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Are there any lush fave products you recommend for acne? Also what's one good thing that's happened to you recently ?

ya!!!! the rosy cheeks face mask! it’s the best face mask I’ve ever used. it’s so gentle and smells amazing but it’s had a significant impact on my redness and acne. I really recommend it if u have acne n redness n oily skin like me. I’ve heard the cupcake and bb seaweed face masks work really well for acne too but I’ve only used rosy cheeks. good luck!!

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hi! i feel like people have already asked this but i couldn't find it in the faq tag! could you do a tutorial on the cursive handwriting you use to title your notes? also, what's your thought process when you write your notes? they're always so neat. thank you! feel free to respond when/or if you can (study-cupcake)

hi anon bb!

thanks for looking through the faq tag <3

Good luck!

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Everybody's in for chubby Dean and I too am a slut for that but consider: chubby! Gabriel. High school, adult, fucking middle school, I don't care, just consider it with me for some time.






CHUBBY GABRIEL IN HIGHSCHOOL; he’s this guy that’s too overconfident and tries to pick up da girls, but they always make these nasty comments about his tummy and laugh it off and it breaks my poor baby’s heart

he thinks no one likes his cute little chubby stomach


Charlie the fucking life saver jumps into the story and grabs Gabe by the arm and hugs the little cupcake.

“It is ok bb. I think u hef cute belly" and I poke his stomach. “son i think it is time for you to meet sam.”

and sam comes in and he’s all tall and cute and adorable and his cheeks full of dimples as he smiles at gabriel.

“Hi. My name is Sam.”

“Uhm… I’m… Gabriel.”

And Charlie just pushes them together and they kiss. And me and Sam just fangirl about how cute Gabriel’s belly is and everything is ok again.

They date and have babies (idk shut up) and they all are chubby and i steal their kids because they look like gabriel and are chubby.

End of the story.


what the fuck did i just

you’re the best bb ♥ ✧・゚:*

hI CUPCAKES!! i drew this a while ago for the new year and i’m finally posting it!! here’s snuggly lil darren and his bb from this because he was just too cute. i didn’t know what he was wearing for his pants so he gets some lil green sweatshorts ♥♥


Here is foxy. He isn’t my favorite but I think this came out well. The last pic is all four original animatronics. Oh thank you pole bear for getting me noticed and for that, I will build every single one of your fnaf people. Even the cupcakes and bb and puppet. All guards and the gold guys.the toys are coming next starting with toy Freddy. I could just edit the original but I’m building him somewhere else.