ok, I leave this opening that is not over yet my serie more nigths at freddy, and yeah this a suprise xddd

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eri-cherri  asked:

You are so amazingly talented, whether it be humor or angst, your stories are wonderfully addictive. It was so hard not to read An Apple A Day until I read the latest chapter of EMH. Omg, it killed me 😢 but luckily AAAD revived me. As always, thank you for writing and sharing your stories! 😊

That’s actually a really good strategy!

Read the heavy angst first and then heal yourself with some fluffy fluff! You’re a genius ;)

Thank you very much cupcake, I’m glad you like them <3

magnusizzy  asked:

alec, cc, dom ♥

alec- what’s the hardest thing you’ve ever been through

I lost someone very close to me when I was a kid.

cc- what are your opinions on the show + the actors

I think the show is not perfect. There’s obviously a lot of stuff that could be improved but I don’t even care about it because I love the way they fixed everything I didn’t like in the books and just made it better. I love that they treated my fav characters with the respect they deserve and gave them proper storylines.

As for the actors, they’re all my precious dorky children and I’m gonna adopt them. Also, if you don’t think Isaiah has the best smile in the whole world, I don’t know what to tell you.

dom- what type of accent do you have

I have a French accent but I lived in London for a while and I caught some expressions from there so I say “innit” and some cockney words and all in all, it’s just really ridiculous hahaha.