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Hey pal. Could you do headcanons on what everyone would do at their s/o's house for passover? Thanks!

I know nothing about passover activities(I have a few Jewish friends but it’s not like they talk to me about what they do” so I’m getting these ideas from the Internet.

Shiro: Shiro helps his s/o’s family(if they keep kosher) prepare for Passover with the removal of the Chametz(I think this is right???) from their home.

Lance: Lance tries to make Passover pizza(if the family is keeping Kosher” and ends up burning everything.

Keith: Depending on how his s/o’s family reenacts the ten plagues, Kieth helps the family make simple place cards for each family member.

Pidge: Pidge gets really crafty when she’s helping her s/o’s family make a Cup for Elijah.

Hunk: Hunk helps with the organization(???) of the Seder plate that holds the symbolic foods that go along with the service in the Haggadah.

Allura: Since Allura knows how to sew she helps her s/o’s family make an Afikoman bag(Or several??).

Coran: Coran attempts to help his s/o’s family with the making of the Passover deserts(the website I used said macaroons are a popular Passover thing, can anyone confirm this?”

dpprp characters as songs from cry baby by melanie martinez
  • cry baby:amy liddell, ella andalasia, adeline white
  • dollhouse:roman hearts, jane beast, kyla dunbroch, kyden emerald, nathaniel rose, edelynn pendragon
  • sippy cup:elijah hearts, kajsa arendelle
  • carousel:maxwell tremaine, jakob bjorgman, dash parr, talon porter, berlioz o'malley, reina kuzco, olivia flaversham, colin rose
  • alphabet boy:elizabeth beast, amber philip, rosalie sprite, alfred darling, reid celeste
  • soap:pandora hearts, ashley skellington, roland dawson
  • training wheels:chandler tremaine, pyrrah pelekai, mini muttonfudge, dexter skellington, niko winds, maria geppetto, tristan charming, val von schweetz, eton orangeboar
  • pity party:sariya thatch, celine charming, dorian andalasia, theo white
  • tag, you're it:evelyn tremaine, vitani scar, kitiver muttonfudge
  • milk and cookies:quinn diamond, nicolas charming, zaiden chernabog, kellen emerald
  • pacify her:zachary legume, victor oogie, jazzssica fluggerbutter
  • mrs. potato head:cheryl tremaine, rhegan ratigan, ashcroft turbo
  • mad hatter:adia hatter, ethan diggs, august fitzherbert, mark von schweetz
  • play date:emily liddell, santino cerbiatto, parrie frost, twiz smoak
  • teddy bear:benjamin beast, zoey skellington, toulouse o’malley
  • cake:sadie skellington, greta arendelle, riley possible, valkyrie oogie, marie o'malley, violet parr