cupcake occasion fruit mini


hey everyone i had lots of fun writing this request. keep the requests coming and i will do my best xx

‘Harry! Where did you put all the fruit!!?’ I hear Y/N yell at me from down the hall. I can hear the tone of panic in her voice and begin walking down the hallway towards the bright morning light streaming through the windows into the kitchen. ‘There just here babe’ I say picking up the grocery bag hiding behind the island counter. I place it on the bench and take two quick steps towards y/n wrapping my arms around her small but strong waist. She sighs with relief and rests her head on my chest exhausted. ‘baby why are you so stressed it’s just the girls’ I whisper stroking her golden brown hair which smells of coconut and Jasmine. She always smells so good so I love to melt my face into her hair and kiss it all the time. ‘no its not harry its every girl we basically know including your mum and sister, all my girlfriends… its everyone!’ y/n had decided to host a spring garden brunch party to raise money for breast cancer. Off course her determined and kind natured personality meant she took on too much and invited many people but I know it’s nothing she can’t handle so I give her a reassuring look. ‘I know, I know’ she says defeated ‘it’s just it’s the first time all the girls will see the house and since we married and I just wanted it to be special’ she looks up a me looking for understanding ‘well no matter what I am sure they will love it’ she pouts at my cliché words ‘you have to say that because your my husband’ I beam when she says husband, it’s only been 2 weeks since we got back from our honeymoon and I still get tingles and butterfly’s when she calls me that or I call her my wife. ‘no I am saying that because they really will, you have put so much effort in and everything looks and smells delicious’ and I am not lying it really does. She has picked fresh wild flowers from outside plus some from the florist making the whole house smell so fresh and floral. That’s then mixed with all the delicious smells from her endless mounds of food she cooked for the occasion, everything from croissants, mini pancakes, sandwiches, fruit salad, cupcakes and many fresh juices. ‘this is why you are the best’ she says still with her chin on my chest looking up smiling I wipe a small smudge of raspberry sauce of her face and say jokingly ‘because I am great at finding missing fruit grocery bags?’ ‘of course and for no other reason’ she says playing along sarcastically then wriggling out of my arms playing it cool ‘oh no you don’t’ I jump back over to her grabbing her from behind and swinging her over my shoulder ‘say you love me, I know you do’ I say jokingly but threatening ‘no! put me down harry I will never!’ so I throw her onto the couch in the lounge room next to the kitchen and hover over her using my arms placed either side of her head and my hips down laying on hers so she can’t escape ‘no I will not’ she looks at me with her gorgeous blue eyes and she giggles at my determination ‘say you love me or I won’t let you leave and change before the girls get here’ she raises her eyebrow because she knows I will do it. I would happy just lay here with her mucking around all day. ‘you would not dare’ she says smirking ‘I would’ ‘say you love me’ I say again this time lowering myself even closer so every part of us was touching except our lips which were just out of reach, only just brushing against each other. For a second I don’t think I can last myself, all I want to do is kiss her beautiful pink lips. But then she places her hands on my face and whispers ‘I love you infinitely’ barely audible but enough. . Infinitely is kind of our thing. Before we dated we were best friends and I had given her an infinity ring for one Christmas to represent our friendship and when we started dating it represented a little more. She wore it every day and later when I decided it was the right time to propose I pinched it from her bedside table and took it to the jeweller. It was ready within 2 days due to the rush before she noticed it missing. Off course she almost ruined the surprise because she noticed its absence almost immediately but thought she had just left it at one of the boy’s houses. As soon as it was ready I pick it up and later that day I proposed. It was perfect, now instead of the ring having lots of diamond figure eights forming a band it also had an additional huge diamond in the middle surrounded by more overlapping diamond figure eights representing infinity.

when I hear her precious words i give in, letting her kiss me gently but with so much love and passion. When we finally break apart she says ‘happy?’ I look up ‘hmmm I don’t know maybe another kiss would help’ but before I could kiss her again she takes me by surprise and flips me over, jumps off and runs away ‘nice try styles but I need to get ready!’ I hear the last of her words echo from down the hall. Chuckling I get up and grab my gym gear, stuffing it into a bag. By the time I am steal some yummy goodies and get ready for the gym with Liam and Zayn y/n appears.

