If Kurt DOES sing Santa Baby, you know what's going to happen, right?

He’s going to act all innocent about it. And he’ll go up to Blaine and be all, “Hey, I’m working on this song… Oh, it’s just a little Christmas song. Would listen, tell me if I’m doing alright with it?" 

And Blaine, being the perfect boyfriend would be all, "Oh, sure, honey.” And sit down and Kurt would start the music and stuff and Blaine would sort of recognize it and furrow his brows like, Wait, what’s he about to sing?

Then Kurt starts singing it, and of course it’s basically going to turn into a strip tease, or close to it. And Blaine’s just sitting there like “I gotta be a respectful boyfriend. I gotta be a respectful boyfriend. Do not stare at Kurt’s ass. Do. Not. Stare. At. The. Ass.

And Kurt just keeps going on, being the sexiest baby penguin Blaine’s ever seen. And Blaine’s just trying to hide the boner he’s getting, because, god, the way Kurt’s moving, and ohmygod those pants are so tight, and his voice is just so… laksgja. And Blaine can’t help but shudder as Kurt runs his hand along his shoulders, a smirk running over his lips. 

And what really doesn’t help is when Blaine starts imagining Kurt in some kind of overly-exposing Christmas outfit and, dear cheesus, if Kurt doesn’t stop singing right now he’s going to jizz in his pants just from this.

And when Kurt’s done, he’s back over at the piano, a cross between a smirk and a smile on his face. “So, what’d you think?”

And Blaine just launches himself across the room at him, grabbing his face and kissing him hard and wet and sloppy and Kurt pulls away just a little bit, so his lips still brush against Blaine’s as he asks, “So, you liked it?”  

Blaine doesn’t say anything in response, just pulls Kurt back into the kiss.

That’s how it would happen, and you know it.  

Then they would find that cockblocking keyboard…

Irishofsky: First Meeting

(So I ship them. And I really want them to be canon.)

Pairing: Irishofsky (Dave Karofsky and Damian McGinty’s character)


To say that Dave Karofsky was intrigued by the new transfer student/Irish kid was an understatement.

He hadn’t gotten in time to stop Azimio from throwing a slushie at the poor kid’s face, yelling “Welcome to McKinley, leprechaun!” as he high-fived Strando and left. He would’ve been in time if he hadn’t been chasing the guys who slushied Hudson after first period. Dave expected the new kid to run to the closest bathroom, but what he got was an entirely different response.

“Hey! At least throw me a blueberry one next time, guys! I’m allergic to cherry! Gee,” the Irish kid said, spitting out the rest of his cherry facial. “Pfft, pfft…”

For a moment, Dave just stood there, staring at him, his cool hair and his purple hoodie soaked with red slushie. He was just about to think the kid was dazzling, just a little bit, but then the thought sort of freaked him out. Guys didn’t think other guys were dazzling. ‘Cause that would make him–

No, no, no. Don’t even go there. No.

“Can I help you?” the kid said suddenly, snapping Dave out of his thoughts. He was also staring at him with a slightly mocking smile. Then Dave remembered that he was dressed with his Bully Whips outfit.


“Uh, I…” Dave was at a loss for words. Freaking hell, since when had any guy left him speechless? Well, he couldn’t really be blamed, because that accent–whoa, wait, what the heck? “No, I, uh, actually I was gonna check if you were all right.”

“Oh,” the Irish boy nodded. “Um, yeah, I’m okay. Honestly, I was sort of expecting this.”

“You… you were? Didn’t you just trans–”

“Well, yeah,” he said, opening his locker and pulling a towel out of it. “But some people warned me this could happen if I joined Glee club and–”

“Wait,” Dave said, narrowing his eyes. “You’re in Glee club?” The kid nodded again as he nearly rubbed his skin off on the towel. Not only was his voice amazing at speaking, but it could sing as well? Okay, stop that, right there. Dave scoffed. “Then you’re gonna need lots more of those,” he said, pointing at the towel with which the kid was drying his face.

“Ah, I assumed,” the kid sighed. “But it’s okay. I’m used to bullying. I’ve learned not to let them get me down because of who I am, so they can do whatever they want to me. I’m not gonna break.”

