He Should

Original Imagine: Imagine Elijah worrying that Klaus is too rough with you during sex so he decides to show his brother how to treat you.
Imagine Elijah getting jealous after he finds out Klaus fucked you

Author: Damon Mikaelson

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count: 1944

Warnings: Smut

Comment: I hope you all enjoy. I got so many compliments from the last one (Bad Day), so thank you for all of them. I think this is a good second part. Enjoy!

I slowly walked down the hall of the Mikaelson’s mansion into my room. I had been with Klaus for quite sometime and I cared for him. It was just sometimes he would get rough with me, especially when he was angry. I would have stopped him if I was in real pain. It’s just when I’m with him, I forget my limits. He’s a hybrid vampire werewolf and I’m just human. It’s hard to remember that you don’t heal when you’re with someone who does. I look at the bruises that covered my body and the large bites on my neck and thigh. I never knew how to tell the all mighty hybrid to be slightly gentler. I like it when he gets rough, but sometimes, not often, he gets too rough.

I groggily walked into my room and my forearm began to hurt.  Slowly rolling up my sleeve, I look down to a new bruise forming and wince.

            There was a knock at the door causing my eyes to glace up.

            “Elijah?” I said with a smile while I covered my forearm. I straighten my back and tried not to look hurt. 

            “Are you alright?”

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Judah was reading, this is his job late into the sedar and he sways slightly, the familiar text passing smoothly over his lips like water in a stream. “…pour out Your Fury and the fierceness of Your,” and then Judah stopped reading.

It was silent in the house in the house as an angel was present in feathered silence. The darkness of Elijah’s blazer and the paleness of his skin. He looked as though he was from a silent movie, crisp silver gelatin print. Judah had forgotten to breath and forgotten to cry, and had forgotten the sedar.

“Have you come for the fifth cup, Elijah?” Judah speaks in soft and neat hebrew, his father’s eyes widening. Judah was a prodigious student but Elijah had flown away in a fury, and not even Judah’s silky words could return him to ground. Judah’s eyes never shifted from the unnatural spirit, leaning back in his chair, fingers pressing into the pages of the thin Hagadah. Judah’s father, yamikah drooping cockeyed off his head, looks on wide eyed at his mad son.


“Another round…” The woman’s words were slurred and messy. She was all but falling on the floor. Tired. Cecilia hadn’t been sleeping through the night, and she didn’t need help. Bennett was at home, another anger-fueled episode happening before she made her way to the pub. The only thing to help her cope was alcohol. There was nothing really for veterans in the UK– that she knew of.

“What do you mean no? Where’s Elijah?” She cupped her mouth, “ELIJAH, WHERE ARE YOU? THEY WON’T GIMME ANOTHER!” Cecilia laughed, “Oh, what a mess I’ve become. Y’know, my Dad didn’t approve of me going into the army–” Her hands tapped the bar, antsy and angry, “Come on, I’m a regular now. I want another fucking drink!”


Elijah Mikaelson Fanfiction, “Blood Lust” Part One

Part One //

Elijah x Reader

Words: 1,015

Being a vampire was just as exciting as it was scary. And learning how to be one was both challenging and fun. It was difficult to master self control around human blood. My thirst often outweighed my courtesy. It’s not like I wanted to hurt people. But the lust for blood vampires experience was a difficult one to tame. So it was a good thing I had Elijah as a teacher. 

The fun part about learning how to be a vampire was that Elijah taught me how to fight and compel. Elijah was not only a good teacher, but a very talented fighter. I never felt humiliated whenever he bested me. I never felt weak. Instead, I felt like he was making me a better fighter. And he was. Every since I became a vampire, Elijah and I grew closer and closer together. But our feelings for each other has never been acknowledged. It was no secret that there some chemistry between us. And I knew that even as a human, Elijah wasn’t one to admit his feelings very easily. 

It was Monday, which meant I was suppose to meet up with Elijah at 1:00 for fighting lessons. Before I left, I snatched a pony tail holder off the counter and put my hair up. After checking myself over in the mirror real quick, I decided that I was ready. 

Elijah was already there. He wasn’t wearing his usual attire, a suit and tie. Instead he was wearing a all black flannel shirt. He looked just as handsome though. He flashed me a smile when he noticed me come in. 

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Since it is preservation day, and I am home sick, I will be posting and reblogging some stuff about it. I guess I can start off with a story about one of my family traditions. On passover, during seder, everyone always leaves out a cup of wine for Elijah the prophet. When I was younger, I would always ask why there was no cup for Miriam, Moses’ sister, because I thought she was just as important as the rest of the men. So, for my bat mitzvah, my grandparents bought me a beautiful wine glass that I now set up next to Elijah’s cup every year.

All the Magic We Cannot See

A birthday present for the amazing and lovely @thetourguidebarbie, who requested a Klaroline Harry Potter AU with Koroline friendship and optional smut (there’s definitely smut). Basically everything I’ve ever been terrified to write, which is why this is a month or so late. Seriously, this is 10,000 words of me panicking. Woefully unedited. Thank you to @lynyrdwrites for letting me borrow her Slytherin!Caroline headcanon, I can’t imagine her any other way. 

