“I think my biggest struggle was also, oddly enough, my biggest motivation. As crazy as it might seem I had a ton of people tell me that I couldn’t do this. Or wouldn’t do it. And I’m grateful because it was that kind of "eff you” to them that gave me the motivation to be like ‘you know what? I’m gonna do it even bigger and better than I thought I could because you told me I couldn’t.’ So any time somebody says you can’t do something or rolls their eyes or whatever, don’t get upset. Just go 'alright, I’m awake now, dawg! Let’s go! I’m gonna go back to work or whatever it is you do.’ That’s an energy you can’t replace with anything else.”

Honestly, Cheritz deserved every dollar I spent on the VIP package. And I don’t regret that I bought Seven’s calling card before the VIP package. They deserve every cent. This game is amazing. 

It’s a well written game with an interesting concept and amazing characters, yes. But what amazes me is that they seemed to take advantage of the platform they created, of the emotional connections they knew they were creating between you and these characters, and use it to take care of their fans. 

They use the game to make sure people are taking care of themselves, are eating and sleeping. They tell us to be healthy using the voice of someone we care about. They use these characters and these storylines to encourage people to pursue happiness, to be confident, and to appreciate ourselves and those around us. 

Whether that was their intention or not, this game has literally changed me. I’ve never had a game, let alone one that started out as just a silly dating app, influence my life and my self as strongly as this game has. 

Thank you, Cheritz.