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My Questions:

1.What book/series do you hate the most (for whatever reason)?

I know it has been beaten to death, but I really hate the Twilight Saga. It is just a shit story with a shit moral. And honestly it is none of Stephanie Meyer’s ( I don’t know how to spell her name), business if people do or do not get abortions. That, and the millions upon millions of Twathards who fell for it. I grew up in Washington state at its height in popularity and found it to be a shit love story at the time, my entire high school career was filled with die-hard Twihards. I felt pity for my senior English teacher Mr. Ross, He had to read 12 book reports about Twatlight and that was just my class alone, there were 6 other classes he had to grade. 

2.If you’re into animation, who/what studio is your favorite animator?

That is a hard question it is a 3 way tie between Laika Studios, Disney, and Dreamworks. But if I had to choose a favorite I would say Laika studios because CLAYMATION IS FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

3.What was your favorite vacation like?

I went to Seattle with 2 of my best friends last summer I had tons of fun. 

4.Got a secret side blog (for whatever reason)?

I had one but I deleted it long ago. 

5.The one extreme sport you want to try?

 HA! No….. I fell off a cliff when I was in high school, I have had enough EXTREME to last a life time.

6.Past and current role model? 

No, not really. 

7. If you can cook, what is your favorite food to make?

Orange Chicken it is delicious, I love making it. 

8.Can you dance, and if so, is it a specific dance?

Ha ha ha Noooooooooooooo.

9.A song you just can’t stand?

Wrecking ball by Miley Cyrus, they played it 800 trillion times too many in the cafeteria near my dorm.  

10.Did you make goals for the new year or are you winging it? 

No, my new years goals are to loose the rest of the weight I decided to lose 2 years ago, 102, down 40 to go!  And keep my grades up. Nothing fancy. 

11.Best decision you ever made? 

Going to College.