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6 playing with clay and actually doing something(・∀・) i was ill so using my computer gave me headache. And i ended up doing a small and cute figure of bendyヽ(●´∀`●)ノ a cute little cupcake unicorn cat and two …somethings with a heart(= ̄▽ ̄=) going to make a platform for the bendy figure so it can stand

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Books & Cupcakes June Book Photo Challenge

Day Twenty Seven: Mythical Being

I got this book from the author of Throne of Glass, Sarah J. Maas probably four or five years ago. I won a contest on the writing blog she was a part of and she sent me several books. This was one of the books that inspired her to write Fantasy and love reading. As you can see by the marked pages, I loved it too!

LGBT+ club

Credit due to @siriuslysarcasticremus for coming up with this, I decided to take it a lil further ;)

Sirius hadn’t meant to piss off Grinko and his Crew. Honestly, if anything, it was a massive misunderstanding that James had got him into. Sirius had only tried to throw a bright pink, unicorn cupcake at James’ head and missed. By a lot. And the said cupcake landed in someone else’s hair, three guesses who, therefore it was all James’ fault that Sirius was being chased along the corridor, the Crew hot on his tail, their leader the closest of them all.

The only reason they weren’t on him yet was because Sirius had taken up track, not because they weren’t fit guys. They were fit, at least in Sirius’ opinion. He had been trying all the doors down the corridor, hoping to find one that was unlocked, and had a lock.

He was slowly running out of doors, and he could hear the rumble of feet as they grew closer. Sirius panted gently, wondering what they would do, what they would hurt first, how - the door on the left opened up for him, and Sirius practically leaped through, ready to continue into and through the window.

Except he found he couldn’t. There was a group of people inside, all various different shapes and sizes, and they were blocking his way. They all gaped at his haggard appearance and the way he panted, making it seem he had ran a marathon.

Sirius felt like he had.

He slowly soaked in the room around him, at the rainbow flags and the boys with glitter on their face, getting more and more confused until he saw the sign at the front of the room, saying LGBT+ club, and next to the sign was probably one of the hottest people Sirius had ever seen. He had brown hair, and he held himself with a prideful and powerful stance, and Sirius noted the scars down his face. That must be a gnarly story.

“Hey, are you gay or what?” Shouted someone from the crowd clearly agitated that the meeting had been interrupted.

Sirius drew in one breath, now or never, right?

Sirius looked right into the man’s eyes and quietly, but firmly said “I am now.”

And then quickly turned to lock the door, so Grinko wouldn’t get in.