Getting sent out tomorrow for the folks on my baking tier

Senshi cupcakes! 

The Rei Hino: A smoked tea chocolate cake with a tangy lemon buttercream

The Minako Aino: A bright orange butter cake with rich chocolate ganache

I’ll take pictures after they’ve cooled and I’ve decorated them THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR SPONSORSHIP

Next month I think I’ll continue the Senshi Cupcakes run with Michiru and Haruka!

Nicknames for my f/os

Penn: Cherry Cotton Candy/Cherry (because his hair is red and a floof…don’t question my thought process!)

Sunset: Sunshine

Papyrus: Paroo, Paparoo, Paps

Opal: Wonder GF

Mugi: Moogs, Cupcake

Kiki: Ki

Stewie: Stew, Gil (for fun and to tease lol)

Brian: Bri, Ian (for teasing), Significant Annoyance

theelitevillian  asked:

“Frost the damn cupcakes.” with Cody please?

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You knew you were a good baker, but sometimes you doubted yourself, this was one of those things as you stood there looking at the cupcakes “they’re lopsided” you mumbled.  “Babe no, they’re perfect” Cody said as he kissed your cheek grabbing the frosting “let’s frost them” he said slightly.

Shaking your head you took a deep breath “no, I kinda want to throw them out and start over” you said as you grabbed the tray.  “Baby no, come on they’ll taste the same” he said watching your eyes “but they’ll look bad”

“I’m going to frost the damn cupcakes” Cody said taking the tray away from you “I’m hungry” he groaned as he began to take the frosting out.  You grinned kissing his cheek “thanks baby”.

Request ; Personality ship

Hi! I’m Mendy I would like to request a ship with got7, exo, day6 and bts(´∀`*)
I’m from Luxembourg, I speak 5 languages, I play the piano and drawing is what I’m the best at. I listen to pop rock/punk/metal (and of course kpop) music, so my style is rather punk rock/grunge. I’m usually a little quiet and shy, but I tend to make people laugh a lot. I also like video games a lot, and like to sing. My biggest dream is to do a world tour with my friends, I love meeting new cultures.
Love your blog~

Hello~ Thank you for requesting! @cupcake-mendy

In Got7, we ship you with Jaebum! 

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In EXO, we ship you with Chanyeol!

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In Day6, we ship you with YoungK! 

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In BTS, we ship you with Suga! 

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Hope you liked your ships! <3

-Admins Sun and Moon

✧ ˚ ⋆ 。 — “ oh merlin’s testicles, trixie, I don’t think I’m going to fit in all my clothes, ” as the ravenclaw took another bite of her tropical a flavored cupcake, she leaned on her best friend for support. “ help me, ” the ravenclaw tool another – guilty – bite, looking below at the scenery. It was a rainbow of red, blue, and yellow as the town’s buildings were more colorful than … well, Nana didn’t know a lot of places that were colorful, but Rome sure was one of ‘em. →

