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Chocobros using Pet Names (Female S/O)

So heres the thing. There are some things I cannot imagine the bros calling their s/o. A lot of people probably think different, but that’s totally chill. I was just thinking about this the other day and wanted to write down my thought process as to why or why not a chocobro would use a certain name toward their significant other. 

I’ll just focus on “basic” names for now. I might add on to this later.

I hope that makes sense. I am suddenly more tired than I usual am? Lol

Noctis is… super awkward when it comes to nicknames. Out of all the bros, he uses nicknames the least. More than usual, he’ll just shorten his s/o’s first name; even if it’s not a name that not normally shortened. He’s creative when it comes to that aspect, really. Other than that… Noctis is physically unable to use a good percentage of your average couple pet names. 

His go to pet name, however, will be “babe” or “baby.” He sees them as casual nicknames… they aren’t too over the top. They’re simple, but still show his affections toward his lover. He’ll most likely use “babe” and “baby” most often while using sweet nicknames. Though he still much rather prefers his s/o’s name. 

Names like “honey,” “darling,” “dear,” and “sweetie,” make Noctis cringe to no end. Why you ask? It makes him think as an annoying, older, married couple. I kid you not. If he notices his s/o is rather fond of pet names, he’ll try his best to address them as “sweetie” every so often.. but gosh it hurts him. 

Depending on the state of the relationship, Noctis has a special nickname for his s/o. I’m sure you can guess what it is. “My Queen,” is definitely a thing for Noctis. He won’t say it casually, however. He won’t call his s/o that over text or during a casual meet up. Like I said, it depends on the state of the relationship. Noctis won’t give this nickname to just anyone. He has to feel extreme feelings to use such a title. He most commonly uses the nickname during intimate moments.

Prompto is the King of pet names, if I’m perfectly honest with you. His creativity is never ending. He definitely uses pet names more so than his s/o’s  actual name. He comes up with new names… constantly. His names definitely don’t fall under the norm. For example, Prompto has called his s/o “my sweet golden chocobo” more than a few times. That’s just the beginning with this boy though. The list is never ending. (If anyone wants me to dive deeper into that list… lemme know next time requests are open.)

Now, this doesn’t mean Prompto doesn’t use the regular couple pet names. He uses those a lot, more so than his creative names. His creative names are a once or twice a day treat. The rest of the day, he uses your average nicknames. “Babe” and “baby” are his most frequently used out of all of them.

Loves calling his s/o “honey” and “sweetie.” You know what he loves more? Being called “honey” and “sweeties”….. and “sunshine.” (I’m going to have to do head canons on what the boys like to be called by their s/o. Stay tuned.) He rarely uses “darling” and “dear.” He feels as if they are lacking some sort of… spunk or uniqueness. To him, those names are like empty compliments. He doesn’t feel much for them. 

Like Noct, Prompto has a “Secret Weapon Pet Name.” Wtf, can you call it that? I guess we’re going to call it that. He does use “my Queen,” every so often, but of course it’s much different when Prompto uses it rather than when Noctis uses it. He uses the term “my love” much more often than “my Queen.” He only uses this during intimate, sweet movements. He doesn’t use these terms lightly either. He will call his s/o these nicknames with the most serious face and a slight blush across his cheeks. 

Gladiolus is a pretty easy guy when it comes to nicknames. He doesn’t really have much of an opinion toward any of the nicknames. He just says whatever he feels is comfortable and what suits his significant other. He wants to make sure he isn’t too overbearing with his pet names.

“Babe” and “baby” are frequently used, but I wouldn’t say they are his most used nicknames. He loves calling his s/o “hun” or “sweetie.” He’s not as creative as Prompto, but he likes to add on to the normal nicknames. “Sweet cheeks” “doll face” and similar names are used from time to time. 

“Hun.” That’s is favorite. I am calling it now. There’s just something about it that feels possessive for Gladio. He can’t really explain his reasoning behind the feeling. It just is how it is and he enjoys it.

A very sweet name he uses on special occasions is “princess” or “my lady.” He loves treating his s/o like royalty. He protects his s/o with a similar confidence and conviction as he does for Noct. But protecting his s/o isn’t his job. It comes to him naturally. He loves caring for his s/o and making sure they’re at their happiest. Calling them “Princess” is just another way of showing that thought process.

