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Vixx Masterlist

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Okay so this is the first time I’ve ever made a masterlist so I hope all the links work and stuff, but I’ll be adding more soon. Since this is a smut blog most of the posts will be M rated, but there are a few smuts. The oldest smuts will be at the top of each member and the newer scenarios lower. I hope this all makes sense I’m a mess lmao (let me know if one of the links doesn’t work)

Cha Hakyeon // N

- Cupcakes n’ kisses (M)

- Workout (M)

Jung Taekwoon // Leo 

- Like a diamond (M)

- The Nanny (M)

Lee Jaehwan // Ken

- Backstage (M)

Kim Wonsik // Ravi

- Paris (M)

- Birthday surprises

Lee Hongbin

- Teenage dream (M)

- Pre-wedding jitters

Han Sanghyuk // Hyuk

- Welcome home (M)


- Vixx reaction to wanting to fxxk in public (M)

anonymous asked:

Could I get some tasty Christmas treats for a Captain Underpants?

Hey anon! I can sure as heckin’ heck try! :D I’m not super familiar with Captain Underpants but I swear I put thought into these recipes so I hope you like them <3

Boom! Hope you like it anon! :D If not feel free to come back and I’ll look around some more for you <3 Cheers!