Factors You Need to Run A Home based business

Many people have imagined having a home business, yet do not follow up. These remarkable suggestions are created to assist you in mapping out a plan of action to ensure that you could begin and also succeed in the production of your home business. You could be among the success stories that you find out about.Don’t make the mistake that a home based business has to be a Net organisation just because we’re living in a technology age. Opening up a day care or a hairdresser or a little cupcake company are all still viable concepts in any kind of market. Utilize your creativity when beginning an organisation and also make certain it’s something you like doing.Put your home based business on the web. Developing as well as keeping an internet site will certainly promote your organisation if you do not sell any kind of products. If you are offering things in your house organisation, a website will certainly open your company to brand-new customers. The internet is among the most effective tools a home business could have.When picking a home based business to get right into, it’s important to contrast several opportunities and afterwards opt for the one that fits your circumstance the most effective. You must ask on your own what does it cost? time you’ll need to dedicate to beginning the business, then how much money you need to launch, as well as last but not least what fits the skills that you have. As you trim the listing you’ll wind up with a couple of products which you can compare on the revenues they’ll make and also select the victor!When you begin a home company, make certain to pick a product and services that you are really passionate about. Chances are that throughout the first few years of service, you are mosting likely to be investing a great deal of time functioning. If you choose a service or product that thrills you, it will certainly be much easier to stick with it no matter just how much work it takes.In order to absolutely prosper in the business globe, you are going to require some kind of train or educator to reveal you the ropes and assist in most of the huge choices. Doing this protects you from the extreme errors that brand-new company owner devote far frequently. Houses for Sale Dallas A cluttered workplace can bring about a chaotic mind, so obtain organized! Keeping a home business in check means that you know where every little thing is as well as are able to order documents at a moment’s notification. Tag folders, use totes as well as file coordinators, and also maintain things in indexed order, so that you’ll look even more professional to your clients.One of the needs of running a home business, is the ability to perform business deals. First off, you will require a business banking account. You will certainly likewise need system for dealing with deals with your clients, including a technique for refunding payments, when required. There are on-line pay systems, such as Paypal, that you could make use of for this. Nevertheless, if you need an even more fine-tuned remedy, you can also work with a freelance software program designer, to produce a system that is customized to your demands.Now you have seen a number of the manner ins which successful business owners have actually launched their very own companies from their office. You can develop the same achievement in your own business. Start today to plan your personal home business by using these suggestions as well as you can view your own suggestions revive.

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HAPPY EK SAAL OF ISHQBAAZ TTJIIIIII, Thank you for being such an integral and amazing part of the Ishqbaaz Tumblr community, we love you!!! 😘😘😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️

Legit me sitting at my desk at work rn:

Thank you so so so much, anon! And the same to you, you adorable cupcake! 

Happy one year of this show to allllllllllll of you beautiful people, who are as frustrated but ultimately, just as in love with this hell-begotten trashfire of a television experience as I am. 🎉🎉🎉 Thanks for all the amazing discussions and gifsets and everything lovely that each one of you contribute to this small but absolutely amazing fandom. Thanks for being just the right amount of craaazy 🙃🙃🙃 (i.e enough that you like to analyze micro-expressions and half uttered syllables and outfit significances with me, but not so much so that you excuse the characters’ absolute fuckery and/or send death threats to anyone who has an opinion/interpretation different from yours.) And most of all, thanks for all the love you give this little blog of mine. 💖💖💖

*big wet chummis on all your chubby cheeks* 😚😚😚


In this #Tutorial , I show you a way to approach, hunt, and devour a cupcake. Please thank you and enjoy 😊

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Bonfire 🔥🍁🍂

🔥 Bonfires: How do you enjoy spending your fall days/nights?

During fall days, I love to bake pumpkin spice cookies, pies, cupcakes🎃  watching some FALL related YT vids, sitting on Tumblr or going outside for a nice fall walk in the park. 🍁

My fall nights are all about getting cozy and comfy under a pile of blankets, sipping hot chocolate or cinnamon tea and watching TV series! ☕ 🍂

Thank you so much for asking <3

The Mystery of Altair book

Took pictures of the pages with collages on them, those not yet collaged haven’t been photographed for the sake of cupcakes. These are shown in order, anything covered up is very personal. This is stuff I like and memories I like to have and stuff I like to think about. It’s by no means finished and will have friends.

Pages are 9x12 in a 1 1/2″ wire binding.

roryglimore  asked:

hi! could i please get a name aesthetic? ☆ + samuelle and my favourite type of weather is sunny, but not humid, with a lil bit of wind. have a nice day! <3

of course you can! i love your blog btw

samuelle; light blue jeans fraying at the knees, cupcakes, doodling in the margins of your notes, the wind through your hair, chocolate melting in the sun, making your bed, a hint of vanilla, tying a jacket around your waist

want one? (oh also blacklist s-br if needed)

displaced-fairy  asked:

"So I'm a day late, but I heard it was your birthday yesterday- do you like sweets?" Asch holds up a cupcake, homemade and nicely decorated.

He just kind of looks at the cupcake for awhile. Internally debating whether to take it from the other… debating whether or not this was all just a joke.

Who was this guy anyway?? Hm…


It was all he said as he cautiously accepted the gift. It looked great and smelled even better. However, something just felt odd about this..