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You Would Not Believe!! Has Fans Crying Everywhere; Loner Boy Surprised to Discover He Has Friends

moved-to-doctor-rosalia  asked:

It’s Miu birthday tho, shouldn’t she go to the party?

@killr-cupcake @sp-ud oh they don’t hate her! kaede and kaito were considering inviting her but…

yeah she lives with them but they kinda forget she exists a lot of the time. that won’t stop her from finding out about the party and inviting herself though!!


IMG_6089 by mariaga si


Here’s my ‘Welcome to Night Vale’ Halloween party menu!

- Night Vale’s eye logo pizza (from Big Rico’s pizza)
-John Peters (you know, the farmer)’s imaginary (pop)corn.
-Cotton candy Glow Cloud (ALL HAIL).
-Carlos’ green Margarita shots (’cause we are really into science these days)
-Secret Piña Colada to avoid the Secret Police (and remember, if you see something, say nothing and drink to forget)
-Khoshekh cupcakes with black tea that is mostly void, partially stars ;)

Good Halloween, Night Vale, and good night!~