PART 11, 12, 13 and 14 of my FNAF gijinkas!

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laelipoo  asked:

Question (because twitter is being a bastard and I'm too ill for this shit): what would you say is Alec's favorite physical feature of Magnus, favorite habit and most adorable quirk (and vice versa)? I need cute I feel like I'm dying

Their favorite physical features would be each other’s eyes, Alec because Magnus’ eyes hold the proof of his uniqueness but also how powerful he is, Magnus because Alec’s eyes are as honest and beautiful as Alec is himself. They say eyes are the mirror of the soul, right?

As for the habits and quirks…

Magnus sings all the time. Sometimes, it’s just humming; sometimes, it’s full on blaring a song at the top of his voice, especially when he is in the shower. It makes Alec smile despite himself and if he’s found himself humming along once or twice, no one needs to know (Magnus knows, and it makes him ridiculously giddy). Sometimes, Magnus doesn’t even sing actual songs, just some random words about what he is doing. He does it a lot when he is stirring up a potion, and Alec watches him do so with a stupid smile on his lips. Magnus isn’t even a particularly good singer, but when he hums like that, it means he is in a good mood, so Alec has no problem enduring it as long as Magnus is happy.

Alec has been raised to be a soldier, so he has a need for things to be organized that he can’t part himself from. Which means he may have reorganized Magnus’ whole collections of vinyls once while he was waiting for Magnus to come back from an appointment with a werewolf client, then promptly started to panic because ‘what if Magnus gets angry that I messed up his stuff?’ and tried to put it back the way it was before he rearranged it. Magnus came home to find Alec sitting on the floor, desperately trying to figure out where that Earth, Wind and Fire vinyl used to be. He didn’t get mad, thankfully, but he offered instead for the both of them to reorganize them together, because he knows they will have to compose with each other’s quirks and bad habits if they ever move in together. Which they will, for sure.

I hope you feel better, darling.


Conga Freddy is the best thing to ever exist.



Here is foxy. He isn’t my favorite but I think this came out well. The last pic is all four original animatronics. Oh thank you pole bear for getting me noticed and for that, I will build every single one of your fnaf people. Even the cupcakes and bb and puppet. All guards and the gold guys.the toys are coming next starting with toy Freddy. I could just edit the original but I’m building him somewhere else.

you’re the best bb ♥ ✧・゚:*

hI CUPCAKES!! i drew this a while ago for the new year and i’m finally posting it!! here’s snuggly lil darren and his bb from this because he was just too cute. i didn’t know what he was wearing for his pants so he gets some lil green sweatshorts ♥♥