Peach Aura Quartz

Peach Aura Quartz is the fusion of Rose Quartz, Garnet and Pearl. When they fuse, they are able to spend love and charisma around everything and everyone! And although she doesn’t exist for too much, she does her best for the impossible missions!

curious fact; Her hair resembles a Rainbow Cupcake!

This was a request from a very close pal @megarosemewtwo!

Topaz Loves you!

Tonight’s stream result ❤

Mercy was requested and Mercy was delivered B| She ended up looking like Barbie hehe

During the stream, @hausofax mentioned she looks like she is at a wedding reception.. I wonder whose wedding though O.O

I imagine Pharah is at the same event in last night’s drawing, probably just woke up, put on the first thing she found on the floor and flew to the wedding


Hhh- finally I finished this.. I know I left few request.. and I’m sorry for that.. I just took the most asked one and the one I thought would be nice.. 

Cross - jakei95, Nightmare - jokublog, Dust - ?? (I don’t know.. can someone tell me who?..) Blueberry - popcornpr1nce (?), Original Fell!Palette - angexci, Goth - nekophy, Pudding, corrupted Fell!Palette and Cupcake - me..