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How would sex with Ikon be like 😏

B.I: I honestly think Hanbin would be super full on with sex, hardly giving you a moment to breathe, continuously sending waves of pleasure through your entire body. He’d leave you shaking on the bed/sofa/floor.

Bobby: Bobby would be the type to get turned on by having sex in unusual places. His personal favourites would include small cupboards, kitchen floors, restaurant bathrooms and swimming pools.

Junhoe: Junhoe would always make the effort to start out gentle, but he just wouldn’t be able to deny your begs for him to go harder and faster. He’d secretly know just how excited you’d get when he bit his bottom lip or moaned your name.

Jinhwan: He’d be full of surprises, so that every time you had sex was guaranteed to be different to the last. He’d surprise you with a new toy or perhaps a collar, or he’d fuck you in a completely new position you’d never think was even possible.

Chanwoo: 80% of Chanwoo’s energy during sex would be focused on making sure you were okay and safe, and not experiencing any pain. He’d always go at a steady pace, but would soon find himself speeding up as he watched you squirm about and beg for more.

Yunhyeong: Yunhyeong would be full of giggles during sex, making everything about 10 times more fun, always laughing if there was a funny sound or any awkwardness. His warm laughter would make you feel so safe around him, and enjoy sex a lot more.

Donghyuk: FUCK he’d be so attractive in bed, his hair hanging over his face and the way he would squeeze his eyes shut and bite his lips to withhold his moans from escaping early. He’d just be so hot and fun and would always make sex a great experience for you.

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any tips on giving better blow jobs?

In theory, I could actually give you direct tips, and I will, but first I should say a couple of things. 

Just like anything in life, check for the reactions you get and don’t be afraid to ask. For example, a lot of guys love when you play with their balls, but my boyfriend hates it. I noticed everytime I sucked/licked them he wasn’t really turned on by that, so I asked him if it felt good, and he said it was actually kind of weird. Needless to say, I don’t do that anymore.

What’s really important is using your senses, observing his reactions when you suck him off. Is he moaning louder? Good. Is he pulling your face away from his cock? Not so good. His hips are moving of their own accord and fucking your mouth? Great. You tried using your teeth, even if lightly, and he winced? Honey, no.

Basically a blowjob is three things: asking, reacting and wet.

