cupcake desuart

saotome00  asked:

OMG I really love your art, so, if you want, could you draw Sorano x Macbeth from Fairy Tail? Thank you so much!

You know dealing with these two characters, I haven’t really paid attention to them all that much because I didn’t see them as potential sub-main characters xD haha. I always thought that they never really communicated with each other and they where always indifferent. But it was really fun drawing them for my first time!

anonymous asked:

I really love your art. Well, since requests are open, can I ask you some Racer & Angel from Fairy Tail? I know, this ship is really surprising, but since they're since years frome the same guild, maybe this could work^^'

Lol even though this is drawn terribly I can’t stop laughing. I know this wasn’t exactly what you wanted but this was the only thing that popped into my head when I thought about these two being together. For some reason I think racer is the type to try to hard when impressing someone haha. But I’m not to sure, anyway this is it! Hope its enjoyable. 

I’m sorry for the poor quality Idk why but for some reason the image keeps getting pixelated ugg its kind of irritating.