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                                     Club Monaco: Outdoor Market

There are times when an opportunity to hear about new brands and businesses arise that you can not really say no. Like you want to know what can they offer, and what can they do, luckily, our pals from Club Monaco hosted an outdoor market in Toronto at their flagship store in the famous Bloor St area. They carefully curated some of the best food, flowers and coffee in the city. Hearing this I was so excited as I truly love anything that has to do with the Club Monaco Brand and the lifestyle it portrays. The outdoor Farmers Market will Run from this month (August) to mid-fall.

Club Monaco Collaborated with:

Parts & Labour’s famed executive chef, Matty Matheson, will create a custom fresh white fish and quinoa salad

Boxcar Social will serve freshly brewed artisanal coffees

Bake Shoppe will boast a selection of homemade sweet treats

Philips Ice Pops will feature a refreshing selection of gourmet ice pops made with fresh fruits and herbs

and Local flower shop Sweet Woodruff will be home to custom Club Monaco inspired bouquets, created with fresh summer florals.

to create a custom assortment of their favorite items which will be available for a limited time at the Bloor Street market.


Joshifer Daily Reminder: Atlanta is a special place for Jen and Josh. This is likely the place where everything got serious between them.  There were dinners together and going to the movies just the two of them.  Parties at their houses and where they first shared a trailer together.  It’s such a special place that Josh went to Atlanta for Jen’s birthday and drove up to Blue Ridge to get her some cupcakes from the Sweet Shoppe.  And two years later, thanks to Jen’s assistant Talley, we learned Jen and Josh enjoyed the 4th of July weekend together in Atlanta and Blue Ridge.  Five days of privacy in their special place.