But here are a few tips…

  1. Don’t feel disgusted. If you do, you’re gonna half ass it and it’s gonna feel bad for both. If you really don’t feel like doing it, tell him and don’t do anything you don’t want to. If he doesn’t understand that, fuck him. And not in a cool way.
  2. Do it like you mean it. Never half ass a blow job, even if it’s a quick one, or a morning one, or it’s 3am and you’re half asleep and horny.
  3. Everywhere, anywhere. In theory, if you believe in the stereotype, men are always ready and always horny. Bullshit. Sex non-stop everyday is nearly impossible (he gets tired, you get sore…). But always be prepared. A closet in the office, a bathroom stall at restaurant, a cupboard at a party… being horny can sneak up on you and sneaking up for a quickie can be really fucking awesome.
  4. On your knees! Does it hurt? Like a mother. Sit back on your heels, go on one knee, change positions, do whatever… Why on your knees? It’s fucking hot. You can look up at him (always look up at him) and give him a naughty look while you play with your breasts or with yourself… give him a show! Of course you can do it on all fours with him laying back, or lying down with your head hanging back while he fucks your skull… but you get the idea.
  5. Never use your teeth! Some people think it gives it a kick to scrape the teeth lightly against the cock. But if you’re hot and bothered and bobbing your head and he might just be about to roll his hips, the last thing you need is sharp teeth on such a sensitive piece of flesh. Some people even wrap their lips around over their teeth to make sure no accident will happen.
  6. Need a hand? Hands are very versatile during a blowjob. 
    • One thing my partner really likes is when I stroke the base of his cock while I suck the head. Why don’t you ask your partner if he would like you to try that? See if he likes and, if he does, jackpot! 
    • The balls aren’t just hanging there, you know? Play with them while you suck him off.
    • Scrape/scratch your nails along his thighs, crotch, ass, lower back… does it give him the chills? Does he like that? Nailed it.
    • Now… the controversial one… this one can be very pleasurable for him, but only if he’s into that. Yes, I am talking about sticking a finger up his ass. First of all, if you don’t feel like it, you don’t have to. If he wants it, tell him to do it himself. You could make a mess if you don’t know what you’re doing. And if doesn’t want it, if he doesn’t like it, if he’s not into it - forget it. Do not insist. Off limits.
  7. Find a rhythm. Stick to it. Increase. Decrease. Follow his lead. Whatever, just don’t be sloppy. And don’t be desperate.
  8. Make it wet. Wet, wet, wet. Saliva is a blowjob’s best friend and I can’t belive I just said that. Drool all over him. Make his cock glisten with your spit.
  9. Eye contact is crucial. Look up to his eyes. Give him a slutty look. Show him how much you’re enjoying it. Give him a naughty wink. Stare into his eyes while you make him cum. Go for it. Look at him with a whore face, there is literally nothing wrong with that.
  10. Show him you’re enjoying it. More than just not halfassing it, more than just giving him a naught look. Moan on his cock. Smile. Lick your lips. Play with yourself. Say things like “I love your your big fat cock in mouth” or “You’re so delicious, I love when you come all over me”.
  11. Never use your teeth! Did I say that already?
  12. Head, shaft, balls… Don’t just lick the head and squeeze (gently) the balls and think it’s alright. Come on, you got all that to play with - no matter how big - and you’re gonna stick to less than half? You don’t go to Disneyland and spend the whole day on Matterhorn. Swallow the whole thing, choke on it a couple of times if you have to, work on your gag reflex, relax your throat and try some deep throating.
  13. Speaking of deep throating… Don’t go for it if you don’t know how to do it. Train your body first. People say there are all sorts of tricks to neutralize your gag reflex (the old “squeeze your left thumb” never worked for me), but in the end it’s all about training. Go slow and deep once, you’ll choke a bit. Relax before you feel the vomit coming up and bob your head back. Wait before your try again (suck not so deep in between the deep ones). If you feel it’s getting worse, stop. You don’t necessarily have to stop the blowjob, just don’t go so deep anymore. Please don’t force yourself, you wouldn’t want him to vomit on your, would you?
  14. Talk dirty to me- I mean, him… “Cum on my tits” - “Cum on my face” - “I want to swallow it” - “Fuck my face” - “I want a nice pearl necklace, master” - “Gimme that cream, daddy” … the list is endless and it should fit the couple’s fetishes and needs…
  15. NEVER USE YOUR TEETH!!! But you already know that… right?

Now, you don’t really have to finish anything once you started. For example, the guy might be a jerk and say something really asshole-like while you’re down there. I once kicked a guy out of bed before we even got started because he didn’t bring the condoms I asked for. You don't have to do anything, but unless you’re planning on letting him finish somewhere else, it’s always nice to give him the full package.


Always respect your partner. If he does not feel like getting a blowjob (it happens, believe me), don’t give him a blowjob. If she doesn’t feel like giving a blowjob, don’t shove it down her throat, that’s rape/sexual harassment and there is no argument against that. If she doesn’t want to swallor your cum, tough luck, cowboy. She doesn’t like it on her face either? Come on, a nice pearl necklace is always pretty. How about on her stomach, or her ass? Or maybe you could do the grand finale inside her? But do not force her to put up with shit she doesn’t like. And the other way around too, ladies! He doesn’t like when you lick his balls? Don’t. He doesn’t want your pinky up his ass? Don’t do that. He doesn’t like when you play with his nipples? Hands off.


And don’t forget:

You deserve to be happy, respectd, safe and loved.