Ignis. Oh, Ignis. He’s such a complicated man when it comes to relationships. He never says anything he doesn’t mean. Once in a relationship with our favorite strategist, he won’t use pet names until he is certain that relationship is set to last for a very long time. 

Once the planets are aligned and the time is right, Ignis while finally bestow upon his significant other; a sweet nickname that is cavity inducing. THEY WILL MELT YOUR HEART, OKAY? 

Unlike the other bros, Ignis is not fond of the term “babe” or “baby.” He feels like they are demeaning in a way. He loves nicknames that truly share the importance and adoration Ignis holds for his lover, and “baby” and “babe” don’t cut it for him.

He’s creative like Prompto in the regard of nicknames. He has more self control, though. His nicknames remain regal and elegant, just like the bespectacled man himself. For example, he often calls his s/o “kitten” or “cupcake.” He loves calling his s/o “darling.” That’s his most frequently used nickname. He also is a big fan of “sweetheart” and “dear/dearest.”

Occasionally adds “my” before every nickname.  For example, he will often call his s/o “my darling” or “my dear.” You catch my drift? Of course. Ignis is a lot more possessive than he leads on. *insert heart eyes here*

Now, for the really good stuff. Ignis adores calling his s/o “love” or my “love.” Calling them that is like his drug, pretty much. He loves seeing the smile that comes to their lips whenever the nickname hits there ears. Their reaction brings a smile to his face as well. 


Meeting Robin ♥️ (Writing on mobile full of feels and happiness so might be a bit unstructured with pics and text lol)

Sooo I met Robin today at the Heroes & Villain Fan fest!! Aaaaaaaah! It was so amazing and he is a pure cupcake of kittens! As we know since before! Ugh. So me and my friend went right to his booth for the autograph! It took a long very worthy wait until he showed up ♥️♥️ And it felt so unreal to just see him IRL. Ugh he was so nice and cute. I came to the three first in line but then he had to go to photo op. And when he left from his chair we happened to make eye contact aaaah because he saw my shirt, the oswald’s club, and also my sidebar for like 2 years now heh, and he shined and said aaah I love your shirt! And gave me the cutest smile and a wink!! Omg! And i just got so hit by surprise and just heeeeh thank you so much!!! :333. So then we in line got these cupouns thing so we would get first in line when he would be back aftet op, so that was really nice! So then we went back a bit later and got to almost front. And so I took up my photo I wanted sign, one of my favs ever of Robin! And so his manager I think it was sat first to like structure stuffs and she was soo impressed by the pic haha like “woaaah that is an amazing pic where it’s from??” And I said it was one of my favs ever and she just yeaah it’s beautiful! THEN I got up to Robin aaaaah, and to get that eye contact was just so magical and he was smiling and shining like he always is uuuugh ♥️ So we said hii! and nice to meet you! And I told him here this is one of my absolute favorite pics of you!! Because it’s just so stunning and perfect aaaah. And he said it was a really nice picture! And asked my name and I told him so! And he smiled so nice and then we took the selfie and to get to just touch this amazing cupcake for a selfie hug, guess I was just a total blushing mess all throuh it lol. Then I said thank you so much and he said thank you and have a nice day and again how he thought my shirt was amazing :3.

Then it was the panel, which was lovely too and to see all the other casts too ♥️ But yas Robin is my fav as you might know heh. AND I CAN’T BELIEVE ALL THIS AND I FEEL SO HAPPY AND FUZZY INSIDE ♥️♥️He is the sweetest ♥️♥️

And yes that is an emoji on me, I prefer to stay lowkey faceanon :P But maybe some of you recognize me from my outfit anyway if you were there ;)

starshipkiller  asked:

Hi! I know I send a lot of asks I'm sorry it's just you're one of my favorite 2p hetalia blogs! Anywho, I was wondering how the 2ps would react to accidentally physically hurting their s/o in an argument? If it's not too much to ask... Xoxo

I’m one of your favorites????


Mmmmm thank you darling!

