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You can’t fix people that don’t want to be fixed. You can hold the ladder but you can’t make them climb. You can give them the instructions but you can make them read. Eventually, it wears you down to keep trying when you’re just going to be a stepping stone.

Be an asset, a support system, but don’t be a punching bag or a dependency. You can be a crutch when they’ve walked too far on a hurt foot, but don’t be a wheelchair because they’re a little tired. Be someone’s cup of tea to calm nerves not their shot of whiskey to stop the shakes. Be a morning cup of coffee, not a daily fix of cocaine. If you keep giving people piggy back rides during a three legged race, you’re going to be too tired, beaten, and used to finish.

A shield isn’t useful if it’s broken and full of bullet holes and a person can’t be helpful if they’re stretched to thin and dying of exhaustion. Sometimes you need to put yourself first and that’s okay.

—  KJS // Excerpt from the book I’ll never write #71

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The villain smiled and bent down, dragging the protagonist up by the front of their clothes.

The protagonist’s head lolled to the side, ears ringing.

The villain cupped their cheek to support it. “Come on, focus,” they murmured. “You have a concussion, I can’t let you fall asleep. You’ll miss the best bit.”


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Harry, missus and thier newborn baby having a bath together...

I need to start writing more stuff about Harry and the missus and their very first newborn baby because I seem to write a lot when the kids are older or when they’re toddlers but not when they’re fresh from the womb and still so tiny and smelling so sweet.

It’s Persephone’s first proper bath at home. Not her very first bath since she’s been fresh from the womb - that happened a few hours after she was born and was ready to be dressed in an outfit picked out especially by her daddy a few weeks before her arrival - but a bath that’s taking place in a place she now calls her home. In the big tub of mummy and daddy’s bathroom, under the gentle lights of the atmosphere where candles are flickering away from their scattered positions around the room, baby lotions and bubble bath set on the counter as they waited to be used.

And it’s Harry who undresses her whilst the missus runs the bath and undresses herself, climbing under the water so there was someone to take the baby whilst Harry undressed himself. 

Gently soothing her cries and mewls as the comfort changed from warm and cosy under her baby-grow to cold and bitter with the cool air of the room around her. Her face puckering up as soon as her belly became exposed to the air, his hands moving her dainty and fragile arms and legs from the sleeves of the cotton, frowning when she began to fuss even louder. Frantically looking over his shoulder at the missus who was focused on making sure the water level wasn’t too high and that the water wasn’t too hot to scold their little bundle, gulping thickly as his his fingers came to tickle up her belly.

“Hey, now. Why are you crying, Poppet? We’re gon’a be nice and warm in a little bit, aren’t we? I’ll give yeh to mummy when I get yeh nappy off and then we can have a cuddle in the bath, I promise yeh,” he coos, leaning over and peppering kisses to her tiny cheeks and her wrinkles forehead, “don’t cry for daddy now, my sweet girl.”

“Do you wan’a give her a wipe down before you pass her here?” The missus wonders, watching as he lifts his little girl from the mat on the counter. Leaving behind a nappy that had now become dirty and a baby-grow that could be thrown in the wash. His hands putting her back down gently as he reaches for the packet of wipes set by the changing mat. “Make sure you get right between her legs. Where her skin folds and everything. And wipe her bum properly. We don’t need infections or anything.”

“I know what m’doin’, love,” he smiles over his shoulder, “she is m’daughter, too.”

“I know. I know,” she frowns, sliding further down into the bath as her cheeks flush pink. A gulp sounding from her throat as she watches him wipe at Persephone’s skin. Her cries beginning to subside and quieten down as she stares at her daddy with bright green eyes, “m’sorry. She’s so fresh and new and I don’t want her to have any rashes or infections or anything yet. I’m getting so overbearing.”

“You’re doing fine,” he hums, dropping the wipe into the nappy and wrapping it up tightly before wiping his hands on his pyjama trousers, “you want her now? I’m going to go pop into the bedroom and get some towels.”

“Of course. Give ‘er to me,” she mumbles with a grin, wiggling her fingers as Harry lowers the baby into her arms before bolting off into the bedroom to strip down from his clothes and to grab two fluffy towels from the cupboard. “Hi precious girl. Did daddy clean you nice and good, yeah? He’s a good one, isn’t he? Always handles when you leave us nice presents in your nappies,” she snickers, running her fingertips through Persephone’s soft hair as she bends her knees up and sets her feet on the bottom of the tub, “we love daddy, don’t we? He’s done lots for us this week. We’re lucky.”

When he comes back into the bathroom, fully in the nude and setting the towels down on the counter, he’s scooting into the tub, into the water, behind the missus. Legs out straight with his toes just showing from beneath the bubbles by the tap. Resting his chin on her shoulder as she set the baby against her thighs, legs still bent as her knees mound up from under the water, his hand cupping Persephone’s head for support as the missus cradles the baby’s lower half with her hands. His lips pressing against her ear as the baby coos and gurgles and kicks her feet around.

