Under the read more is #260+ [ 100 x 100 ] gif icons of PARK CHANYEOL from EXO as requested by myself :-)❣

  • None of the original gifs belong to me, I’ve only cropped/edited & resized them❣ All credit goes to full owners.
  • If you see one of your gifs and would like specific credit or for me to take it out just throw me a message❣
  • Likes or reblogs would be hella if you use these❣ Have fun, cupcakes.

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It’s weekend again? Yeehaa! 🙌 Enjoy peeps


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my family rocks • love them so much & the support they show me in my endeavors! My father in law drew these yogis in tree pose and they are the cutest things ever! So lucky. What a fun send off party! #yogi #cupcake #family #love

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Happy birthday Ian. Today I lived and loved as much as I could for you. I brought a cupcake and sang for you. I miss you big brother; here’s to you.
(A little past midnight but I think I counts)
P.S. Thank you @kyliemarie__ on joining me today (at Chicago, Illinois)

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anonymous asked:

Which of the siblings would take anal like a champ?

Hmm, Caraline, Erin, Hank, and Alex. (Possibly Jubilee, I always feel so awkward writing sin about her because she’s a cupcake) also Carmen could but I don’t think she’s into it.

When I was a kid, I named all my dolls after food. My first baby doll was named Coffee, and then there was French Fry, my sister’s baby doll (which I named) Lasagna, and of course my pink dog I got when I was born, Boosaka (named after Bazooka bubble gum). Even when I was older I had stuffed animals named Cupcake and Cookie.

My only baby doll with a normal name was Rosie. I still don’t know why.