-Famous Protocreed - Happy Family Pictures

photo taken by lysagraphy

Colette MacGrath [InFamous] cosplay by ozymandira

Cupcakes (Hunter) [Left 4 Dead] cosplay by gullinborsti

Alex Mercer [Prototype] cosplay by loeffelcosplays/protomonster

Desmond Miles (Brotherhood) [Assassins Creed] cosplay by pyroHunk/me 


Welll, I thought it was about time to upload some “old” stuff ^^ 
Love these people. We had so much fun ~
Although that smell of this little creeper - killed me… and not only the smell (he tried to eat me at least two times! Alex and Colette didn’t help a lot)