cupcakes for wine

Making picture-perfect swirl-topped cupcakes might seem like something you should leave to the pros. But F&W Test Kitchen frosting maestro Justin Chapple has an easy shortcut. All you need is two colors of frosting, plastic wrap and a pastry bag—no artistic skills needed. Watch this week’s episode of Mad Genius Tips to learn how to make the most beautiful cupcakes ever.

I feel like it’s worth mentioning that @heypay and I once spent more time at the Taylor Swift Experience than we did at The Met. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Stitchers fics

I wanted to make a list of all my Stitchers fics, since I’ve been asked by a few people for any other fics I’ve written, over the last month or so :)  So enjoy!

Side note: They’re all one-shots, unless otherwise specified.

Fics (in no particular order): 

The Perfect Christmas Tree: Cameron tries to convince Kirsten to get a real Christmas tree. Established Camsten.

Always: Alternate/extended ending to 1x11. Kirsten confides in Cameron about her conversation with Gavin. Prompt: Kirsten says “nobody wants me, not even my parents” and Cameron says “I will always want you.”

Kirsten’s A Marshmallow Kirsten doesn’t do cuddling. Except she totally does, at least with Cameron. Camsten fluff.

Red Wine and Cupcakes (Sequel to The Aftermath, or can be stand alone): Cameron didn’t celebrate his birthday. But with a computer hacking genius for a girlfriend, should he really be surprised that she found out?

The AftermathSet after Episode 1x10. Kirsten tries to process the aftermath of what Cameron had done for her.

Dreams and Nightmares: Since when did Kirsten cuddle? If this was a dream, he wasn’t sure he wanted to wake up.

A Very Merry Stitch Lab Christmas: Camille decorates the Stitch Lab for Christmas. Cameron and Kirsten get caught underneath the mistletoe. Pure Camsten fluff. Series: Part 1 of the Merry Stitchmas Series

Christmas With The Goodkins: Cameron takes Kirsten to his parents’ famous Christmas Eve party. Series: Part 2 of the Merry Stitchmas Series

Camille’s Christmas Extravaganza: Camille invites the guys over for Christmas dinner. Camsten, Camus (minor). Series: Part 3 of 3 in the Merry Stitchmas Series.

People WatchingAfter being stood up by Camille and Linus, Cameron and Kirsten enjoy a picnic in the park. Camsten, one-shot. Prompt: Camsten + Picnic. Series: Part 1 of Camille’s Foolproof Plan

The Accidental First Date:  Camille and Linus plot to set up Kirsten and Cameron on a date. To celebrate the most recent stitch case, they want to go out to celebrate at an Italian restaurant downtown. At the last minute, they both cancel, leaving Cameron and Kirsten at the restaurant without them. Series: Part 2 of 2 in Camille’s Foolproof Plan (or can be standalone)

New Favorite Holiday: Camille invites the guys over for New Year’s Eve. Drunkenness ensues. Camsten. (For stitchxneurosync for Stitchers Secret Santa 2015) Prompt: Camsten + “First” Kiss and/or Drinking

It’s Very You:  Cameron teaches Kirsten how to build a sandcastle. (For camerongooodkin for Stitchers Fan Appreciation Day) Prompt: Camsten + Sandcastles

You’re The Best: Kirsten takes Cameron on a hike, and Cameron complains the whole way there. (For any/all Stitchers fans for Stitchers Fan Appreciation Day). Prompt: Camsten + Waterfalls (and/or Hiking)

Come Back To Me on AO3/FF: Speculation for Episode 1x10. Cameron gets injured on the job and lands himself in a coma. Kirsten insists that she stitch into him to try to bring him back.

Time To Think on AO3/FF (multi chapter, still planning on wrapping it up in a few chapters, but it’s mostly done): Set immediately after 1x07. Kirsten’s reaction to Liam’s proposal. Kirsten seeks advice from Camille. Eventually a Camsten story! With speculation for Episode 1x08.

And in the works fics, that I hope to post in the somewhat near future:

Follow up to People Watching done- The Accidental First Date

Christmas fic at the Goodkins done- Christmas With The Goodkins

Christmas dinner at the girls’ house done- Camille’s Christmas Extravaganza

Follow up to Red Wine & Cupcakes

Things I saw at DC Con

After Misha took off the GW wig, Jensen started to pat his hair down right in front of me.  I paused to watch for just a moment—but he kept petting his head and I realized I was just staring at Misha.  Then Misha looked me and I guess he was still smiling because of Jensen, but it seemed like he was amused by me being dumbstruck at the sight of a guy getting his hair fixed.
  PS  The op turned out looking a little like American Gothic.  Ha ha.

West went on the M&G to the Wal-Mart.  We helped him buy shoes.  Misha bought me wine—Cupcake brand.  (He also got carded by the cashier! Ha!)  I’m sure it will taste just delightful.  And we got pictures in the bra aisle.  Like you do.

West threw a toy into an overhang of a ceiling—never to be seen again.

Jensen gave Misha a very prolonged hug after their duo ops and whispered in his ear.  Misha was listening and had his hands down by his (own) waist and was kinda pulling back, but Jensen wouldn’t let him go at first.  It wasn’t crazy clingy or anything, but I mean he was gonna see the guy again later, you know? Ha.

Jensen picked West up and then deposited him on a table.

Misha and Jared got West riled up and wrestling and Misha got kicked in the mouth (by West).

In the first Misha/Jared op the fan had them line up in height order and give each other shoulder massages–or put their hands on each other’s shoulders–and Jared squeezed the shit out of Misha and he had to duck and run away (poor thing).

Jared gave West a giant gummy bear (from a photo op)—and he didn’t seem thrilled with it at first, but then he started eating it. I think West also threw lettuce at me? I just got smacked with wet lettuce, that’s all I know.

Misha pushed a kneeling Jared onto the floor and Jared giggled on his back like a demented turtle.

I showed Misha and Jared a picture of them when they were drunk at Comic Con and they seemed confused that it was them (the below picture).  So, Jared grabbed Misha’s head and kissed the side of his head (for my photo op).

Good day over all.  Jensen seemed a little disengaged to me, but Jared was talkative and Misha was in a good mood.

And oh yeah.  I saw Castiel in real life and touched him.  It was amazing.

Oh yeah!  Misha was wearing a stylish black long coat.  He looked mighty fine.