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Would you mind telling me the answer to the crowded elevator post? Thank you :) (also I love you blog! Best creepy one EVER!! Keep up the amazing work!)

Thank you! Someone in the notes already got it - but I’ll explain it more clearly for you.

  • There are 6 adults in the elevator including the narrator
  • The 4 kids with them = 2 adults which makes it 8
  • Girl in white gets in and the buzzer goes off - which is strange since 9 is supposed to be the limit
  • That missing girl fell down on the elevator shaft and her body is on top of the elevator

cupcakecadaver replied to your post: Answer to Somniustiger and basically all about “gays”

Wow you missed the point. Lol mind UNtagging “gay” and other lgbt words? We don’t want to see your rant there. Thanks :)

I didn’t.

“I dunno, though - I think it’s all right for people to have that sort of thing. One doesn’t see straight parades because the world doesn’t have a problem with being straight. I have never ever heard of someone committing suicide because of being straight, or being kicked out of their home, for example. So in that case, it makes sense to celebrate, because even though so many people have endured so much hardship, they’re still (mostly) turning out all right. That’s how I make sense of it, anyway.”

Yes. They have a right.

But again, “I’ve never seen someone committing suicide with being straight”
It shouldn’t have to be about being straight or gay. It should be JUST suicide. In fact, there shouldn’t be suicide at all for that matter. You missed the point of my own rant,

“we don’t want to see your rant there” lolololololol

I am so not good at naming characters XD
  • main protagonist,Chris Price(surname I used for The Wraith and a bunch of other stuff)
  • sidekick/renowned puzzle expert,Oliver Monti(my buddy Ollie Monti,
  • wealthy heiress,Natasha Buxley(co-best friend/occasional partner in musical awesomeness Tash, No idea where the last name came from <_<)
  • Burlesque dancer, Mandy Grant( old ex-girlfriend/aquaintance who left town to become a professional exotic dancer in New Haven)
  • notorious mobster, Lucky Luciano(used the name of this guy who likes to give me the stink eye all the time because I called him out for beating my ex and hitting on Corona. Turned out there’s actually a gangster who went by the name Lucky Luciano so happy coincidences I guess?)
  • Lucky’s wife, Coriana Luciano(based this character off of Goth Wife. She totally doesn’t almost bump uglies with Price <_<)

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Hello~! Do you or any of your followers have any scary stories or know of any haunted places in Connecticut? I'm possibly planning on checking out the creepier part of my state (if it has any, that is!)

According to my crypto book: The black dog of west peak, Black fox of salmon river, The Gloucester Sea Serpent, Graveyard dogs, and the Winsted Wildman all have locations in CT. I’ve always wanted to go to west peak because of the black dog :p

cupcakecadaver said:People do it because they’re proud though. There is nothing wrong with wanting to tell others that you succeeded in something.

See, there’s a big difference in saying “I did really well this semester!” or “So happy I got good grades!” and actually posting all your grades or your exact GPA. While I still don’t think it’s necessary, that would be much more tolerable. But then again I think people share too much information as it is. It’s one thing to be happy/proud, and another thing to brag in detail.