“I love you,” he whispers, deep and thick and ridden with sleep, “I really, really do love you. Everything you’ve done, you know, it’s been amazing. Dad was right.”

“About what?”

“He told me, over the phone when I told him you’d gone into labour, that you’ll never be more in love than when you’re seeing your wife give birth to your child. He fell more in love with mum when Gem was born, and, I’m pretty sure I’ve just fallen deeper for you,” he lets out a shaky laugh as he runs his thumb gently over Persephone’s hair, “I just, I love you. So, so much. There just aren’t enough words to use to tell you.” xx

Weekly Horoscope

Please if you see a typo, tell me I didn’t proofread this one

Aries - Benefits for you from the solar eclipse; your love life and creativity are going to consume you as this rare event falls in your zone of true love and fun, the person you’ve been looking for might waltz into your life soon

Benefits from Saturn; Saturn went into retrograde in your zone of vision, now that it has returned you’ll have much more clarity

Cards of the week

  • Two of Pentacles -You may be juggling several things at the moment, take a deep breath and look for a balance
  • Four of Cups - can suggest a time when you just want to be alone with yourself and your thoughts, time to reflect on your new clarity

Taurus - Benefits for you from the solar eclipse; The eclipse fell into your zone of emotions so you could feel more so sensitive, this could also mean for big changes to happen in your life.

Benefits from Saturn; As Saturn leaves retrograde, you’ll notice as financial stresses ease off of your shoulders

Cards of the week

  • Three of Cups - Friends and the support they offer will help you move through any emotional times with ease
  • Two of Swords - turning up in a spread can suggest that you are in denial about something.  Try being open and honest with how you feel

Gemini - Benefits for you from the solar eclipse; For you, the eclipse fell into your zone of ideas, and travel. Many opportunities can become available to you so keep an eye out for them.

Benefits from Saturn; In a connection with passionate Mars, Saturn returning from retrograde marks a time for new love to enter your life, or general relationship situations to get better

Cards of the week

  • Ten of Pentacles (reversed) - You could have felt rejected or that the success you wanted alluded you, now can be a time for a second chance
  • The Moon (reversed) - But don’t let yourself become overwhelmed by real or imagined problems or concerns

Cancer - Benefits for you from the solar eclipse; As a Cancer the eclipse show influence in your zone of money, this will kickstart you in the right direction, this would be a good time to invest.

Benefits from Saturn; Returning from a four-month retrograde Saturn will bring with it more control over your routine and schedule

Cards of the week

  • Nine of Pentacles (reversed) - this card when reversed can suggest that you are living beyond your means.  You may be better at spending money than earning it. Seriously buckle down on where your money goes
  • The Chariot (reversed) - this card for me always indicates car trouble or accident, stay safe little babies and buckle up

Leo - Benefits for you from the solar eclipse; The eclipse falls into your sign Leo, for you, travel and love will get a big boost so don’t feel afraid to follow your heart.

Benefits from Saturn; creative differences or romantic affairs that have been on the rocks will finally straighten out and you’ll have the energy to embrace it.

Cards of the week

  • Two of swords - this card can suggest that you are being asked to take sides in an issue and this is causing you great distress. Along with strength reversed this could be bad
  • Strength (reversed) -  A secret may be revealed. Your shadow side is out and it may not be a pretty sight.

Virgo - Benefits for you from the solar eclipse; For a Virgo, the eclipse has an influential pull in the zone of the subconscious, pay close attention to your dream and intention as they might be telling you something important.

Benefits from Saturn; If you are having family-related issues, Saturn’s reappearance can help improve relations after Friday

Cards of the week

  1. The Lovers (reversed) - when in a non-romantic spread lovers reversed often suggests low self-esteem and a lack of love for oneself
  2. Ten of swords - Along with The lovers; Ten of swords shows me that this could be a transitioning period into hopefully a period of self-love.

Libra - Benefits for you from the solar eclipse; You’re a social person and that’s only going to intensify due to the eclipse falling in your zone of groups, next few months should be for making connections.

Benefits from Saturn; Love connections will finally start to stay and blossom. Start paying attention to people you meet after Friday.

Cards of the week

  • Four of swords - when the Four of Swords appears rest is not simply sitting down for a cup of tea.  The rest implied may be for a certain period of time and not one that you can rush.  
  • King of Pentacles - Look out for golden opportunities, Take an idea and make it work; think success

Scorpio - Benefits for you from the solar eclipse; this will land in your zone of fame and success. Following your heart and doing what makes you feel alive will bring you lots of amazing opportunities.

Benefits from Saturn; Money matters improve after Friday when Saturn finally goes direct in your zone of money/income.

Cards of the Week

  • Knight of Swords - You may find yourself in an unpleasant situation this week Fight for what you want and stand up for yourself
  • Three of Swords - If you don’t listen to the Knight warning there could be loss and sorrow over the situation.

Sagittarius - Benefits for you from the solar eclipse; You’re ready to take the next steps into your future with confidence for the eclipse giving you a boost in your zone of vision and adventure.

Benefits from Saturn; With Saturn’s retrograde this may have been bringing you down or causing you to rethink everything you wanted. When Saturn goes direct and you will be feeling like you can execute your plans in style.