Not to let them get me down… I’m not gonna break… Now if only it was that easy for him.

Wait… “of who I am”? So, did that mean…?

“My name’s Damian,” the kid said, stopping Dave from getting to any conclusions, “Damian McRory, by the way.” Then he held out his hand, which Dave shook without a second thought, although it was sticky with red slushie.

“Dave,” he replied. “Dave Karofsky.”

How long they shook hands, he didn’t know. It was a little hard to let go of that hand.

“Um,” Damian chuckled, “y-you can let go of my hand now.”

“Oh.” Dave nodded, almost embarrassed, before letting Damian’s hand go. “S-sorry.”

“It’s cool,” Damian said. “No problem.”

Dave’s mind was racing as he wondered if he should tell Damian not to worry that much anymore, because see, he was part of these anti-bullying campaign called the Bully Whips (hence the ridiculous red outfit), and he was in charge of protecting anyone from any kind of bullying, and since Damian was new, Dave could totally help him during the first days and, y'know, maybe accompany him around a little bit and–

Seriously, stop. Right. Now.

But then the bell rang, and the hallways began to clear up.

Damian cleared his throat. “So, see you around?”

“Yeah,” Dave said before he could bite his tongue to stop himself from saying stupidities. “See you around.”

The Irish kid waved at him, smiling sympathetically, and then he got a green hoodie out of his locker, closed it, swung the hoodie over his shoulder, and walked off.

Dave Karofsky had no idea of who this kid was, or who he “truly” was, or how much bullying he’d gone through, or how good he sang. But to say that he was intrigued by Damian McRory was the fucking understatement of the fucking century.

Wanna read more of my headcanon?

“Oh, man,” Blaine smiled. “I love this song.”

“Do you, now?” Kurt asked, raising an eyebrow.

“I had my, um, Panic! At the Disco fanboy stage two or three years ago,” Blaine confessed, shrugging sheepishly. “I had this song on repeat and learned the lyrics in one day.”

Kurt had to smile, and he noticed that he was–surprisingly–relaxed. He was actually enjoying this. Even though the whole being-surrounded-by-drunk-people wasn’t that appealing to him, he’d been holding hands with Blaine this entire time. And no one had even turned to glance at them.

After all, what was a little fun to take the chance of having fake IDs for once?

Klaine: Let's Get These Teen Hearts Beating Faster

(When I first heard this song on the radio, back when I was like 13 or 14, I could’ve SWORN that was how it was called. When I couldn’t find it under that title, I asked around on the internet. And then I found it. And now with Tumblr and my headcanon for Kurt and Blaine at the gay bar, I re-found my love for it.

This has been an irrelevant-to-this-fic author’s note.

This is my head-canon for Kurt and Blaine at the gay bar.)

Title: Let’s Get These Teen Hearts Beating Faster

Pairing: Klaine

Rating: R (for grinding and frotting)

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Who Do You Love? (1/?)

This is a series of drabbles. There is an abundance of smut and it all features the Warblers. Pairing changes nearly every time. Please do enjoy them but accept that you have been duly warned.

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Blaine/Beat (Jon Hall)

Notes: Possible triggering? Features very dominant Blaine Anderson. Inspired by gif under the cut. Please don’t show this to the actors. It’s all for fun and no one should get hurt over it.

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Who's willing to read my head-canon?


The plan was simple: walk into that gay bar with the fake IDs Puck had gotten them, try to paste some of his dad’s posters and flyers around, maybe talk with the owner to spread the word about the new Pro-Gay campaign, and walk out before they got caught for carrying illegal IDs.

Except two things sort of ruined that plan.

One: neither had expected to run into Dave Karofsky. At a gay bar.

Two: neither had expected to be grinding into each other as soon as the first karaoke song started.

"Blaine..." Kurt whispered, shaking the knight in his arms. "Blaine! BLAINE! You can't die on me, Blaine!" he screamed, hot rage tears falling down his cheeks. Blaine still didn't move. "That's an order, Blaine! I order you not to die on me! Did you hear me? I'm ordering you to stay alive! You have to obey my orders, it's part of your oath!" he cried desperately. "Blaine, you CAN'T die on me!"