2P Italy: *he’d probably keep yelling at them unless they started crying. If they cried, he would glomp them and apologize 87913 times, assuring them that it really was an accident and he would never purposely hurt them…..for about a week after that, he’d be the sweetest boyfriend imaginable…he would legit compliment them every thirty seconds and would do lots of little things to show he really is sorry (opening doors for them, pulling out chairs for them, etc)*

2P Germany: …………………………..HOLY FUCKING SHIT BABE I’M SORRY I DIDN’T MEAN TO HURT YOU OH MY FUCKING GOD ARE YOU OKAY COME HERE BABY I’M SO SORRY *picks them up off the floor and holds them in his arms while he screams about how sorry he is for like half an hour…..for the next several weeks, he would be overly gentle with his s/o. He’d also constantly ask if he can do something for them. Some of these offers are sweet, and some are downright ridiculous (“yo babe, you hungry? I’ll walk for 3 hours to get some takeout from that Chinese place you like”)*

2P Japan: *stares at them for a moment, then gently reaches out and touches where he hit them* I, uh, I didn’t mean, well I, uh, ohgodwhathaveIdone—— *distances himself from his s/o for the next few weeks because he’s afraid he’ll accidentally hurt them again….even though he’s avoiding them, he still texts or calls them every day to make sure they’re doing okay and offering to do little things for them (“I made sushi, do you want me to just, uh, pop some in a container and leave it on your doorstep? Or something?”)

2P Romano: *makes some kind of weird squeaking noise, then looks from his hand to where he hit his s/o several times* uh uh uh UH BABE ARE YOU OKAY???!?!?!?!! *cups his s/o’s cheeks and apologizes for ten minutes, then starts listing 95 reasons why he loves them* IF I EVER HIT YOU AGAIN I’M GIVING YOU FULL PERMISSION TO BURN ALL MY CLOTHES….even…*sniff*…..even my favorite pink shirt with the bell sleeves and the gold glitter………

2P Prussia: *it’s extremely unlikely that he would ever argue with or hurt his s/o, so his s/o already knows that it was an accident. Gilen is the one who ends up crying and blubbering about how sorry he is and how much he loves them, and the s/o is the one who ends up comforting him and assuring him that they’re okay and that they knew he didn’t mean it*

2P France: *stares, blinks, stares, blinks* ……..oh shit. *stares at them for an inordinate amount of time while he silently regrets every choice he’s ever made in his entire life…..then he gives them a hundred bucks as he tells them he didn’t mean to hit them*

2P America: AND IF YOU EV—- if you—- if—- oh fuck oh fuck oH FUCK *continues to yell at them for a few seconds, then realizes what he’s done and starts panicking. He gets down on the floor and hugs their legs, begging them not to leave him*

2P Canada: ……….babe? I, uh, are you alright? *his voice immediately dies down into the quietest whisper…..he gently reaches out to touch where he hit them, then quickly yanks his arm away* uh, listen, you know I didn’t mean to do that….right? *lowkey turns away to wipe a teardrop off his face….his s/o means the world to him and after he hit them he was terrified that they would leave him*

2P England: *again, it’s unlikely that this guy would argue with or hit his s/o, but if he did, he’d immediately start crying and run away from wherever his s/o is. He runs nonstop for like an hour until he finally stops and sits down on a random curb or bench…..after crying for a while longer, he manages to find a way back home, where he prepares to make 28309 batches of apology cupcakes*

2P China: ……..aaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA KITTEN HOLY MOTHER OF FUCK I’M SORRY I DIDN’T MEAN TO HIT YOU OH GOD OH SHIT COME HERE BABY PLEASE DON’T HATE ME OKAY I’M SO SORRY *collapses onto the ground while screaming about how much he loves them and how sorry he is…..basically he becomes a pathetic mess and begs his s/o to not break up with him*

2P Russia: *woah. Woah. Okay. This must have been quite the argument, because Viktor is a die-hard pacifist who constantly preaches against violence—– he would have had to be extremely angry, so after he hits his s/o, he continues to argue for like 10 minutes before he just storms away……he returns about 5 minutes later as he realizes what he had done…. If his s/o is still where he left them, he’d inspect the injury and apologize profusely…. If his s/o left, he’ll go lock himself in his house and listen to Russian breakup songs because he’s convinced that his s/o will never want to see him again*