cup teapot

Chamomile Tea

inspired by this artwork and HC by @kingsdarga. I just really liked the idea and hope it’s ok I wrote a quick little fic based on it. 
(tbh the fic file on my computer is named “death buddies” but that wasn’t a very nice title… )


“What do you want?” Gabriel’s voice is rough and ragged, as if his vocal cords are being stretched and torn for every word he speaks.

“I got you some tea,” Genji replies with a smile, placing the teapot and cups gently down on the table.

Gabriel studies them with critical eyes, slightly twitching as his eyes momentarily loses focus.
“Why? I can’t taste shit,” he grumbles angrily.

“Well,” Genji shrugs and pulls out a chair for himself. “You still feel a little, right?”

“Mostly pain” Gabriel mutters.

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“I will get through this” A Catholic Witch’s Hot Choco Spell

This spell can be used by people who aren’t Catholic but be warned, it involves asking a saint to intercede to God for you. If you are not okay with that, I suggest not doing this spell.


Hot chocolate mix- self-love, nurturing

Rose water/ Rose tea- love

Cinnamon- strength

Ginger- love, power

A lilac scented candle/ pefume- banishing


Spoon/stirring stick

teapot/measuring cup (for brewing tea)


Lilac blossoms (Syringa vulgaris I don’t know if other types are edible)- banishing

Rose quartz- self-love, happiness

An image of St. Ada


Light your lilac candle/ put on lilac perfume. If you have an image of St. Ada place candle/perfume in front of her.

 If using rose tea start brewing it. If using rose water, start heating it. If using lilac blossoms, add to rose tea/ rose water. 

Measure out hot chocolate mix, a teaspoon of cinnamon, and a teaspoon of ginger into mug. If using rose quartz, place near mug. Once your tea is done brewing/ rose water heated up, pour into mug.

 Stir hot chocolate counter-clockwise saying, “St. Ada, patron saint of happiness, help me banish these feelings of sadness and self-hate.” Then stir clockwise saying, “St. Ada, help me know self-love and happiness and the strength to get through these tough times.” Once you are finished stirring your hot chocolate say, “St. Ada, patron saint of happiness, thank you for your intersession.” 

Drink the hot chocolate, taking as long as you need.

 Once you are finished, blow out the candle if using one. If using rose quartz, put it in your pocket to help you get through the rest of your day. If using perfume that is easy to carry, carry with you (and use when needed) for the rest of the day to help banish sadness and self-hate.