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Rules: post your home screen/ lockscreen, current song, and a selfie! I was tagged by my cupcake @kageyama-tobiyo luv u ♡ my lock screen is eren duh and obvs gotta have kaneki on my home screen and then i’ve been listening to the your name soundtrack nonstop so there’s that and then my most recent trash selfie i tag: @lockedmyselfupinaroom, @the-looovely-sardonyx, @oikatsudon, @maj-cutiepatootie, @sluttttysurveycorps, @whattadragg, @oikurowl@yk-shooting-star, @sexti0n, @kagebullshitnojutsu, @blurryfaceimagines @todo-shouto ☆

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ASYAGDFS you lik ARIANA OMG I'M DYING. i'M A HUGE fan of hers. ok, so how would bts react to their bff (maybe crush??) dancing and singing Focus by Ariana Grande perfctly?? thank you sO MUCH in advance cupcake, luv u~~

Jin: “Beautiful and talented, just perfect!”

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Suga: “totally feelin it*

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J-hope: *joins you and no one can stop him*

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Rap Monster: *is enjoying the view way too much*

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Jimin: “Why were you trying to hide a talent like this?”

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V: *shocked, didn’t expect you to be this good*

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Jungkook: *proud, knows that he chose his crush well*

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