Cards of the week

  • Three of Swords - In this case alongside the Eight of Swords, the Three of Swords can stand more so for closure than loss
  • Eight of Swords (reversed) -the Reversed Eight of Swords indicates the slow recovery from mental stress or your situation

Capricorn - Benefits for you from the solar eclipse;  falling in your zone of privacy and intimacy major breakthroughs and transformations are possible now if you can be really honest about what you most need and desire

Benefits from Saturn; Your unusual indecisiveness that’s been plaguing you will disappear as your ruler comes out of retrograde.

Cards of the week

  • Three of Cups (reversed) - When reversed it can suggest that either you have no time for friends and socializing or you are overdoing it all together.
  • The world - Along with the reversed three of cups this card reminds you it is only by finding inner-balance and harmony that success will be yours.

Aquarius - Benefits for you from the solar eclipse -  the eclipse falls in your zone of partnerships and relations. As relationship issues have been front and center recently this will help smooth out rough areas.

Benefits from Saturn; Saturn as well will also help in the resolution of communication problem.

Cards of the week

  • Nine of Wands - It could be a time to watch your back and keep an eye on everything that you hold dear or worked hard for. Not everyone wants situations to become resolved
  • Ten of Wands (reversed) - This card can show the need for you to learn how to say no.

Pisces - Benefits for you from the solar eclipse; Now is the time to start a new fitness regimen, as the eclipse falls along with your zone of routine, work, and health.

Benefits from Saturn; In addition to that, Saturn’s return from retrograde falls into your zone of ambition making this truly the time to start fresh.

Cards of the week

  • Knight of Wands - Time to take action but think first and form a plan, gets the facts straight before doing or saying anything  
  • Ten of Wands -  when drawn it suggests that you are under immense pressure and are finding life a huge struggle. Just know that the stars are in your favor
Days of Kevin Trapp during Confederations 2
  • Final against Chile
  • before the match
  • Bernd Leno: of course he's going to play again
  • Kevin Trapp: chill, atleast you've got to play once
  • Bernd Leno: im fucking hate him
  • during the match
  • Kevin Trapp: can you just calm the fuck down?
  • Timo Werner: what happened
  • Kevin Trapp: others called it 'being supportive'
  • Bernd Leno: shut up. i hate him.
  • after the match
  • Kevin Trapp: *spot both of them hugging and smiling towards each other*
  • Kevin Trapp: what do i gotten myself into
  • Jo Kimmich: i told you

People headcanoning a character as a certain gender identity/sexual orientation because of evidence they’ve interpreted from digging through the text: good! Great! Hope you feel validated and are having fun engaging with the work this way! No one ought to be rude to you about your personal reading of a work if it isn’t hurting anybody

People headcanoning a character as a certain gender identity/sexual orientation because screw the canon they just feel like it and think it would work in their own heart and mind: good! Great! Hope you feel validated and are having fun engaging with the work this way! No one ought to be rude to you about your personal reading of a work if it isn’t hurting anybody

Jughead & Reader: Forgetting The Past

Summary: Jughead is the only friend you trust to tell the truth about your traumatizing past with your parents where they yelled at you constantly. One night while investigating with the gang, something happens that triggers you and Jughead’s there to comfort you.

Requested by: bxllasanosa

Listen to: Liability - Lorde

You closed your eyes and soaked up the sun into your pores, into the palms of your hands while lying on a blanket in the grass. You could hear the birds chirping, the cars in the distance driving by the park, and the murmur of voices nearby. The trees swayed in the wind and the leaves rustled, making the familiar sounds of summer. Everything was calm. 

“How are you feeling?” He asked. 

You were brought back to reality, trying to keep a grasp on the fantasy world you had created when you closed your eyes. “I’m feeling better,” you told Jughead. 

He sat up and fixed his beanie before looking down at you. “What was it this time?” He asked. 

You slowly opened your eyes and looked at him, sitting next to you with a look of concern. He looked so handsome as he gazed down at you. You propped yourself up on your elbows. “I forgot to unload the dishwasher,” you said. 

Jughead shook his head. “And they yelled at you for that?”

“Oh yeah.” You sat up straight and looked at the lake that was near the end of the green patches of grass. “Everything I do just adds fuel to the fire. If I was eighteen, I definitely would have been kicked out by now.”

Your parents had short tempers. Both of them always complained about little things and you were usually the one who paid the price. Though they never touched you in their anger, they certainly yelled. You grew up thinking it was normal for your parents to lose their temper when you forgot to vacuum or you forgot to do the dishes. But learning how other parents dealt with their kids’ forgetfulness made you realize it was not normal.

Jughead was the only one who knew the details about your home life. The two of you got close last year when you found out his home life wasn’t that different than yours. You were lucky enough to still live in your home with your parents who supplied you with food, shelter, and whatever you needed for school. But Jughead was bouncing around from place to place. The drive-in, the school’s broom closet, or Archie’s. He knew how you felt but you thought the cards he was dealt were much worse. 

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