As always she looks stunning and takes my breath away… literally. She is wearing a simple white lace short dress, a large white hat to match and pale pink heels. It was perfect, a combination of classy, mature and sexy. ‘how do I look?’ she turns in a circle to then face me again with eyes open wide hoping for support and assurance. Instead of answering I walk over to her tilt her head up and whisper ‘stunning’ she grins and I gently kiss her not to mess her lipstick up. ‘hey I thought this was girls only!’ we break apart to see Gemma chuckling. We kick harry out and within minutes of him leaving everyone arrived.

The gym, coffee with the boys, a few chores and hours later I head back home to help y/n clean up. ‘tell Perrie to give me a call when she wants to come home’ Zayn says out the window as he drops me off. ‘sure thing mate’ I get out of the car, wave Zayn off and see only a couple of cars left, many of which I recognise to be y/n close friends who have probably also stayed back to help or are still chatting away inside. I walk up the stairs to the front door and knock. no answer, so I quietly open the door to find an empty house however I can her distant chatting from the garden. So I drop my bag off my shoulder onto the floor, grab a leftover sandwich, drink of orange juice and head to the back door which leads to the back garden.

The sun is just starting to sink and I see y/n has turned on the lights and the five girls are now surrounding the little fire pit sipping away at their drinks and talking. The floral smells floats my way again and I close my eyes and breath in. as I do I hear my name within their conversation. I move slightly to hear better but without being seen.

‘jimmy and I have been talking about living together lately, I think it’s because he saw harry and you do the whole marriage thing and I think he really enjoyed it, like the whole you moving in together and then later getting married you know?’ I hear y/b/f/n talking. ‘well who would not want to get married if they saw y/n and harry get married, they are like the perfect couple!’ I then hear Milly join in, followed by the others saying ‘yer, defiantly and mmmm’ I just hear y/n chuckle. ‘No really y/n I don’t think you know how lucky you are, your husband is has a good personality, is wealthy and loves you completely!’ I stand there waiting for y/n’s reply. I watch her stare into the fire nodding like she is thinking ‘you are right but your also wrong Milly’ Milly looks at her confused and the others seem to have the same facial expression except Perry who seems to be smiling at y/n like she understands and I can’t help but be slightly worried for what will follow out of y/n lips. ‘I mean yeah sure he has money and he is really nice and I know he loves me… but he so much more like..’ she sighs and smiles then looks up the girls to continue ‘like he is actually really intelligent and once he starts something he is always determined to finishes it, and he shows me he loves me by give me little kisses, doing the laundry without being asked, foot rubs when I get home from work or how he will sometimes leave a cute little message and a flower from the garden on his pillow if he leaves early you know, he doesn’t have to buy me diamonds or send me flowers everyday it’s just those little things.’ I can’t move I am comely transfixed and i watch and she sits up a bit straighter smiling, like she off in another world ‘and when I wake him he looks at me like he would not want to see anyone else in the world or how he just babbles continuously and stupidly when he is really tired about stupid things… don’t get me wrong we have our moments, we aren’t perfect’ I chuckle at her honesty, because its true we have had our moments small and big and even a few massive moments where it was almost too much for us to handle but we pulled though and its better than ever. ‘but I don’t know I just know I love him. More than anything in the world, more than money, more than thousands of back rubs or flowers. I love him unconditionally and…I love him…’ I could not help myself and I had moved out form my hiding spot coming up behind y/n and I finish her sentence ‘infinitely’. My deep husky voice shocks all the girls and they look up to see me beaming at y/n who turns around in her chair smiling her perfect grin at me ‘infinitely’ she repeats so quietly only I would hear.