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I usually don’t post my creations on here! But, let’s start doing it!! Original freakshakes inspired!! Left: Cotton Candy Cupcake freak shake, Right: Chocolate chip cookie butter freakshake! I hope you guys like them! Let me know if you want to see more of food creations that I have made!!

Thank you everyone for all your likes and reblog! It really gave me the courage to want to post more tasty treats!! More coming soon!! Thanks again!!
Love Unintentional (Part 5)

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Word Count: 3559

A/M: The series is almost done, and it’s been one of my most successful stories ever. Hope you guys like it, tell me if you do Xxx

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Another week passed and things felt like it was getting back to normal. There was just one thing that wasn’t. 

You were thinking about Harry, in a fonder way than you had before. 

You remembered the kiss, and even though it was already one week since, you couldn’t get it out of your head. 

The scene was like a movie as you felt and saw everything again. You remembered it again in great detail; your heart beating faster with every moment, the song filling your ears, his body pressed up against you, looking at each other and feeling drawn into him like you had before, and feeling his lips on yours just like you felt them that night. 

You felt him every time you closed your eyes and you felt happy about it, and the only thing that made you upset, was how fast you both ended things afterwards. 


You thought about the night again, and remembered pulling away from each other, almost jumping in surprise as if you both had no clue what either of you were doing. 


“Um…” Harry started, and you could see him start to turn red, as you felt as well. “Well… that was..” he tried to continue, but nothing more about it came out, “Um.. I better go. I have a meeting early tomorrow, I better leave." 

"Harry-” You called, and he turned to you. His eyebrows were furrowed looking a little worried as he awaited what you were going to say. But suddenly you could tell what had grabbed his tongue as you couldn’t get out the feelings you had felt either. 

“Um… I’ll see you.” You said with confidence as you watched him take his jacket and throw  it over his shoulders and left. 


Now a week had passed, since then you and Harry hadn’t contacted each other which worried you. You hadn’t gone that long without seeing each other or messaging each other since the very beginning of your relationship. You didn’t know if you were reading too far into the absence from each other but you were worried.


There was a knock on the door and you opened it to find your agent on the other side, looking more cheerier than you had seen him before.

“What’s wrong dear? You look like you just failed an exam." 

You breathed a chuckle, "Luckily I don’t have to worry about those anymore. But no I just miss Harry." 

He raised an eyebrow, ”‘Miss Harry?’ What happened? You guys are supposed to be together [Y/N].“ He said sternly. 

You suddenly felt a little nervous at the reaction he had given you, "It’s nothing. We just haven’t seen or talked to each other in a week. We usually see each other more than that." 

His look suddenly changed and he now didn’t seem as serious as he was only a few seconds ago. "You see each other that often? Seriously?" 

"Yeah. I thought you knew that." 

He shook his head, "This is good though. Great in fact. Just remember. We have a couple more stunts to do. You and Harry have done a fantastic job at being convincing and the audience and your popularity are really showing up because of it. But you guys haven’t really made news lately. I talked to you about this before but you guys just have to do this stunt and kiss each other and people will be buzzing again." 

"Yeah. About that. Harry’s got some serious hardcore fans. Not to say all of them, but if they catch me kissing him, even if I could do it, they might put a price on my head. Then how is that going to work in my favour?" 

"Harry’s a grown man. He’s been 'fake dating’ you for what? Seven or eight months now? Nothing’s happened." 

You scoffed, "You haven’t seen some of the messages I get." 

He thought about it, "Alright then. Well you have to do it. If we have to we’ll up security." 

You just rolled your eyes at his persistence, "Fine. Whatever." 

"We’ve let you guys take control of what public appearances you wanted to make, as long as it was reviewed with us first. But if this doesn’t happen within the week, then we’ll have to step in and set something up." 

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New Valentine’s Day Cupcakes at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

If you’re stopping by Starring Rolls Cafe or the brand new Trolley Car Cafe (not to mention other Quick Service locations around the park such as Backlot Express and ABC Commissary), you’ll be able to spot the latest cupcake creation celebrating Valentine’s Day with a tribute to a much-loved Disney couple: Lady and the Tramp. Cinderella has received her own tribute of baked goodness as well. And while she’s certainly no stranger to romance herself, this cupcake has as much to do with the upcoming March 13th release of the live-action Cinderella film as it does Valentine’s Day.

See full review of the cupcakes at:


Sͫͧͣͥ̓̇̾̀TI͢L͊̆̊̽͏L͢ ̴͌͆͋ͩ͗̏A̿̇L͐͑ͩͣ̑̊ͫIV̈ͬ̈́̎ͣ̒͡E

B͉̻̟̮͛L̰̠̃I̺͉̤̞ͦ̇ͅḠͣ͐͏̭̙̻̯̯H͙̓͛̀̈́T̲̥͖̜̟ͩ͛ͮE͔̭̺R̷̝̘̻͍̈́̽̒̔ͨ̆P̥̘̜̍O̭̠ͨ͗́̎́Ȯ͉͕̞̓̓͌P̲̝̬ ̨̗͓͓̘͉̹̐ͤ̈S̩͙͉ͥͭͪ̀̋T͙̝̣͋͘ͅI̟̹̥̦͋̿̓̅̂̅̀͟L̛̙͌ͮͥ̑̈́ͣL͕͈̩̖͕̣̦ͪͭ̀͌̃ͧͬ͞ AL̇́́̚I̧͕ͯͬ̈̓̌͑ͨV̭̟̹̏͋̐ͥ̄E̹̯̠͕͙̫ͅ

My sister is entering a baking competition tomorrow, so obviously we were making as many fandom-related things as possible. She hit on the bright idea of making tPoH characters. Needless to say, after this disastrous attempt we stuck to slightly simpler cake designs. This did give us a bit of a laugh though,