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I can't believe the audacity of people sometimes! Let Cory rest in peace and leave Lea alone! Lea didn't attribute to his death. He was a good man with a disease he couldn't fight anymore. If people were such big Cory-stans, they would see that trashing Lea isn't what would this kind soul would've wanted. He was against bullying and that's what this person is doing. I'm glad you stood up to that blog.

And you are absolutely right. Trying to tear down Lea isn’t gonna make things better. Cory wouldn’t want that. People don’t understand how a PR relationship works. If Monchele was indeed PR then rewind to season 1 of Glee when it was first starting out. That would’ve been the perfect time to pull a PR stunt. But nobody came up with that because Glee was already gaining so much attention due to the tours at Hot Topic and the CD signings. Remember when I Am Number Four came out and Dianna was dating Alex? That was PR. You could smell it. PR relationships happen when a new show or movie is trying to get some attention. And when the attention happens or even doesn’t work the relationship ends abruptly. Monchele was never PR. They lasted way too long to be what is considered PR. 

what would i do without steph? that’s not really a question i want to dwell on because i honestly do not know the answer to it or even if there is one. i mean, i talk to her about literally everything. there are very few details of my life that she doesn’t know and if she doesn’t it’s probably because they were too minuscule for even me to remember. i don’t know if i’ve ever had anyone that i can talk to the way i talk to her (and emily but she’s already got one of these posts drifting around). without those two, i’m pretty sure my world would crumble around me. i just hope that i’m as good of a friend for them as they are for me.