If there was ever a time to harm a cat, this was it.

Caroline shifted uncomfortably, watching Mrs. Norris with narrowed eyes, wondering exactly how much trouble she would get in for using a hex on an animal. She could say she was practicing, NEWTs drove people to do weird things, but the chances of detention were too great, and she knew she couldn’t afford to take the risk of losing house points, not when Slytherin were only a hundred away from taking lead.

Of course, she was already putting that lead in jeopardy just by being out after hours. One minute more and she was seriously considering leaving her post, but the reason for her vigil finally made himself known with a short series of knocks on the wood panel behind her.

Caroline answered with four knocks of her own and the portrait of the first Wizengamot gently eased open, a grinning Kol Mikaelson slipping into the hallway and closing the entrance to the secret passage behind him.

“Miss me darling?”

Caroline huffed, slugging him in the arm and causing him to drop some of the Honeydukes merchandise he was laden with. “You jerk, you were supposed to be back ten minutes ago!” she hissed, trying to remember that she couldn’t yell at him as much as she wanted to. A full tirade would be saved for when they were back in the common room, but for now, she begrudgingly helped Kol pick up the spilt goods.

“I’d have been back faster but I had to search for the Fizzing Whizzbees that somebody insisted on,” he replied with a wink and Caroline groused but before she could snap back the hairs on her neck stood on edge. She snapped her head to the corner where Mrs. Norris had been watching and realized that the stupid cat had flown the scene ages ago. Which meant…

“Filch is going to be here now,she warned, already moving into the shadows and following the well-worn path to the dungeon. Even as a seventh-year, Caroline was sure she didn’t know all of Hogwarts’ secrets, but getting to the Slytherin common room was something she could do blindfolded, especially from the third-floor passageway that Kol had started dragging her to sometime in the middle of their fourth year. It was at that point she seriously considered dissolving her friendship with Mikaelson, but he always brought back her favourite sweets, and Caroline knew that no matter how much she complained, it wouldn’t feel right to let him go without playing lookout.

Didn’t mean she couldn’t complain though.

“I mean seriously, you do this at least twice a month, how do you still take forever?!” They’d made it down to the dungeons and finally felt safe enough to slow down and raise their voices to normal volume.

“Excuse me darling, but anytime you’d prefer to be the one navigating that passage in the dark, be my guest.”

“You have a wand,” Caroline muttered as they approached the stone-wall entrance.

“Cornish Pixie,” Kol said, frowning when nothing happened. “Bloody hell, is it broken?”

Caroline rolled her eyes. “Do you ever read the message board? It changed three days ago. Acromantula.She smirked as the wall slid open but their bickering was cut short by the sudden noise of the party inside.

“Took you long enough!” Rebekah Mikaelson’s shrill voice cut through the crowd as she pulled the bag of candy out of her older brother’s hands. She didn’t stop to chat before disappearing to find her dorm mates leaving an irate Kol in her wake. “Lovely to see you too Bekah,” he called after her, “What are you laughing at, Forbes?”

Caroline didn’t bother trying to hide her sniggering, but they were interrupted by the rest of the Slytherin quidditch team hoisting Kol up onto their shoulders and starting a cheer which Caroline happily joined in on. A cup of Butterbeer was pressed into her hands and she let herself enjoy the party, rolling her eyes whenever someone mentioned how Kol was the ‘best Beater they’d ever had.’ As if she hadn’t heard that since second-year. Eventually she dragged one of the leather couches over to one of the windows, close enough that she could feel the heat of the fire but watch the lake, keeping an eye out for the giant squid.

“Not enjoying the party in my honour?” Kol dragged his own chair next to hers, plopping down and offering her his bag of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans.

“Last I checked, it was the entire team that beat Hufflepuff,” Caroline said dryly, taking a handful of beans and inspecting them carefully. “And anyway, why aren’t you over there with your admirers?” she asked, nodding towards the sixth-year girls who were glancing over at Kol ever few seconds. Rebekah stood among them, pretending to gag.

“Bet you’re going to be glad when we have this place to ourselves for Easter,” Caroline remarked, already envisioning the peace and quiet.

Kol pulled a strange face. “Here’s the thing Forbes…Mother Dearest is calling me back to the nest.”

Caroline dropped her jellybeans, aghast. “What?! But we were supposed to spend the week studying for NEWTs!”

“You don’t have to tell me that, it didn’t work on her,” Kol grumbled, rolling his eyes.

“She never used to make you come home this much.”

“She’s been depressed ever since Henrik started here.”

Caroline crossed her arms, sinking down into the comfortable leather and pouted, mourning the loss of her study partner. “Well I hope you know I have to rethink my entire study plan. It was made for two people to revise together.”

Kol mulled over her words before a slow, sinister smile spread across his face. “I mean…you don’t have to spend the holidays here, alone.”

“What? Kol, I can’t go home, I already told my mom that I was planning to stay, she’ll be in the States - “

“You misunderstood, darling. I didn’t mean your home. I meant mine.

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