cupcake :p


Happy Pride Month!
Bisexual Pride colored cupcakes 💙💜💖


Happy 18th Birthday Tarjei “I don’t want to adult” Sandvik Moe {24.05.1999}


A man that hides in the shadows, but he’s always there in our hearts! Mr. Spencer James Smith!- Brendon Urie-

Hey my dash is looking kinda empty, so could oh reblog or like or message me if you post the following: Destiel (NO SMUT) Heathers (^^^) Hamilton (^^^) Supernatural (^^^) Harry Potter (^^^) Scorbus (^^^) Twenty one pilots (^^^) Panic! At the disco (I don’t even know why there’d be smut for this but NO) LGBT (^^^) Cartoons (^^^) And just for fun baked goods.


anonymous asked:

How ashamed would Fell Palette be if he ever got dominated by someone? Considering he's not really a sub

So much, that lower his ego XD That would happen only if they violated it as it happens with Fell!Ink XD But the only one that he lets it dominate is the tiny Cupcake ;P

F!P: Hey cupcake…
F!G: What the-!!
F!P: If your left leg was Thanksgiving and your right leg was Christmas…
F!G: What are you getting at-
F!P: Can I visit you between the holidays? ❤️
I can explain-
I can’t explain this
All I have to say is that I saw the joke somewhere and I had to draw this
Fell Goth- @nekophy
Fell Palette- @angexci